Why Feeling good factor ,

First impressions are very important . Viv never thought deeply about his looks and smartness untill that day when his girl friend , neena told him that he looks  like a crazy person. Her compliments came as a surprise for him.  Her view was almost based on physical attractiveness.
Viv felt bad, when she   said ,” Now i know one thing after meeting you sweetheart…”

“I dont look that bad, i am beautiful, Any boy can fall for me ….. compared to you i am much better”,

“Am i not that good looking .. huh”, asked viv.

“You know you were looking nuts to me, i  was wondering how the hell am i gonna spend the entire life with a crack ….mm ..”, her voice was sharp and chilled.

 When one of my friends said that somebody doesnt look good …  He was surprised.

“Sometimes I wonder Who is she ..?” . It was a enthusiam that was making viv a innocent child. Viv’s experience happens to most of us. Whether its a girl or a boy, we all moan that we dont look beautiful or lack that something which is essential for a good look. We are in the illusion that we have to be a beauty or a hunk, this becomes a habitual illusion. Often this leads to complexities in our behaviour and affects our reactions to daily happenings.

We think its a gift that we are not given. Its an aura that makes heads turn. Impossible and difficult are the words that we use,when it comes to changing our outlook about beauty.
Viv lost the self confidence and was down because of a remark which was biased.

After the successful presentation of the team projects, entire team was saying cheers to him,”You are the boss, you did it this time” . There was happiness in their eyes. They were enjoying the party after 5 days of continuous hard work.
“Sweetheart i am not the right man for you, you were so right.”
” I am the right person for me. Yes you are. Only one !” , viv looked into his eyes , full with tears of  happiness, brimming with joy.

In the few months after their meeting, viv had seen a great change in him. Once neena rejected him for his imperfections, he had to get back to life, somewhere he had to make a begining of self realisation.
       During  this interval of time , his friend advised him to meditate and join a gym.  Andy was already practising  yoga and meditation for over an year. It brings tremendous calm to our mind and body. Andy learnt it to train miya the japanese girl, whom he loved.
          From the training sessions viv also took time to talk to his master. According to the master , viv lacked concentration. He had to increase his confidence.
The discourse of the master made a great change.

Know who you are

Be what you are

Meditation and self assessment

Hygiene and skin care

Look Good

Walk Confidently 

Exercise regularly


Think before you speak

Feel Good … Look Good ! Then nothing stops you from being happy …. happiness is all that makes us GOOD !

Feel Good Factor …

The moment you start feeling it, life starts there.


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