Of two friends


“i wanna fucking kill krisna. Damn it …” , shouted angry santosh as he was kicking a stone on the pavement. He was walking with the aim to hit somebody.

“Whats up man ? Be cool ” said arun. Arun was in midst of a busy work and could not expect himselves  there between them.

“Tell me what happened” , repeated arun as if it was necessary for him to have heard their bitchy story.

“i knocked his room door for the half value of the electricity bill. he said staring at me.” , santosh continued his story.

Little did Arun understand that this was the continuation of the fights they had last month. He became silent for a moment. His silence meant the story would continue…

Santosh  said there was a notebook in their house which kept the account settlements. But this time the first few pages were missing in it, and surprisingly those were the only pages which had the bill and payee details… the rest were blank pages. Someone might have torn the pages …

  There was a heated argument between the two on the previous night regarding the payments.

“i have paid full amount in october and november. and it’s written on the note! You sould take a look at the note book!” said krisna to santosh.

“I am not paying anymore “, krisna confirmed. 

That aroused  anger in santosh who was about to hit krisna strongly on his face, but somehow controlled the downpour of emotions.

 He then started telling arun about the events that happened in the previous days.

“You know there was a compromise talk between me and him after the first fight,the boss called us to  his cabin during the office hours next morning and a few resolutions were made….”

-What the Boss asked us to do was:

1.Krisna was supposed to buy 200 pages notebook so that it won’t be flown by the fan. So that the bills are intact and safe for future reference. It sounded good that the notebook became the proof.

2.I am supposed to manage the accounts, Krisna was supposed to hand me  the half amount of the money to me for paying the servant and Electricity billing …then I will pass it to the Servant/Electricity Company.

3. We were supposed to pay the money once he handed me his part of the money.

4. Every month we are supposed to share the money equally”

The cell phone rang in between in santosh’s faded jeans pocket, it was almost torn in the thighs..   Mr chacko was calling santosh for a immediate talk , it was a parcel from his girlfriend. A movie DVD of a latest Hindi Cinema. 

During the office hours both could not talk much.

After the talk  , both met for a walk during the evening and santosh was finishing the story. They were enjoying crispy fried vegetables and tea from a local make shift stall , which operated during the wee hours of the evening.

They always had the walk. There was always a talk too to break the silence and passing comments on the Babes arounf them.

He said ,”What  happened on that day made me angry. when i came back home, there was a 50 or 60 pages of used notebook i have seen the similar one in the office: first several pages has been ripped off.”

“I have written down the Servant’s Food Expense with the date and the amount. On the next day, when i opened the book.Whatever was written  has been scratched with the pen’s ink.”

 Just below that Krisna has written Down his name: mentioning that he paid the amount .The note looked like this

[December Krisna] and he has written down

  • Food Expense (2 of us)
  • Electricity(with amount)
  • Internet:(now his own expense)
  •  [January Santosh]

“Does it look like dividing into the month , but there was no by sharing?” arun asked  out of curiosity.

“Thats what i too thought” , said santosh.

“Then i asked for Sharing.”

“He was blank and gave me a hollow expressionless stare.  His staring was one of the worst i have ever seen.  it’s not fare that he didn’t mention that we got the electricity bill in the previous months.Everytime i’ve come home i always looked at the table for any bills remaining…”

“He is the one who first breaks the promise but says “he started it!”

Like last night, when he was asking for the translation which mahagomi and I are doing.  Mahagomi – said to her friend via Skype,”The way he(Krisna) talks is bloody making  me mad!”

“He said nothing to me for the translation”

Bonni and Moseph suggested to mention to Mr Adhikari. But if Madam knows that it always go for the bad way…

The story never ends…it will come up and grab you like…..

like the waves in the sea grab the shore….


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