Sudama ,


Sunset in Kerala Backwaters, India
Sunset in Kerala Backwaters, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sudama, a friend of Krishna, travels across the globe looking for Krishna. He started his travel from the small village where he lived all the way to Dwaraka and found that Krishna is gone for a tour across the world to make sure that his devotees are in good health, wealth & happiness. Sudama follows his routes and visits many different places. He describes the beauty of these places in his words, for travelbuzz.

“Please tell me about the brief  history of the places you visit.  Can you please introduce them for us.” asked Chinna Keshava

I will start with my own land. 

“What do I write about my own land, there’s so much to see, feel and enchant oneself, and it’s for sure a destination of one’s lifetime. ”
He was talking about Kerala.

According to legend there is an ancient lore about the origin of Kerala. Legend has it that the GOD s gifted Kerala as an answer to the prayers of Parasurama

Experience this geographical wonder called Kerala where a rich history of tradition and culture infuses land with contemporary flair. Be it ayurvedic therapy, lush tropical greenery or the clear back waters, It’s all pure and serene. 

Kerala is cradled between the majestic western ghat ranges on the east and the blue waters of the Arabian Sea on the west providing a long shoreline with serene beaches. 

One has to see to believe the outstanding physical beauty of the land.  The land of 44 rivers, estuaries, innumerable lagoons and lakes, endless 1000 kms of palm fringed ‘backwaters’, swaying coconut palms, paddy fields and plantations.

It has some of the pristine hill stations in India with stretches of rejuvenating fragrance of tea and coffee plantations.

The wilder side of Kerala has in store some of the best fauna and flora in its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks with a variety of plant and animal life unique to Kerala. 

Krishna knew about Sudama, but he always kept himself hiding.


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