Every man is an island, until he explores, experiences and expresses

Everybody has a story. So unique and special that it seems like some of the best experiences in this world just happen to us, that is the power of own story, where you are the hero. You need to tell it, inspire others and most probably, rescue few fellow beings from destruction as you tell it.

More than others we should love our own stories,  we shall have the courage to do things, take the first steps and the generosity to share. One never gets the second chance to make the first impression.

I would have to agree that we never know who needs to hear our stories. If you are not getting yourself out there, outliving rejection, you are doing, creating actions not just dreaming.  It is Karma.

Lot of people want to do a lot of things. I get a lot of advises too. “You should do a start up this way. This is how he did it, I know that guy. He is doing great. Previously he was my colleague, I knew he had stuff. But now things are tough. You have to struggle harder.”

Being true is inspiration to others, at its core, is a generous, but highly vulnerable act. Because you expose the truth.


I think we often underestimate the power of sharing our story since it seems fairly typical to us. Not to mention it can be a bit scary too. But how can people connect with you if they don’t know who you are? You are driven by fear of what people would think about you. I feared rejection, so does everyone else.

“What if the idea of starting this company turns out to be incredibly stupid?”

You wake up in middle of the night, amidst fear and panic, looking around for sharing those thoughts, but a frightened mind pulls up a  restrained reaction.

“I have been feeling very frustrated because I believe I have a story in me that needs to be told…or perhaps many. friends have encouraged me but there are others who I feel would consider it foolish.”   Pain of an expectant bearer of thoughts, so much to share but not a single perfect word. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

“Putting our own words out there, letting them fly on their own, can be freeing and terrifying, fulfilling and a struggle. But when we do, it opens us up for so many blessings! Unknowingly you create a hero out of zero, exploding with encouragement! There is a freedom that comes with sharing our story.

“You don’t write because you’re eager to inspire, you write because you have got something to say and share.”

I met an old friend of mine yesterday, after long time. It was a coffee at cafe, and the talk was startup dream.  I often avoid meetings, as every time I met with those friends, I didn’t have many updates to give them in response to their repeated questions, such as, “So, how is your startup going? You are going to be a tycoon, right?” “We are so proud of you and we are so sure you will soon receive a VC”
One friend told me, “You are a lucky man, you are living the life that I wanted.” “I cant think of quitting the job for the next 2-3years. Man the EMIs and the home loan, car insurance. But if I quit I am going to join you for sure.”

“If you need my help as a consultant I can guide you with my experience.”

This is like the cockroach story. A group of ladies at the elite cafe were discussing sophisticated social topics. In between, one of them said, “You know what. The cockroach is the most amazing animal.” Others joined in awe responsiveness. “Is it so? How come” “It is incredible, surviving both natural and man made disasters, still living through millions of years.” She described the impeccable cockroach as a great survivor, enterprising and strong.
“Incredible cockroach.”

There was silence in paying respect. Sudden cloud burst of exclamation resulted as a cockroach finally appeared below one of the dining plates. The waiter was held there for a few seconds, “How filthy and untidy to see such a creature. Why the hell, you guys cant keep these dirt away?”

I call it the Ramu Kaka effect.  Ramu kaka is the ubiquitous house hold member, who has aged his entire life working for the house, as a home helper to care taker. Almost every decision in the household is credited to Ramu kaka. Every member in the family believes this, “He is like our family member.”  “Everything here is his too” .. and so on.  Years passed, Ramu too started believing the same. And then one day later, the eldest girl of the household  elopes with a guy in the neighborhood. Upon interrogation, she confides to her family that Ramu kaka was aware of their relation, he liked the boy and that he vouched his behaviour.

This confession made the landlord angry. “How dare a lower class servant like Ramu decide for my family in such matters. He is just a servant and he should realise it.”

Every now and then, Ramu kaka is born and reborn during our deals in business or companies. We, as employees or workers or professionals attach too much emotionally for too little in return.

When you look at others, opening a new location centre, acquiring new staff clients, doing more business, whereas I fumble fail. Being a failure is feeling really how to fail, learning burning fingers, widening the ears for more advises, learning to keep mouth shut, learning to love your adventures when they are put down as stupido ideas, becoming possessive of your little stupid risks… lot more some times I want to feel that I am above average intelligent… it is a complexity disorder..  nobody else believes in you so you have to keep telling that you are the best ………………….  “When I look back. I examine my value system and ask myself which is the greater sin, failure or living life by default?” ,  “I believe that many people live life by default; like a leaf in a river, they allow the river of life to determine where they will travel. It is like being pampered at the Thai Spa by a masseur. They have to decide on a therapy, take up a cosy bed, chose the rosy lighting and make the ambience. To me, it was different. forget the massage, even selling the massage oil was one adventure in itself… I felt  living life by default is cowardly.

So  I always got bitten by  the adventuromaniac bug, taste failure and again get failed,  I decided that failure is infinitely better than never trying at all.” Truth is, though you might sound brave and others cowardly, there has to be someone whom you want to be team with.
You are a human, you are never alone even when you are alone, thoughts make you …
You become what you think
you need some one to understand you, you need a good team,  I know it aint a one-man show,  I need the team, the team is the Family … We have to win even if it is for one day, victory will be ours …  sweet memories to part with ..
Let me appreciate my beautiful friend(she knows it), as I am nothing without her, as I will be enjoying the curry she made for me. Let me appreciate you, for standing me, standing my stupido ideas, but always believing in me, your friendship and time …

The Ramu kaka in me may not die so soon…. for Hope is the biggest daddy of all.

He is hopeful like the cockroach to survive the KT event, dinosaurs, industrialisation, globalisation, pep talk of the up heeled, EMI & social show offs inner revolts, economic & mental depressions….


Combine Soft Skills with Technical Skills, not just formal degrees ( Skills – II )

A learning mind always wins: One requires an analytical mindset to enter the workforce, makes you a winner

Finding a job you love is no easy task — but it’s definitely not impossible. Let’s find out.

“Follow your heart.” The first time Basant heard this advice was from Viv, midway through a demo session at his work place. The idea was so touching and enchanting, Basant repeated it like a mantra for months but he still couldn’t figure out what his heart wanted.  Viv is a motivational speaker and a repair skill trainer.

He loved electronics and repair but was doubtful someone would pay me to do it. Of course he loved a lot of other things too— movies, politics, media, sports. It was his friend Savad, who was running a mobile service center, had a meeting that was a turning point, they both attended Viv ‘s session accidentally on purpose which made him realise what Viv said.

After seeing Savad’s experience and enthusiasm, only then he realised the meaning of “follow your heart”.

Today Basant has a successful repair center.  It oversimplifies a difficult challenge. “Many recent graduates are very confused about how to find work that inspires and satisfies them,” confirms Viv. His own early-career confusion — he tried a lot of things before landing in the startup world — is part of what inspired his business. He was a failure at school, as he could not complete 10th class due to personal reasons.  But that did not stop him, he went ahead with his dreams.

Skills Hierarchy

According to a report by published in 2014, only 27 per cent of the 7,50,00,000 fresh graduates would be employable by 2020.

While education is important, it does not guarantee us a job in our chosen field. One learns a lot of theories during foundational education, but applying them to practical work requires skills which, for the most part, are not taught as part of the degree programme. Viv says,”I may not be wrong when I say that skill development is an area which is highly neglected by most of the students, and in fact, their schools and colleges.” The emphasis on vocational education seems to be lacking when it is one of the most important areas to focus on and will help prepare the youth for jobs.

Acquire soft skills and create right attitude

In a survey, lot of company CEO’s have mentioned that they consider industry specific skills and right attitude more important criterion for hiring. For every job, the main thing is the learning ability. It’s the ability to process on the go. It’s the ability to pull together disparate bits of information.

Applying your mind and logic to come up with a better solution would require the right skill set.

In order to keep moving forward, one will always need to revisit their skill set and keep on reworking as per the requirements.

Formal education sets your mind on a path for ‘how to learn’, while skill development teaches you ‘how to apply’ what you have learnt. If all you know is theory, you are limiting yourself and your opportunity for career growth. In today’s time, soft skills such as language and communication skills, personality development skills, management skills and behavioural skills are some of the essential skills required while applying for a job. Your bio-data (CV) boasting your degrees might get you an interview, but it is your skills that will help you grab the job.

In any job, you can improve on what Viv calls soft skills — writing, public speaking, negotiating, getting comfortable with technology — which are important but not always emphasized in school. Improve your follow-through skills by writing things down in a meeting, not walking away until you know the next steps, and setting deadlines.

Be that person who makes things happen, being a reliable & trustworthy person will help you stand out in a very competitive environment”, Viv says.

Anyone can be a winner, make yourself aware of your dreams!

Hone your Vocational Skills

Don’t just focus on vocations — nurse, teacher, engineer — but also working conditions. Does the prospect of collaborating in teams, working in a small lab, dealing with the public, or enjoying at a company excursion party make you feel excited or depressed? How important is it that you have a short journeys, opportunities to travel, diverse co-workers, prestige, or a cause you care about? “You can be doing something that you like and believe in, but if you have a schedule or a boss that isn’t working for you, then you will be stressed,” Viv says.


Be practical, if a pay or salary is what drives you, there’s no shame in that. Do the things that could earn you money.

Arun’s research found that the money-motivated tend to be happier in their work than those who are mission-driven: They have clear benchmarks for success. That’s not to say you shouldn’t change the world, but being practical about your needs is OK. Arun initially dreamed of being a software developer but, partly on his brother’s advice, decided mobile/ laptop repair was more financially secure and easy to setup . Success at his repair center, Cochin led to opportunities in business & networking, and he is now a successful business owner in his home town. “It’s been an incredible career — I got to sit in my own chamber and lead my own business — but I can’t say that it was, strictly speaking, my first choice,” he says.

Over the years, Arun adds, what you prioritize in a job will ebb and flow. There’s a time to make huge money, a time to win a National Prize, a time when you just want to be home to be with your family & kids to watch “Sultan” and “Kabali”.

NO JOB IS EVER A DEAD END: Slow and steady wins the race

As CEO of the service center chain for smartphones, Arun often mentors young candidates who are questioning if they want to do on their  ”own”.  He advices, “You don’t have to know what you are going to do for the rest of your life. I’m forty five and I’m still not sure,”. He grew up in northeast, his family struggled for his education.

Arun set out to study electronics engineering but struggled. He was working restaurant jobs to cover tuition, away from home for the first time, and earning the worst grades of his life. “I ended up dropping out of college” he says. “I was demoralized and completely depressed. The town I grew up in had just opened a mobile-laptop service center, and my friend helped me get a job there. I thought, “This is it, I’ll work here for the rest of my life.” But slowly, as he leaned into the work, his confidence returned.

Arun and Basant, thank mentors like Viv for the steps they are taking.

Do a daily review, because every day is a new beginning

At the end of each day, review what you did. “Ask yourself, What gave me energy?” suggests Viv.

“Think about those things that bring you joy and energy, and try to do more of those things, with whatever autonomy you have.”   Our students are our testimonials.

The team at the center trained and encourage students to get back in life “What felt like a failure turned out to be one of the best things I could have ever done because I got hands-on experience,” a student says.

 “Look toward the future, give your best effort for job you can do in the position you have right now.”

Govt. Support and Initiatives for skills and e-Waste Management

Today, Viv wants more opportunities for the youth. His startup came up with an eye to help service center with spare parts management.

“Even the Govt. Is supporting us in our effort, lets work hard to earn a better future”, asks Viv.

What are you waiting for? Follow your heart. What are your ideal working conditions? Let start exploring experiences to help you find out — head to be the owner of your destiny. How to Figure Out Exactly What Your Dream Job Should Be.

The tainted Soul – Skill Revolution II

Skills in need are skills indeed ( Skills – I Mobile Repair)


Economics and Ethics

Economics is ethical. We all are a part of this so called economical system. A system that works out to understand, manage and fulfil the heterogeneous values, interests, and capacities of large numbers of individuals(population) operating within the constraints of limited resources in a particular community.

No one escapes economics. Morality is considered an enemy, when it comes to spending money. They say, my rich friend spends too much on drinks and parties, he doesnt care about the poor.  We can debate on the morality of the money spent by individuals, but then we need another occasion for the same.

Efforts vs Excuses

If you are ever a little interested in something, someone or sometime(s), your little sincere efforts show and not your huge excuses. What did my personality show to my committed people and team, do I make a good effort for myself first and then eventually add effort for a team.

The team could be your family, wife, husband, peers, friends or even strangers.

Who teaches us to generate excuses? Next time when you make an excuse or hear an excuse, ponder over the sincerity of the person.

Having a skill set is very necessary in current scenario. One’s mediocre, but stable income, must be enough for a person to meaningfully engage in civil society.


Own blood will take care of me

There is no more the concept of my own blood people, there is no stranger when its economics. All are good in this economy, they will take care of me but obviously I must have something for them. People take care of each other when they mutually help each other economically.

Personal Vs Professional

The outer self is the reflection of my inner self. I hide it as per my convenience, display as per what I gain.  But then what is professionality, why do successful businesses keep personal life and professional life separately managed, not mixing the two.

Introduction to the world of financial growth and independence

In our society, many students are unable to complete their formal school education because of personal, family or financial reasons and become dropouts. These dropout students tend to work in shops and or small companies because they do not have any educational background, support, or skill. This is an alarming situation today. Lack of spoken English skills, self confidence, educational qualification and financial stability become a block in the path of prosperity for a section of our new generation of youth.

“A continuous source of income is important than ever before. This gives confidence and ability to have a meaningful life”

Skills and economics

Gone are the days, when managers are the glory king of a system. Today’s manager must exert his/ her skills rather than just sit as a supervisor and talk (dictate). We need more people who are ready to do physical work. Skill development provides not only an opportunity to those who deserve but also secure permanent earnings.

Why Skill development courses

Today our world is having a big shortage of skilled manpower. Millions of students pass out with multiple degrees but only a few grab jobs in companies.  Most of the applications are rejected because of no vacancies, too much education or not qualified certificates. The solution is empowering these students with necessary industry specific skills.

Repair mobile Training example, to learn repairing mobiles is not a big deal.  What is required is a right attitude, professional & quality training but the benefits of joining a mobile industry are never-ending! To know how let us follow the below reasons:

  1. Mobile revolution is the greatest telecommunication market on earth.
  2. Mobile repair industry is large, growing, and improving each year
  3. New mobile/handset manufacturing units are being planned globally.

There are several other technical skill based courses like laptop repairing, photography, yoga & fitness etc,

Reasons for an opportunity                  

Apart from training and affordable fee structure, these courses have a long-life value!
The career in a mobile repairing industry does not start with a mobile repair trainee but an engineer. Many students opt for running their own business by investing a small amount of money. This is surely a good option since there are always high possibilities of high earnings in this field.

Students can either work for a paid salary or start a business of their own. 

Not just workers any more, become professionals

The career path in mobile repairing is so strong that even a matriculate pass student can aim for 20 K rupees per month.  The dropouts no more remain a dropout on the contrary become a mobile professional.

Courses and options in Mobile & Laptop Repair

We can have various 1 week to 1/2 month long courses for mobile and laptop repair. Now students are showing interest in tablet repairing as they are latest gadget in the market.

Today mobile repair course is the major attraction for students. In such a course, first half is dedicated to basics of electronics & mobile phone technology. In the second half, fault-finding, brand specific problem diagnosis and issue resolution are taught.

Most courses are recognized by Govt.

  • A short-duration technical course
  • Professional & Industry Exposure
  • No Particular Eligibility Required
  • Medium of instruction can be in regional languages
  • Low Fees
  • Available Study Materials (Videos, Handbooks, CDs, Books)
  • Free Repairing Tool Kits
  • Online Back-up Support
  • Support for Placement

Lessons also stress on customer management skills, service center maintenance and technology upgradation. Motivation classes are also given as a step to boost the balance between work and personal life.

Pre-placement session is inclusive of mock interview preparation, boosting communication and presentation skills.

The tainted soul : Skill Revolution