Law of Attraction

We are often puzzled by what happens in our life, wondering why we have experiences we do not really want.

The Law of Attraction, a universal law, determines the kind and character of our experiences and we participate in this law by our very nature.

We attract what we are, and we attract who we are. What we are is our personality nature, and who we are is our soul nature.. We have both natures, so we need to understand how they function.


One thought on “Law of Attraction

  1. Hey dear….m trying to attract the right thing in my life all the time…..but dont know why….the wrong always follows me especially in my professional life …..i will never allow it to take over my thoughts….i will survive n we will make it to the best….i will attract the right, the one that i deserve….n i will give my heart, my thoughts, my soul, my life unless i succeed………its all about money! who cares about profession….everyone her e is trying to sell something n i promise i will be the best sales person!

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