Sudama in Singapore

Upon visiting the place Little India, being an Indian he  felt as if  he is in India and not in Singapore. Sudama is taken by surprise to see the beautiful clean places, that he longed to see in India.

Why do poor countries like India dont keep things clean?

Shit and pee on the streets are normal in India.  Its a must see part of Indian roads.  Our cows are worshipped, when they stand confused in between the traffic.  People touch it  and pray, they simply move on.  Poor cows might feel wonders at the bigots, who leave them uncared for.   Miching the cows, cowshit is used for fuel and for manure material.

Why do countries like USA keep the roads and parks cleaner than their homes?

“Has the ability to understand been limited to how many materials can a human afford?” Sudama asks.

Singapore got its name from the word Singa-pura (“City of the Lion”), a commonly used term since the fourteenth century.

Singapore came into being as a British trade port in 1819 and continued as one of the three British “Strait Settlements.”  Since then modern day Singapore has evolved as  a world leader in several areas, It is the world’s fifth-leading financial centre, the world’s second-biggest casino gambling market, and the world’s third-largest oil refining centre to name a few.

Today Singapore is a cosmopolitan society where people live harmoniously and interaction among different races is commonly seen.

Singapore is blessed by the picturesque landscape, intoxicating mix of tradition, rich culture and heritage beauty, throbbing nightlife, high class living, unpolluted environment, welcoming people, etc.

 No wonder, Singapore has gained acclaimed internationally and scores of tourists from all over the world come here annually.  Tourists leave with memorable vacation exploring the major highlights of Singapore attractions.

Singapore fascinates holidaymakers with its world class infrastructure. It provides one of the finest tourist facilities and amenities swamped with luxurious hotels and resorts, restaurants and excellent hospitality.

 Enter the boutiques that have made Singapore a byword in Asia for extravagant shopping.

Singapore is one of the great eating capitals of the world as it provides an enormous array of delicious dishes.  Experience the taste of Asian delicacies. 

Singapore offers opportunities for fun and excitement also including diving with sharks at Underwater World on Sentosa, mountain biking around Bukit Timah, leopard-spotting at Singapore Zoo’s magical Night Safari, waterskiing or wakeboarding on the Kallang River, go-karting and rock climbing.

One can enjoy a river cruise in a bumboat also.  Beaches of Singapore are awesomely beautiful and are blessed with unique charm, well maintained with scenic and green natural background.

Singapore is famous for its healthcare facilities also.  Ayurvedic massages and treatments are available to rejuvenate the body, the mind and the soul.

Dolphin performing an agile feat at the Dolphi...
Dolphin performing an agile feat at the Dolphin Lagoon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Singapore has lot more in its proximity, which are worth to see and explore.  Once you make the Singapore experience, Singapore will surely amaze you.

Underwater World, Singapore 5, Sentosa, Aug 06
Underwater World, Singapore 5, Sentosa, Aug 06 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Here is a epilogue by pradeep,

Read about what he has to say about singapore.

We can feel the country once we step in to the spectacular land of Singapore, one of the dreamy places for a tourists. The tunes and the songs of Singapore can be heard at every places within the country whereever you go. Singapore is a land of people from varied ethnicities – Chinese, Indians, Malasians, Srilankans and so on.

Sentosa island is one of the main attractions of Singapore- it is traveller`s paradise. Within the island you can watch almost every thing. The underwater world is one of the most wonderful exerience there. You can see themarine world just aside you, beyond the boundary of a glass wall-the ever poisonous sting rays, gigantic sharks and every other marine creatures pass aside you as if in the ocean. Very near to the Underwater world you can watch the dolphin show at the `Dolphin lagoon` where it stages the tricks played by sea gulls and dolphins(pink dolphins are also present here).
You can reach the island by train, bus or walking through the broadway. It takes about half an hour to walk through the broadway to reach the island and you can explore the sights with the help of the maps and brochures that you can take on the way during your walk.

Within the sentosa island, there are so many other attractions which you can watch travelling in bus or trams within the island. Blue line and yellow line buses are there by which you can reach where ever you want to spend your time. You will get a guide with amap explaining every attractions in the island.


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    1. Hi Hui, It was a common site in my livng city of mumbai, cochin and bangalore.
      Though there are cleaner pockets in these cities too.

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