The Island of life, About LOL

Neena is about to meet Viv, lets look at the story and its twist …. How neena is looking for the right partner… new character comes in ROCKY …

Its the month of March in india, sunny and hot , and the friends decide to meet in bangalore, neena doesnt tell her home about her trip to meet viv ………..

One might wonder what do you mean by LOL ! I can tell exactly what it means . It means “Lyrics of life”.

Lyrics of life always look for a rhythm to settle, they flow from the innermost reservoirs of your heart. Those are the most clean and serene sources of our happiness. From them we get the desire and the strength to live and survive. We develop love once those lyrics are strung by another human being who makes us feel that we need them for our happiness. Such a love has to come from within. Here is a story of a person , when it came to her.

It was after a couple of days, that her mind rumbled with feelings. Mixed feelings confused her. Her feelings were divided for two men, who were close friends.  During this time , her exams are on the come. She could not concentrate in her studies.  She could not go beyond the first page of  her text book after hours of looking at it. It was all happening in her head. Somebody was making her weak.

When the first feelings of love came to her,she was already back at home.  Lying in her bed , dreaming about whom she met , who moved her, she was having uncontrollable emotions rolling in and out of her eyes. She had memories of a beautiful meeting. Meeting somebody who reminded her of her lost love.  She was impressed with him.  When they first met , she lost herself in his eyes.  The next days were for her love to get stronger.

She immediately picked up the mobile phone and called him, as she could not resist talking to him. More than the love she had for him , she had to open out her emotions of discomfort for somebody to him.  He cut the call. But called again.

“I didnt feel he is the right man for me. I dont think its possible for me to continue with as a partner. I think we can be  good friends for life.” , rocky heard her emotions against viv.

“I know you are a bit confused now… give yourself some time…. you will feel something for him i am sure” , said rocky

“If you are not sure of your love , then never blindly love anybody without having met . Philosophy is different from practical life. Because at the end of the day, you have to share your life with the guy. Even the smell matters, looks are just a factor, the way he walks and talks , you should be confident about him first ” , rocky was practically advising her. She was falling in for him. His practical way of thinking , outspoken nature. There was his bike , which made her feel that he is so outgoing.  She was always crazy to ride wth her boyfriend on his bike around the city.

“Are you okay , if you wanna move him out of your life , then you will have to do it very carefully. He is very gentle”

Rocky continued, “Slowly reduce the number of calls you make to him, never openly tell him that you wanna avoid him. But do it slowly to get out of this relation”

“I tried a lot , but i cant make him hate me” , neena was yelling out her helplessness. She somehow wanted to get viv out , but she never wanted to hurt him too.

They were discussing how to opt him out of her life.

She was thinking how to. She felt asleep after  a long talk with rocky.  Before the nap , she was thinking about rocky and how he was attracting her.

He sometimes stood so close behind her that  she started  smelling  his skin. Her shoulders rubbed against his chest.  She could sense the warmth in touch  and the reception of the  shop was small that made them stand too close to each other. They were walking with each other , he walked in briskly , charming her every moment. He used to turn back to make sure her presence.  A sense of pounding  went through her heart. Maybe he didn’t have much choice. She was falling in for him.

All these days she always talked about finding the true love. But then there he is in front of her , in flesh and blood. She could feel her body become warmer with his touch.

She came to the city to meet someone special , she was all over happy to see him, she was dancing with joy when she was about to meet her man. They had a online relation for more than a year. He too was expecting to meet the one . As  both of them let the journeys to a common point , to have a common start. They were falling in with each other. They needed each other.  We are talking about Neena.  She came to the city to meet someone special , but she fell in love someone  else at first sight. It was a strong feeling that covered her.

Her respect for viv made her utterly confused. Her love for rocky was out of her mind and it spread on her face. She confessed it.  Her true feelings for rocky were not a choice.  Her respect for viv was a liability.It was all natural.

Neena came to meet viv, who was awaiting her for a lifetime.  As viv  was new to the place,  he had to take the help of his best buddy in town.

And the two days that were to follow were the most turbulent days in her life.  Neena was in a dilemma after reaching home back.  She wanted to confess it to Rocky about her love for him.  She wanted to Convey her rejection to Viv who was waiting for her love.

When one of  friends asked , did you meet her? What did she say ?

Viv’s reaction was sharp and piercing , “she said that i  am not her man” .

“How did you stand it” ,asked his sad friend.

” Life was plentiful with them. If it were for some other being I wonder still he survives. But i survived. I had to survive.”

He said ,” You know I fell in love with a girl when i was in deep depression. It was in the month of January  that i started creeping into slow and steady depression. The reasons were many. Life was plentiful with them. If it were for some other being I wonder still he survives. But i survived. I had to survive.  I had a sad lyrics to sing that made me happy ,treated my heart with love,colored my eyes red and wet them with tears. I always used to be happy in my own world. “Happy go luck kind of a person”.
I wanted to be out of the depression but never knew how.Unknowingly i was doing it .I was getting out of it because i was finding somebody who was down , who never spoke up against me , who wanted me there completely for her, for whom i was her world. She made me strong that i involved my mind with her, i attached so strongly myself that was like a life long bond. ”

“And today after more than a year , I still look forward to get love.”

“She was right, I was just being a new passive member . She wanted me to show  keen interest in her.”

“What were you supposed to do ?” , asked the friend.  She knew that you were not well.

“She felt  trapped in a dull relationship where she and me have become almost complete strangers, when she looked at me for the first time.”

“I got romantically involved with her  who was initially very attracted to me, but she has ignored me when she met rocky.”

“She ignored you completely, how can she ”

“She continued loving because of a fear that i may go back to depression.” , said viv to answer.

“Once i heard that , my love for her felt cheated, i knew it would take time to reduce my love for her. Time is a good medicine. Her reaction to me was a great change in viv’s life. ”

“If she was interested in you , then why the hell she spent the next 2 days with you. If you had known then, was she playing games with you ?” , baker was anguished. Baker is a close friend of viv.

” I dont know what went through her mind , when she first  met me, but i am confused why she should fall in love with him so strongly.”

“Hey , what did she confess, did she tell the feelings to you”

“She did , she wrote a letter of confession. ”

“What was in the letter”

“She wanted to open her heart, her confession was to him. ”

She wrote ,”I am sorry rocky for whats happening  around. May be when i saw viv our chemistry didnt match, but i realise that he is all love for me and deep down my heart i know that i love him and respect him a lot ! that feeling of mine for him cannot be changed cos he helped me a lot when i was down and he was there when i actually needed someone who will care.  My eyes are deceiving my heart which is full of love for him.”

“Continue” , baker.

and viv continued.

“Rocky, when i met you both, you  really impressed me a lot, i dont know if you felt the same way for me but thats the truth and thats the reason for all this misunderstanding . I was all love for you. I felt as if you are the right man”

“Buddy she was finding the happiness in seeing  rocky’s smile, you were not wrong aywhere. But it happened she didnt find the happiness in you . It was just a coinciidence that you had to be the person bringing her there ” , baker knew that viv was already sad and down. But baker knew that she was right , she actually loved viv from her heart.  It only happened that she had to leave him , but never wanted to leave him in despair.

Slowly but surely, as time passed by viv’s heart started losing the love for her. They were again to meet to see other for the last time in their life. Life never has last chances , it has only lost chances.

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5 thoughts on “The Island of life, About LOL

  1. It is not your mistake if you cant read the eye which cheat you, but its really your mistake if you cant read the eyes which love you.

  2. Nice story buddy…

    Neena’s change of mind and her confusion…Viv’s loss and his anguish….all explained as if in real life….but hey dont you think this story misses something????

    What about how Rocky feels about all this?? What about how he was used as a pawn?? I think all he did was played a perfect host. But I think one and only mistake he did was give the same place in his heart to a newly found friend which was already occupied by his best buddy Viv……

    1. Sir,
      I must appreciate your effort and sustained interest to go through the entire story. Yeah you are right, i must write about rocky as well and make it very clear to the readers too. About his feelings and dilemma he was in, i must write that too….
      Ofcourse then the story will be a fuller description of human emotions.
      I will key in his emotions also. I thank you for your patience as well.

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