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My Marriage and Gateway Of India

The Gateway of India
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No one knows the real taste of success and no one is a loser

We all just act according to the instincts that propel our actions.  We regret  or merry depends upon whether we really we wanted those decisions.  

“I work from 09 00 – 06 00 throughout the day, slogging my ass. I think i was sincere and hardworking.”
“I thought I am deserving too but still what i get is this piece of frustration”, srikanth said.      So one fine day, i put my resignation letter and said good-bye to my MD.

Finally srikanth gets this long-awaited leave so that he can attend my marriage.   I can never believe this happening on this earth. But srikanth did it. He applied for a leave on the 17th May 2011 and 18th May 2011, around 3 months in advance.

He simply quit the company because he couldn’t avail of the facility.  He thinks why should he work for a company that doesn’t understand his feelings.   Feelings are very important for humans, whether they work, fight, eat, love or marry.  Feelings are not at all important for a company or business, because feelings cannot be used to buy materials, and business is all about buying materials for money.
So is there any business that does business in feelings.

“VIP feelings” said Raavan Kumar.
“lol… VIP is the only brand that sells feelings for 100 rupees”
“I remember having bought one for her”
“Oh! My wife only, Sreeta”

“Before marriage, I used to think of buying everything for every other good-looking girl whom i meet on the way.  Not so good-looking I wanted them to be my sisters.
“hmmm ….. you are a shrewd cheat, boy.. what happened after marriage?”
“After marriage I am serious. Only one girl, my wife only.  But money is also a problem, Now its difficult even to buy a local one for me, man. Now I don’t buy Jockey also”

I went to a hotel with Shrikanth once.  He asked me there,” Do you think if you eat vegetables only you remain a vegetarian? He  told me about Vegetable cultivation in Tamil Nadu.  Most of the vegetables for Kerala comes from Tamil Nadu.  So a ban on Endosulfan in Kerala was of no good use for poor keralites.  Because such chemicals still continue to be used else where in the country.   In a village in this state, a farmer grows vegetable in two different plots.  One plot is near his home and taken care off with extra care.  In this farm, they never use chemicals or pesticides.  So the produce are healthy outputs of organic farming.  These vegetables are only for his own domestic purposes.

Other  plot is a bit far from his home.  In this farm, they only use chemicals and  pesticides.   So the produce are heavily poisoned due to  chemical  farming.   These vegetables are all meant for commercial purposes.

**************** MY MARRIAGE ****************

I was happy to see Srikanth at my Marriage.    I got married on the 18th May 2011.  I was going to take a turning point in my life. The decision to marry was a radical one.  Because issues generated were beyond my control and social stigmas played a larger role.

We two

For more than 6 months, i was wondering about the Laws of my country.  How to do a court marriage was my question always?   Most of the people whom i ask will give me a simple answer.  Go to a court in your taluk and apply for the register marriage.    My marriage is like the gateway of India,  the gateway stands there day in and out in midst of a huge crowd, most of them come just for a formal visit, some keep memories.  but none bothered to ask why is it called “Gateway of India”.

If i wait for a person to lift me out of my problems, then my wait will never see an end.   When society failed me, it was no where that i could go.

I didnt wait for my people.  Then who were my people?   Millions of people in india may ask that question and still get no answer even if they repeat it till death.   Effectively my people were my friends who came to witness Solemnization of a five year Old relationship.  Time tested and practical.   And so friends were my family and few closest ones made it up for me.  At the age of thirties infatuation was not a relation,  it was a responsible relation.  May be a few close friends understood it.

I arranged it at Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple, not actually because of any religious sentiments. But that place has a serene tradition.   In my heart  it had a special place too.

The pictures and video was taken by a studio next  to the Temple.   Plenty of studios and hotels existed in that complex.  One of the

We indians are still struggling to get out of the ironies.  On one hand  we say that our culture is the best, at the same time we openly embarrass fellow human beings in the name of caste , creed, color or money.   Isn’t a bad time to be a citizen or a worker  in our own country.   Gandhiji got us freedom from Britishers,  but today  our new corporate culture is trying to  enslave us.

A shortage of freedom  coupled with competition from other unemployed is driving this high levels  of exploitation in the IT  sector.    Our social responsibilities are like car seat belts,  we need them only when there is a checking otherwise forget it.

Intuitions become stronger apparently if actions followed them to achieve our mind’s satisfaction. Call it meditation or Following yourselves, but ultimately it has to end up in attaining self….

But we never know ourselves ….  we are like this rich and arrogant man who becomes happy and feels powerful after having driven two poor cows who wandered into his lawn.

A man was getting angry at 2 cows that were eating grass from his lawn. he shouted in anger. I was watching it when i happen to pass that way. I wonder why did he get angry at the 2. Did it make any sense to the cow. Was he wasting his energy. he looked so serious as if he thought that the cows understood that he is the richest guy there. A big bungalow and a dog. He had a thick gold chain hanging down his neck.

***********  GATEWAY OF INDIA  *********************

I always wanted to visit the Gateway of India.  Since my childhood, i have read stories about it and the great Taj hotel built by Tata.  I felt proud for a second to see the re constructed building of the Taj on the 28th May 2011, almost more than a  week after my marriage.  Thanks to my friend Krishna Kumar, who made arrangements for the visit.

One of the grand and magnificent landmarks of Mumbai, the Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of the British Monarch, King George V and Queen Mary. The Gateway of India is one of the hot spots of Mumbai city. The Gateway of India is a massive archway on the Apollo Bunder. For most of the tourists and travelers, the Gateway of India is the starting point to explore the Mumbai city. The Gateway of India was designed by the architect George Wittet. The first stone of the Gateway of India was laid on March 31st 1913. The foundations were completed in 1920 and the Gateway of India was formally opened in 1924 by the then Viceroy, Earl of Reading.
Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, the Gateway of India is a 26m high structure with four turrets and complicated lattice work engraved into the yellow Kharodi basalt stone. The central dome of the Gateway of India is 48 feet in diameter. It is interesting to note that the whole harbor front was realigned in order to come in line with a planned walkway, sweeping down to the centre of the town. The total cost of construction of the Gateway was approx. Rs. 21 lakhs. The Gateway of India is a major sightseeing hangout in Mumbai. At the back of the Gateway arch, steps lead down to the sea front. From here one can enjoy cruise through Mumbai’s fabulous natural harbor. The nearby statues of Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda add charm to the massive structure, the Gateway of India.

Bombay(Mumbai) is one such place. I always wanted to see it.  The city that makes India what India is.  But when you go to Mumbai, you really understand one fact.  That cities are not just a few high rise buildings or highways, not mere concrete.  This city is propelled and  fueled by the attitude of the people living there.  They are one of the best Indians in India,   Mumbai Indians really are.

No other city in India will you ever find a Shopkeeper run back to you to safely hand over a  Mobile Phone to you, which you left at his place 10 minutes before,  you are already  far off from his shop.   He will come and tell ,” Sir, I must tell you that you are looking for your phone.  I have not read your inbox message. But there was one call for you.” Then suddenly you realise that Yes I lost my mobile phone but due to GOD’s grace I got it back.   That grace is this city’s attitude.

Mumbai me mera dosth

Sometimes i feel that i am a stupid who takes things seriously,  if  i ever didnt give importance to others instead i should have had that for me.   I know that i was not a good friend to me.   A friend might make you feel all this life time is too short for you to share,  a book might come across and still you may never fail to read again , a thought might prevail like  a  great bubble of air waiting for our life and walks  to burst it…  a day might burst that bubble of air to release us from the bubble.   And all our life is a bubble of air.


First crush and lost love …

Last time when i saw him , he walked past me. My heart beat stopped for a moment or was  it  an attraction that froze my soul and the world around me.

He went putting his head down lost in his own world but with a tingly smile that wrapped me when i first met him, walking fast and smart as he did when i was in the college. He is the most beautiful man i ever seen in this world.  i  am sure he will miss me too, he has too. I know he loved me too.

I felt as if  i missed him for a lifetime. As if i had a relation with him for many lives before.

So, what made him attractive, then?  I lost the reason.  Have i lost a life , losing him.

“Of course, i loved and admired him. I will ever respect him, for there was something that charmed and hooked me. But i knew one thing that ,he could leave me for someone prettier . I was never looking good or smart.  But when you love someone, you also take the risk of losing him. ” , said neena.

Anybody  who remembers their first love reading this would probably agree with me that losing your first love is one of the most traumatic, painful emotional experiences of a person’s  early years. Is that what neena felt like when he left her, how do u think he should have responded.

When her  very first love was deep routed in her  heart , it never got  reciprocated . He  abandoned it, she truly felt crashed and destroyed. She was depressed. She thought of living without marriage and wait for him one day , may be thats what she wanted to for .

One day he invited her for his marriage.After all, every man and a woman tend to believe that that first person who they fall for is that one-of-a-kind special partner that will spend a lifetime with them. When these hopes are shattered by the common reality of losing first love, we feel betrayed, powerless, and above all – angry; we believe that there has to be something we could do to fix the situation, to bring that person back into our life and to resolve any differences that caused the break up.

“His hand in my hand was like sand in one’s hand” ,it was sliding down , continuously. I wanted it to stay, but i knew i will not be able to hold it for long. She was down. After years of that stint , she still made up a part of her moment , where he was immortalised.

After long years , she might pass on this information to her daughter. In one moment she will relive it all again. There was one thing that made it  so live was the amount of charm he spell on her. “I was helpless, at his sight i forget everything and just go innocent like a cute little girl waiting for his hug.”

A point that was obviated was the kind of attraction some people have on us is life long. They live in memories for ever,  losing them is not the end to it. Such relations sediment a strong layer of emotional matter which can feed the mind with enough love and support for entire life. This is a very important to realise that most people who are out of it , find it difficult to lose this perennial source of emotional energy.

Sometimes, feelings for a crush can be confusing because they’re new to you and you aren’t sure how to act. You could have mixed feelings.

When you see your crush, a part of you might feel embarrassed and you might want to run away and hide. Another part of you might imagine your crush noticing you and sharing the same feelings.

When you develop special feelings toward someone, it can change your world. You might want to talk on the phone or ask your crush to your birthday party or a school dance. As you get older and your feelings change, you might be ready for your first boyfriend or girlfriend and even your first kiss! But for now, you might just be friends with your crush, if your crush wants to be friends with you.

We expected it to be a nicer world, but mostly we all live with lost love. How far is this justifed ? Is true love unseen. Can we not have the right to be with someone whom we loved once.


My words

Our Mind is the source of all energy, its vast and it never ends in dimension.
Our Mind is the source of all energy, its vast and it never ends in dimension.

 “Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” 

 – Bruce Lee


I am what i think about myself, And I know you wanna think about me…. But you have nobody to ask …. Ask me my friend , when you ask me,”who are you ?”

 There will be a lot of answers in your mind because by nature you will be expecting a good human being in me. You know why , because you are a good human being, with lots and lots of goodness.

 I might answer , but you may be impressed with something that i have. You know what i have………… I have the power to gift , I have the humility to accept, I have everything that you need , I have the zest for you, I am a human with the zeal to live forever for somebody whom i love..

I am a human with the zeal to make a change forever for somebody whom changes have been difficult ….

I am a human with the zeal to live forever in the hearts of a few rather than a mere physical existence of no value ..


You know i know that you too might the same urge to meet a human and share … feel the care…. get submitted … feel cared for…. 

These are emotions which make our life beautiful… beauty is beauty when the person can see the inner beauty … MY EYES ARE Beautiful because they show me everything beautiful …. that means i got a beautiful pair of eyes ….. i hope when you look into my eyes you will find a new world , world waiting for you……


We talk about frequency matching ……. we talk and share .. feel and bear … love and care … its all in your heart.

Only thing is you need to identify the real  love in your heart..


Find yourselves or get found.


Welcome to my world , and here’s a poem for you..


I am in a coccoon 

singing your heart’s tune.


I am in the thought

For me , you wrote.


I am in a rainbow

Where the Skies bow.


I am a drop of love

when the ocean melts your heart.



I am there 

where ever you are .


               Yeah , this is how our hearts treasure and grow relations. Come ,let us explore a new world of joy, there is enough in this world… 

 I was lying down and you picked me up, it was all  me …  now you too are there Please tell me who are you …


When she lost ,it was lost for him too…

The morning was colder and biting the bones. He has got up earlier than previous days.  He was looking for a silence , silencng the winds of inner turbulence. He was out there for a walk.  He was looking for the quieter moment when he could hear himself. He knew one thing , its important for a person to get a few moments for himself.  And he was already settling down , there was a Hot cup of tea for him in the restaurant.

 Whether you meditate, or take walks alone you need to take time each day to get quiet and centered and be the observer of yourself so you can reflect on your day and your life. Listen to the small still voice within.

Daily time for himself , he found himself , he lost himself….

Morning time is so calm with the earth spinning so silently….


********* TALK ABOUT THE SALARY ***************

The boss was planning for a honeymoon trip to a hill station , that means the staff expected him to be away for a couple of weeks.They all said ,”GOD Bless the couple”.

A sample letter that the receptionist had to type for enquiry to check hotel rooms is given here, poor girl she had the toughest time writing one letter.


“I would like to know about the status of availability of hotel rooms in the first week of January 2008. If there are rooms available in your hotel, please send me a tariff plan about the rates of rooms per day so that I can chose a room according to my budget.We are looking forward to accommodation for two people for 2 days and 2 nights.”


After the letter was reviewed by the boss and got accepted , she had a sleepfull night at last.


Normally when he is around , nobody sits after the office time. But its just opposite when he is away….

Here’s another conversation on the day prior to his arrival from the vacation.

Employee asking his colleague,”Until when do you want to use this office?

we only have two days of freedom including today… Bad luck …i hope he had more days to his trip…

i’m go out to buy things to put into the box and will ask for packing tomorow at the tailor…”

He gets the reply,”When is he coming back on saturday ? Is it evening or in the morning itself”

“better ask receptionist, since i have no idea…she books his ticket..”

“Oh ok ! I wil ask her then”


On the first of december , everybody was surprised to get their salaries.


“Have u got the check,but its only the first today” most of them argued.

“i got it anyway”

“Have you”

“i’ve mentioned 32 second before, but no i havent.”

“Even i need to get it”

“shall we go and get it now?”

“Alright we do it now”


Some of the lady members in the office are always obsessed with clothes and utensils..”can you help me to get a cloth for the “churidar”, you know i dont have a red one ….”

An international employee asking an indian colleague,”can you help me to get a cloth and possibly a box to send a paracel to home?”

look at the tailor…

The tailor of the shop after the japanese visits his shop with the cloth,”sir please lemme know the details of time So that i can help u in providing my valuable



An indian will never get that respect from an indian tailor.


here is another plan of drinking…


“I would like mention the time and the plan regarding your request.

My plan is to leave office at 6:45PM and head to the textile store near Orchid Bar , the place where Mr. Ajesh has mentioned earlier.”


“After we could successfully got the white cloth from the store, I then would like to go to the place where they offer me a box of which I can use it for packaging.  Since it looks like it doesn’t take much time, I am seeking for your cooperation after work.”

Theres the chance for the greedy colleague for a drinking offer..

“Wow whats the plan after that ?”

The japanese is cunning too.. Drinks demand a lot of money ..

Indians never share with him , so he avoids them ….

“I don’t know.  What’s your plan :D?”

But the indian had to be humble to grab the drinks offer before its lost or a mood change of the japanese’

“i am at yr service whatever yr plans are”, replied.

LOL .. good incidence to remember..

“Shall I help you for the cooking process as a sub-chef?”

“Alright then we make chappathis tode with some beautiful DAL and potato curry”

“Then I will help kneading the dough and cutting veggies part. Done?”

“hmm …..thats fun and we can eat together , theres nothing better than njoying a good meal .”

“How about going to the Reliance fresh”


“I will help for the grocery cost to thank your cooperation.”

“even thats sounding like a great treat today ..”

“Why dont we make something stuffy and heavy”

“We never get this chance again”

“let’s do that.”

“we’ll have a stuffy one.”


“How lovely of you to have agreed to make a good time ?”

“I am happy again……….”


Poor guy there was no drinks that day, but luckily he could save on the groceries..



Lesson of the story ..

“i mean honey.money is honey”


A talk

i will get…

these days, i am doing the things, that i can’t do.. the communication.. great


u r the guru

and everything starts with a Guru

No doubt u will get all solutions ” 😀

Communication is nothing new for u

u know it well 

i am communicating with u

🙂 I am mastering the art of communicating 

We r learning it 


i know.. you are the master.. only a master can say like this.. 


I m learning everyday

When i say u r the Guru i mean it

when we go away i will miss u Guru and yr experiences 

Therefore i value this time as precious and its less now

but now i am learning faster everything in my  life

Faster than when i was a child

We need a guru to develop our talents 

My mom used to say “Guru bina gyaan nahi hota he”

She was right !!


crushes that were there …

How does one feel the crush?

Crush on a girl. Does she become different from all others. Everything about her makes my world so beautiful.Not less her thought.How do you go crazy for her? Well the moment you look at her, does the heart beat faster.Eyes gleam with bashfulness,drowned in expectations.Nothing comes on tongue but mind full of words.Its like being the world’s fool !!!

I was interested in her crush stories, they made me more closer to her. She was finding more meaningful love in our relation. I got closer to her. She read out her diary to me as i heard her in rapt attention.He diaries were very intriguing for me. They were a tool to understand her  more

“Love me as much as you can sweetu,for love between you and me will melt me” she was the most beautiful lover he could ever get.

Every man is an island, until he explores, experiences and expresses

Everybody has a story. So unique and special that it seems like some of the best experiences in this world just happen to us, that is the power of own story, where you are the hero. You need to tell it, inspire others and most probably, rescue few fellow beings from destruction as you tell it.

More than others we should love our own stories,  we shall have the courage to do things, take the first steps and the generosity to share. One never gets the second chance to make the first impression.

I would have to agree that we never know who needs to hear our stories. If you are not getting yourself out there, outliving rejection, you are doing, creating actions not just dreaming.  It is Karma.

Lot of people want to do a lot of things. I get a lot of advises too. “You should do a start up this way. This is how he did it, I know that guy. He is doing great. Previously he was my colleague, I knew he had stuff. But now things are tough. You have to struggle harder.”

Being true is inspiration to others, at its core, is a generous, but highly vulnerable act. Because you expose the truth.


I think we often underestimate the power of sharing our story since it seems fairly typical to us. Not to mention it can be a bit scary too. But how can people connect with you if they don’t know who you are? You are driven by fear of what people would think about you. I feared rejection, so does everyone else.

“What if the idea of starting this company turns out to be incredibly stupid?”

You wake up in middle of the night, amidst fear and panic, looking around for sharing those thoughts, but a frightened mind pulls up a  restrained reaction.

“I have been feeling very frustrated because I believe I have a story in me that needs to be told…or perhaps many. friends have encouraged me but there are others who I feel would consider it foolish.”   Pain of an expectant bearer of thoughts, so much to share but not a single perfect word. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

“Putting our own words out there, letting them fly on their own, can be freeing and terrifying, fulfilling and a struggle. But when we do, it opens us up for so many blessings! Unknowingly you create a hero out of zero, exploding with encouragement! There is a freedom that comes with sharing our story.

“You don’t write because you’re eager to inspire, you write because you have got something to say and share.”

I met an old friend of mine yesterday, after long time. It was a coffee at cafe, and the talk was startup dream.  I often avoid meetings, as every time I met with those friends, I didn’t have many updates to give them in response to their repeated questions, such as, “So, how is your startup going? You are going to be a tycoon, right?” “We are so proud of you and we are so sure you will soon receive a VC”
One friend told me, “You are a lucky man, you are living the life that I wanted.” “I cant think of quitting the job for the next 2-3years. Man the EMIs and the home loan, car insurance. But if I quit I am going to join you for sure.”

“If you need my help as a consultant I can guide you with my experience.”

This is like the cockroach story. A group of ladies at the elite cafe were discussing sophisticated social topics. In between, one of them said, “You know what. The cockroach is the most amazing animal.” Others joined in awe responsiveness. “Is it so? How come” “It is incredible, surviving both natural and man made disasters, still living through millions of years.” She described the impeccable cockroach as a great survivor, enterprising and strong.
“Incredible cockroach.”

There was silence in paying respect. Sudden cloud burst of exclamation resulted as a cockroach finally appeared below one of the dining plates. The waiter was held there for a few seconds, “How filthy and untidy to see such a creature. Why the hell, you guys cant keep these dirt away?”

I call it the Ramu Kaka effect.  Ramu kaka is the ubiquitous house hold member, who has aged his entire life working for the house, as a home helper to care taker. Almost every decision in the household is credited to Ramu kaka. Every member in the family believes this, “He is like our family member.”  “Everything here is his too” .. and so on.  Years passed, Ramu too started believing the same. And then one day later, the eldest girl of the household  elopes with a guy in the neighborhood. Upon interrogation, she confides to her family that Ramu kaka was aware of their relation, he liked the boy and that he vouched his behaviour.

This confession made the landlord angry. “How dare a lower class servant like Ramu decide for my family in such matters. He is just a servant and he should realise it.”

Every now and then, Ramu kaka is born and reborn during our deals in business or companies. We, as employees or workers or professionals attach too much emotionally for too little in return.

When you look at others, opening a new location centre, acquiring new staff clients, doing more business, whereas I fumble fail. Being a failure is feeling really how to fail, learning burning fingers, widening the ears for more advises, learning to keep mouth shut, learning to love your adventures when they are put down as stupido ideas, becoming possessive of your little stupid risks… lot more some times I want to feel that I am above average intelligent… it is a complexity disorder..  nobody else believes in you so you have to keep telling that you are the best ………………….  “When I look back. I examine my value system and ask myself which is the greater sin, failure or living life by default?” ,  “I believe that many people live life by default; like a leaf in a river, they allow the river of life to determine where they will travel. It is like being pampered at the Thai Spa by a masseur. They have to decide on a therapy, take up a cosy bed, chose the rosy lighting and make the ambience. To me, it was different. forget the massage, even selling the massage oil was one adventure in itself… I felt  living life by default is cowardly.

So  I always got bitten by  the adventuromaniac bug, taste failure and again get failed,  I decided that failure is infinitely better than never trying at all.” Truth is, though you might sound brave and others cowardly, there has to be someone whom you want to be team with.
You are a human, you are never alone even when you are alone, thoughts make you …
You become what you think
you need some one to understand you, you need a good team,  I know it aint a one-man show,  I need the team, the team is the Family … We have to win even if it is for one day, victory will be ours …  sweet memories to part with ..
Let me appreciate my beautiful friend(she knows it), as I am nothing without her, as I will be enjoying the curry she made for me. Let me appreciate you, for standing me, standing my stupido ideas, but always believing in me, your friendship and time …

The Ramu kaka in me may not die so soon…. for Hope is the biggest daddy of all.

He is hopeful like the cockroach to survive the KT event, dinosaurs, industrialisation, globalisation, pep talk of the up heeled, EMI & social show offs inner revolts, economic & mental depressions….

Combine Soft Skills with Technical Skills, not just formal degrees ( Skills – II )

A learning mind always wins: One requires an analytical mindset to enter the workforce, makes you a winner

Finding a job you love is no easy task — but it’s definitely not impossible. Let’s find out.

“Follow your heart.” The first time Basant heard this advice was from Viv, midway through a demo session at his work place. The idea was so touching and enchanting, Basant repeated it like a mantra for months but he still couldn’t figure out what his heart wanted.  Viv is a motivational speaker and a repair skill trainer.

He loved electronics and repair but was doubtful someone would pay me to do it. Of course he loved a lot of other things too— movies, politics, media, sports. It was his friend Savad, who was running a mobile service center, had a meeting that was a turning point, they both attended Viv ‘s session accidentally on purpose which made him realise what Viv said.

After seeing Savad’s experience and enthusiasm, only then he realised the meaning of “follow your heart”.

Today Basant has a successful repair center.  It oversimplifies a difficult challenge. “Many recent graduates are very confused about how to find work that inspires and satisfies them,” confirms Viv. His own early-career confusion — he tried a lot of things before landing in the startup world — is part of what inspired his business. He was a failure at school, as he could not complete 10th class due to personal reasons.  But that did not stop him, he went ahead with his dreams.

Skills Hierarchy

According to a report by published in 2014, only 27 per cent of the 7,50,00,000 fresh graduates would be employable by 2020.

While education is important, it does not guarantee us a job in our chosen field. One learns a lot of theories during foundational education, but applying them to practical work requires skills which, for the most part, are not taught as part of the degree programme. Viv says,”I may not be wrong when I say that skill development is an area which is highly neglected by most of the students, and in fact, their schools and colleges.” The emphasis on vocational education seems to be lacking when it is one of the most important areas to focus on and will help prepare the youth for jobs.

Acquire soft skills and create right attitude

In a survey, lot of company CEO’s have mentioned that they consider industry specific skills and right attitude more important criterion for hiring. For every job, the main thing is the learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the go. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information.

Applying your mind and logic to come up with a better solution would require the right skill set.

In order to keep moving forward, one will always need to revisit their skill set and keep on reworking as per the requirements.

Formal education sets your mind on a path for ‘how to learn’, while skill development teaches you ‘how to apply’ what you have learnt. If all you know is theory, you are limiting yourself and your opportunity for career growth. In today’s time, soft skills such as language and communication skills, personality development skills, management skills and behavioural skills are some of the essential skills required while applying for a job. Your bio-data (CV) boasting your degrees might get you an interview, but it is your skills that will help you grab the job.

In any job, you can improve on what Viv calls soft skills — writing, public speaking, negotiating, getting comfortable with technology — which are important but not always emphasized in school. Improve your follow-through skills by writing things down in a meeting, not walking away until you know the next steps, and setting deadlines.

Be that person who makes things happen, being a reliable & trustworthy person will help you stand out in a very competitive environment”, Viv says.

Anyone can be a winner, make yourself aware of your dreams!

Hone your Vocational Skills

Don’t just focus on vocations — nurse, teacher, engineer — but also working conditions. Does the prospect of collaborating in teams, working in a small lab, dealing with the public, or enjoying at a company excursion party make you feel excited or depressed? How important is it that you have a short journeys, opportunities to travel, diverse co-workers, prestige, or a cause you care about? “You can be doing something that you like and believe in, but if you have a schedule or a boss that isn’t working for you, then you will be stressed,” Viv says.


Be practical, if a pay or salary is what drives you, there’s no shame in that. Do the things that could earn you money.

Arun’s research found that the money-motivated tend to be happier in their work than those who are mission-driven: They have clear benchmarks for success. That’s not to say you shouldn’t change the world, but being practical about your needs is OK. Arun initially dreamed of being a software developer but, partly on his brother’s advice, decided mobile/ laptop repair was more financially secure and easy to setup . Success at his repair center, Cochin led to opportunities in business & networking, and he is now a successful business owner in his home town. “It’s been an incredible career — I got to sit in my own chamber and lead my own business — but I can’t say that it was, strictly speaking, my first choice,” he says.

Over the years, Arun adds, what you prioritize in a job will ebb and flow. There’s a time to make huge money, a time to win a National Prize, a time when you just want to be home to be with your family & kids to watch “Sultan” and “Kabali”.

NO JOB IS EVER A DEAD END: Slow and steady wins the race

As CEO of the service center chain for smartphones, Arun often mentors young candidates who are questioning if they want to do on their  ”own”.  He advices, “You don’t have to know what you are going to do for the rest of your life. I’m forty five and I’m still not sure,”. He grew up in northeast, his family struggled for his education.

Arun set out to study electronics engineering but struggled. He was working restaurant jobs to cover tuition, away from home for the first time, and earning the worst grades of his life. “I ended up dropping out of college” he says. “I was demoralized and completely depressed. The town I grew up in had just opened a mobile-laptop service center, and my friend helped me get a job there. I thought, “This is it, I’ll work here for the rest of my life.” But slowly, as he leaned into the work, his confidence returned.

Arun and Basant, thank mentors like Viv for the steps they are taking.

Do a daily review, because every day is a new beginning

At the end of each day, review what you did. “Ask yourself, What gave me energy?” suggests Viv.

“Think about those things that bring you joy and energy, and try to do more of those things, with whatever autonomy you have.”   Our students are our testimonials.

The team at the center trained and encourage students to get back in life “What felt like a failure turned out to be one of the best things I could have ever done because I got hands-on experience,” a student says.

 “Look toward the future, give your best effort for job you can do in the position you have right now.”

Govt. Support and Initiatives for skills and e-Waste Management

Today, Viv wants more opportunities for the youth. His startup came up with an eye to help service center with spare parts management.

“Even the Govt. Is supporting us in our effort, lets work hard to earn a better future”, asks Viv.

What are you waiting for? Follow your heart. What are your ideal working conditions? Let start exploring experiences to help you find out — head to be the owner of your destiny. How to Figure Out Exactly What Your Dream Job Should Be.

The tainted Soul – Skill Revolution II

Skills in need are skills indeed ( Skills – I Mobile Repair)


Economics and Ethics

Economics is ethical. We all are a part of this so called economical system. A system that works out to understand, manage and fulfil the heterogeneous values, interests, and capacities of large numbers of individuals(population) operating within the constraints of limited resources in a particular community.

No one escapes economics. Morality is considered an enemy, when it comes to spending money. They say, my rich friend spends too much on drinks and parties, he doesnt care about the poor.  We can debate on the morality of the money spent by individuals, but then we need another occasion for the same.

Efforts vs Excuses

If you are ever a little interested in something, someone or sometime(s), your little sincere efforts show and not your huge excuses. What did my personality show to my committed people and team, do I make a good effort for myself first and then eventually add effort for a team.

The team could be your family, wife, husband, peers, friends or even strangers.

Who teaches us to generate excuses? Next time when you make an excuse or hear an excuse, ponder over the sincerity of the person.

Having a skill set is very necessary in current scenario. One’s mediocre, but stable income, must be enough for a person to meaningfully engage in civil society.


Own blood will take care of me

There is no more the concept of my own blood people, there is no stranger when its economics. All are good in this economy, they will take care of me but obviously I must have something for them. People take care of each other when they mutually help each other economically.

Personal Vs Professional

The outer self is the reflection of my inner self. I hide it as per my convenience, display as per what I gain.  But then what is professionality, why do successful businesses keep personal life and professional life separately managed, not mixing the two.

Introduction to the world of financial growth and independence

In our society, many students are unable to complete their formal school education because of personal, family or financial reasons and become dropouts. These dropout students tend to work in shops and or small companies because they do not have any educational background, support, or skill. This is an alarming situation today. Lack of spoken English skills, self confidence, educational qualification and financial stability become a block in the path of prosperity for a section of our new generation of youth.

“A continuous source of income is important than ever before. This gives confidence and ability to have a meaningful life”

Skills and economics

Gone are the days, when managers are the glory king of a system. Today’s manager must exert his/ her skills rather than just sit as a supervisor and talk (dictate). We need more people who are ready to do physical work. Skill development provides not only an opportunity to those who deserve but also secure permanent earnings.

Why Skill development courses

Today our world is having a big shortage of skilled manpower. Millions of students pass out with multiple degrees but only a few grab jobs in companies.  Most of the applications are rejected because of no vacancies, too much education or not qualified certificates. The solution is empowering these students with necessary industry specific skills.

Repair mobile Training example, to learn repairing mobiles is not a big deal.  What is required is a right attitude, professional & quality training but the benefits of joining a mobile industry are never-ending! To know how let us follow the below reasons:

  1. Mobile revolution is the greatest telecommunication market on earth.
  2. Mobile repair industry is large, growing, and improving each year
  3. New mobile/handset manufacturing units are being planned globally.

There are several other technical skill based courses like laptop repairing, photography, yoga & fitness etc,

Reasons for an opportunity                  

Apart from training and affordable fee structure, these courses have a long-life value!
The career in a mobile repairing industry does not start with a mobile repair trainee but an engineer. Many students opt for running their own business by investing a small amount of money. This is surely a good option since there are always high possibilities of high earnings in this field.

Students can either work for a paid salary or start a business of their own. 

Not just workers any more, become professionals

The career path in mobile repairing is so strong that even a matriculate pass student can aim for 20 K rupees per month.  The dropouts no more remain a dropout on the contrary become a mobile professional.

Courses and options in Mobile & Laptop Repair

We can have various 1 week to 1/2 month long courses for mobile and laptop repair. Now students are showing interest in tablet repairing as they are latest gadget in the market.

Today mobile repair course is the major attraction for students. In such a course, first half is dedicated to basics of electronics & mobile phone technology. In the second half, fault-finding, brand specific problem diagnosis and issue resolution are taught.

Most courses are recognized by Govt.

  • A short-duration technical course
  • Professional & Industry Exposure
  • No Particular Eligibility Required
  • Medium of instruction can be in regional languages
  • Low Fees
  • Available Study Materials (Videos, Handbooks, CDs, Books)
  • Free Repairing Tool Kits
  • Online Back-up Support
  • Support for Placement

Lessons also stress on customer management skills, service center maintenance and technology upgradation. Motivation classes are also given as a step to boost the balance between work and personal life.

Pre-placement session is inclusive of mock interview preparation, boosting communication and presentation skills.

The tainted soul : Skill Revolution

Explore. Experience. Express

“What if the idea of starting this company turns out to be incredibly stupid?”

You wake up in middle of the night, amidst fear and panic, looking around for sharing those thoughts, but a frightened mind pulls up a  restrained reaction..

When you look at others, opening a new location centre, acquiring new staff clients, doing more business, whereas I fumble  fail. Being a failure is feeling really how to fail, learning burning fingers, widening the ears for more advices, learning to keep mouth shut, learning to love your adventures when they are put down as stupido ideas, becoming possessive of your little stupid risks… lot more
some times I want to feel that I am above average intelligent… it is a complexity disorder..  nobody else believes in you so you have to keep telling that you are the best ………………….
 “When I look back. I examine my value system and ask myself which is the greater sin, failure or living life by default?” ,
 “I believe that many people live life by default; like a leaf in a river, they allow the river of life to determine where they will travel. It is like being pampered at the Thai Spa by a masseur. They have to decide on a therapy, take up a cosy bed, chose the rosy lighting and make the ambience. To me, it was different. forget the massage, even selling the massage oil was one adventure in itself… I felt  living life by default is cowardly. So  I always get bitten by adventuromaniac bug, get failed,  I decided that failure is infinitely better than never trying at all.”
Truth is, though you might sound brave and others cowardly, there has to be someone whom you want to be team with.
you are a human, you are never alone even you are alone, thoughts make you …
you need some one to understand you, you need a good team,  I know it aint a one-man show,  I need the team, the team is the Family …
We have to win even if it is for one day, victory will be ours …  sweet memories to part with ..
Let me appreciate my beautiful friend(she knows it), as I am nothing without her, as I will be enjoying the curry she made for me.
Let me appreciate you, for standing me, standing my stupido ideas, but always believing in me, your friendship and time …
Much obliged Gentlemen ….

The Story of my Kid!

I am waiting to hear. Did I really hear the nurse say,”Its a baby boy..”.  I knew that I had a new companion in our life. One that we would share our lives with.  The first cry, he has communicated that I have come to this world,  crying is the first sound the baby makes when he enters this world, which is a very positive sign of a new healthy life


Imagine you are understanding it all alone. To father a child means to give a child life.  There is not much more serious than this, however a father can impart many more gifts than this if he can be a good father.  He is teaching me those gifts.

I owe this lesson to my father.

The importance of engaging fathers from the very early stages of a baby’s life onward cannot be underestimated.

As a father I saw my kid grow, from a day old to today. Every week I see him grow. The ensuing weeks after a baby’s birth is when the bond between parent and child begins to form.

At this stage, what can be the first step in a life-long relationship from which he can feel secure and positive outcomes can result.

In my darkest moment — a week after my son, was born and 12 hours after he was first admitted to the ICU, after having turned yellow in my arms — I sat down on the hospital bench with my wife, Swee. We spent the whole night waiting outside the ICU.  He was smiling, beautifully. His eyes were covered with a photo sensitive eye wear, I remember Swee was crying, her mother was praying, and I was feeling utterly, simply helpless.  In the ICU, he was accompanied by many other new born kids.  One child had tried several medications to treat his condition, but nothing was easing him. He was born before the 9th month, I saw the kid’s mother worried and tired.  Swee shared a few moments with her.  Sharing! It is a rare human feeling….

Nature nourishes everything gradually but constantly. Waiting is necessary. Patience to wait for the right moment. “Never react, you will only respond”.  Some waiting are essential. First wait was for the birth, this one was for his recovery.

During the wait, I will torture with thoughts. Weaving stories.  What will happen if he … hmmm.  But as time passes and life unfolds its beauty, we have more reasons to celebrate than to worry.

How do parents make face such happenings with a question mark as big as this? Its a lesson to be learnt.  Some couples are lucky to have their parents to take care, more importantly pass information that is necessary for the survival of the new born.  Those who are left alone  struggle, scour for valuable tips.

We learnt that exposing the kid to Sun in the morning during the first weeks of his life is life saving.  Reason is that UV rays make the billirubin on the skin surface water soluble and pass it through urine. A newborn baby’s liver does not have the capacity to break the billirubin, resulting in coloring of the skin from face to body downwards.

……… Just one of the things learnt, there is a plenty to share that the little man teaches us. After all as wordsworth puts it, a child is the father of a man.

I understood a mother’s love after seeing Swee wrap the kid with a rare possessiveness.  Mother’s love.  She begged the GODs,  she was humble to the care takers. She is watching his milestones in growth.

Today he was 3 months old,  I could hear him shout for a minute or two.  He  is discovering that not only can he make different sounds , but he can turn up the volume as well.  Let me record it ………………………….


Rational , Reasonable

The pregnant mother caressed her womb and asked the husband, “Is our child afraid of anything? ”
“Why did you ask that?”, said the husband.
“Because, when ever there is a disturbance outside or a sound, the baby makes a move. It kicks me.”
How can a uborn child know about fear? Fear is all about loss.  Fear is knowledge of death. 

He thought for a while, does the child in the womb really understand the meaning of fear.   Every life that generates a kick in the womb,  growth in the physical body, leads onto the final rest. 
The journey of life. Its a sleep from where we awake.  Its a sleep where we will go back to.

Sudama was sleeping till 11 00 am, untill the sun pierced through the curtains. His father would have already been into a half day of work by now. There was a friction about sudama’s behaviour at their home, Sudama’s mother always used to fight with his father to protect her son.
She would feed him three times now a days making sure that his favorite chicken masala is made every alternate days. He spends most of his time with his white mice named pikkoo and tikkoo.  At noon 12 he feeds them with biscuits.  His mother brings his food on to top. A part of the rice is shared with the mice. By the time it gets dark, when the animals go to sleep, he comes to his room. It will be 10 at night.
  Sudama had a singular routine for the last six months until last week when he broke the silence. It is a silent morning at 7 00 am.  His father is getting ready for work.  At the age of 60,  Sudama’s father is maintaining his health to feed his son and wife. Sudama is 33 years this month.

“Sudama, why dont you start looking for a job, son. Its good for us. There will be one more earning member. Things might improve.”, his mother pampers the young man, unaware of risking the wrath of his sleep break.

“then we will divorce malli and get our kid back.  With some dowry, we will look  for a new marriage for you. There are lot of girls whom I know.”
Sudama’s kid was 5 years old.
“I told you not to disturb me with your irritating talks. I want to sleep now. We can talk about it after I get up.”, he warned his mother.  She was always the loving mother.  She continues to wake him. 
But it didnt take much for him to react back badly at her. He bumps out of the bed and pushes her down.
“I told you so many times… ”
He kicked her back. Slapped her.
Sudama’s father was about to leave but he stopped to see whats happening inside. He saw his son hit his wife.
“Hey, if you have the guts , hit me , you ..”
Suddenly , sudama charges towards his father, with the chair in his hand. First he hits her, then breaks the T V and glass table.  As his father threatens him, he grabs his father by his neck and kicks him too.
The old man never  could stand his stronger son.
Life is all pervading, it doesnt do things quickly. 
The family has been experiencing trauma for so many years.  Sudama married his colleague, Preety at the age of 27.  She was one year elder to him.  They had been in a live in for more than 2 years. He worked in a Call Center as the Floor Operations Manager. She was his team member.  Personal life was a decision of material benefits. The new era material thinking.  Man is not more  important than his materials.  More materials a man has he becomes important and useful.

And Sudama, as floor manager, wasn’t finding the time for either. His life: deadlines, deals and 14 hours of drudgery every day. He wakes up with the larks and the American Clients and hits the bed after the erratic professional chores. 

 His family came to know about his marriage after a week, when he went to see his mother with a cover of ‘Laddoos’, a sweet. Though his sister was aware of it.
Life for him was Rock and roll.

Somewhere Sudama became a spoilt brat during his adolescence, when he had friends who started dealing with gambling, drugs, smoking and sex.  Nilesh Gharte was one of his best friends. Friends in that age who thought everything in life is between their legs. Sudama also was always satisfying what is between the legs.

Sometimes we look at others and feel how happily they live.  Some people live peacefully even if they are limited by resources.  They may not be having enough money to survive but still be living peacefully.

Bhramit dani died of drug overdose around 6 years ago.  Sudama knew the guy.

A rich man by the name Krishna Kumar was his father’s business partner.

Festivals and Happiness

I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.  (adapted Quote)

July 2012 and August, were disturbing months for the seven sisters of India.  Issues that took national importance virtually bringing a collapse in harmony of our culture.
Ethnic violence spread itself through messaging systems throughout the country.  Thousands of people left cities going back to their griefstriken homeland.  It was a festival for some traitors to humanity.
We blamed our neighbours. Neighbouring countries are always our reasons of ethnic issues.  In August 2012, still there are fresh memories of violence.

I saw a KSRTC bus conductor hit a passenger for arguing with him.  I went to the vegetable market to buy grocery for the onam lunch.  He was hitting like Salman in Ekk tha Tiger, poor guy was beaten up like Ekk tha Kutta(Kutta = Dog).  I had to keep my vegetables bag shielded from the blows and kicks.  Non of the fellow passengers reacted. Violence is spreading in our hearts. 

Pakistani man Kasab is still expecting some mercy from India.  He got special blessings from his mother.  His father was poor  living a life like any average pakistani.  His father might have told him about India during his childhood.  So he knows India is a beautiful country far far ahead than his own country.  If he were to blast a hotel in his own country  he would have a gun shot in return. In India he becomes a speciality.  Indian govt  has invested Rs 50 crores  on his trial.
   Today we all wait to see an Inidian Soldier hang the poverty striken dry fruits Pak man. 

By contrast, August  is also the beginning of many a celebrations in India.  A season just for happiness reason.  But there are more good Indians in India that makes our culture flourish beyond prosperity & happiness. 
Even the last good Indian will die but preserve this beauty of India.   He will win and celebrate the goodness of life.  He has no reasons to fail. 

There are many religious festivals during this time starting with Ramzan to Ganesh Chaturthi to the week long Diwali celebrations in October and ending with Christmas and the universal New Year‘s festivities when the air is thick from the smoke of fireworks.

Down south in the cozy corner is my own land, I call it God’s own. Truly it is. 
In Kerala this weekend all Malayalis worldwide like me, whether they be Hindus or Christians or Muslims would have wished each other a Happy Onam although Onam is a Hindu festival unique to the state.  People in cities go to hotels and book sadhyas.  Corporates book huge lunch parties for their staff.  In the villages, family gets together for a time in the year to celebrate Onam.  Onam is my favorite.

Tradition has it  that during Onam the good king Mahabali visits the homes of his people and so special feasts are prepared and a carpet of flowers laid out to receive him.  Today it is celebrated by one and all throughout the world. Who would not like to share in a delicious “Sadhya“?

I wish we all can find more such happy reasons to come together.

Malli  told Sudama , ” Once again, I felt like that little girl who walked into the classroom , after a long vacation, fearing if friends would welcome her back into their group , still share same level of closeness or feel some sort of discomfort:  to her surprise, she was delighted to notice that warm smile on her friend’s faces.”

That’s exactly what we experience, a  note of reassurance and support, while spending time through our best relations. Sudama exclaims,” I was elated, to say the least!  The knowledge that someone really kept caring  regulary for you and eagerly waited for any happiness from you”.
“What was that made them finally happy to see you, made me feel really happy.”

“What is happiness in today’s world?” 
“Making Social friends all aroud you to feel as if you are in a group of people”
“But to be social you need sound economic dimension. Social dimension is related to economic dimension. ”
“Economic dimension. What is that?”
A human is defined by lot of  factors.  One way of defining a human’s behavior is classified into several dimensions.
“Social dimension, Economic dimension, Mental dimension, Spiritual dimension, etc.. Economic dimension is the most important one.  Without it our social capabilities and mental dimension weakens.”

“Some people though are mentally very strong. ”
“Such people are free of internal conflict.  They have the ability to take decisions intelligently even in crisis.”
They discuss about a lot of things.

Its already time for Onam festivity.  Sudama and malli are celebrating Onam. They have a special guest this onam. Both of them love every moment of togetherness.

Thiruvathira Kali is a form of art in Kerala, ...
Thiruvathira Kali is a form of art in Kerala, especially during Onam seasons and Malayalam month Dhanu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For them  HAPPINESS IS NOT A STATE OF ACHIEVEMENT. Every festival is happiness.

“Thank you for letting me know that I was missed and for making me feel special .  As I sit here listening to the  crickets chirping outside and clock ticking fast way into midnight, my heart calls out to go for a quick visit  to the native and a quick get together; There we go and spend the greener memories of life…. ”

I remember my childhood. On those days when I celebrated Onam regularly (every year with my grandparents ), leap-frogging from one dish to another, following winding trails of faded memories, leading to another forgotten taste, my grandma who has been a strong follower of our tradition,   help my mother with the original names of many snacks as she was an expert in variety snacks.

I live by saying ,”It was as if   y’day i thought about those Onam’s…i was not aware that she was not there……..but I

remember one thing, she had taught me to make life a celebration…”

Onam has a speciality. The lunch in plantain leaf.  With an impressive list of  dishes it is one of the most beautiful feeling you get once in a year.  There can be anywhere between 13-25 dishes for Onam and this number can be higher.  The most common Onam Dishes are

Red Rice, Sambar, Avial, rasam, pulliserry, Thoran – Cabbage, Beans, Cabbage & Carrot, Kovakka, Inji curry, Puliyinji, Erissery,Kaalan,Olan,Kootu Curry,Theeyal,Pachadi  EthakkaPachadi, Vellarikka Pachadi, Pappadam,Achaar, Upperi,SharkaraVaratti,Pazham, varieties of Payasam – Semiya Payasam, Sharkkara Payasam, Aval Payasam, Pradhaman – Mambazha Pradhaman …

List goes on.. They were “something more with arippodi(rice powder) . You call it kali odakka ….but i dont remember if we made it on onams…anyway, lets see more ways  to stuff the Onam sadhya leaf.
i havent thought about  anything else in a while.

Last there was a cake making ecperiment. Making Cake using the pressure cooker. 
If you put a pinch of sodapodi(baking soda) to the cake dough, it becomes very soft. Yes, it has always been a great feast for  entire famiies during the christhmas time .
Well more on that later.

We love to serve when we have some impromptu guests.  I remember my mother packing snacks after school time with a hot glass of tea that was heights of tea-time pleasure for anybody!  Tea and parippu vada.

Malli recollected,” During her stay here, my mother made few delicious snack once to satisfy my pregnancy cravings.  To make perfect Uzhunnu vada was difficult at home. Though we used to make a similar one at home. She suggested putting a hole in the middle to add to its overall aesthetic appeal. ”
“Why do we put a hole in the vada? .”,I used to ask her.
“It is the chakravuh shape. It is related to puranas.”, her grnadmother will tell her.
 Putting a hole in the middle is more of a  technical reason, as it helps in cooking the dough evenly. 

“Parippu vada at the nair’s hotel was a treat to eat.  Having a parippu vada and sip a cup of hot tea. The next vada comes as soon as the first goes vanishing. ”

Every Indian snack is so tempting.  

Headline of the day : Wipro and the University of Massachusetts have jointly launched a 12-month fellowship programme in the US to train 120 school teachers in the next three years.

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