Every man is an island, until he explores, experiences and expresses

Everybody has a story. So unique and special that it seems like some of the best experiences in this world just happen to us, that is the power of own story, where you are the hero. You need to tell it, inspire others and most probably, rescue few fellow beings from destruction as you tell it.

More than others we should love our own stories,  we shall have the courage to do things, take the first steps and the generosity to share. One never gets the second chance to make the first impression.

I would have to agree that we never know who needs to hear our stories. If you are not getting yourself out there, outliving rejection, you are doing, creating actions not just dreaming.  It is Karma.

Lot of people want to do a lot of things. I get a lot of advises too. “You should do a start up this way. This is how he did it, I know that guy. He is doing great. Previously he was my colleague, I knew he had stuff. But now things are tough. You have to struggle harder.”

Being true is inspiration to others, at its core, is a generous, but highly vulnerable act. Because you expose the truth.


I think we often underestimate the power of sharing our story since it seems fairly typical to us. Not to mention it can be a bit scary too. But how can people connect with you if they don’t know who you are? You are driven by fear of what people would think about you. I feared rejection, so does everyone else.

“What if the idea of starting this company turns out to be incredibly stupid?”

You wake up in middle of the night, amidst fear and panic, looking around for sharing those thoughts, but a frightened mind pulls up a  restrained reaction.

“I have been feeling very frustrated because I believe I have a story in me that needs to be told…or perhaps many. friends have encouraged me but there are others who I feel would consider it foolish.”   Pain of an expectant bearer of thoughts, so much to share but not a single perfect word. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

“Putting our own words out there, letting them fly on their own, can be freeing and terrifying, fulfilling and a struggle. But when we do, it opens us up for so many blessings! Unknowingly you create a hero out of zero, exploding with encouragement! There is a freedom that comes with sharing our story.

“You don’t write because you’re eager to inspire, you write because you have got something to say and share.”

I met an old friend of mine yesterday, after long time. It was a coffee at cafe, and the talk was startup dream.  I often avoid meetings, as every time I met with those friends, I didn’t have many updates to give them in response to their repeated questions, such as, “So, how is your startup going? You are going to be a tycoon, right?” “We are so proud of you and we are so sure you will soon receive a VC”
One friend told me, “You are a lucky man, you are living the life that I wanted.” “I cant think of quitting the job for the next 2-3years. Man the EMIs and the home loan, car insurance. But if I quit I am going to join you for sure.”

“If you need my help as a consultant I can guide you with my experience.”

This is like the cockroach story. A group of ladies at the elite cafe were discussing sophisticated social topics. In between, one of them said, “You know what. The cockroach is the most amazing animal.” Others joined in awe responsiveness. “Is it so? How come” “It is incredible, surviving both natural and man made disasters, still living through millions of years.” She described the impeccable cockroach as a great survivor, enterprising and strong.
“Incredible cockroach.”

There was silence in paying respect. Sudden cloud burst of exclamation resulted as a cockroach finally appeared below one of the dining plates. The waiter was held there for a few seconds, “How filthy and untidy to see such a creature. Why the hell, you guys cant keep these dirt away?”

I call it the Ramu Kaka effect.  Ramu kaka is the ubiquitous house hold member, who has aged his entire life working for the house, as a home helper to care taker. Almost every decision in the household is credited to Ramu kaka. Every member in the family believes this, “He is like our family member.”  “Everything here is his too” .. and so on.  Years passed, Ramu too started believing the same. And then one day later, the eldest girl of the household  elopes with a guy in the neighborhood. Upon interrogation, she confides to her family that Ramu kaka was aware of their relation, he liked the boy and that he vouched his behaviour.

This confession made the landlord angry. “How dare a lower class servant like Ramu decide for my family in such matters. He is just a servant and he should realise it.”

Every now and then, Ramu kaka is born and reborn during our deals in business or companies. We, as employees or workers or professionals attach too much emotionally for too little in return.

When you look at others, opening a new location centre, acquiring new staff clients, doing more business, whereas I fumble fail. Being a failure is feeling really how to fail, learning burning fingers, widening the ears for more advises, learning to keep mouth shut, learning to love your adventures when they are put down as stupido ideas, becoming possessive of your little stupid risks… lot more some times I want to feel that I am above average intelligent… it is a complexity disorder..  nobody else believes in you so you have to keep telling that you are the best ………………….  “When I look back. I examine my value system and ask myself which is the greater sin, failure or living life by default?” ,  “I believe that many people live life by default; like a leaf in a river, they allow the river of life to determine where they will travel. It is like being pampered at the Thai Spa by a masseur. They have to decide on a therapy, take up a cosy bed, chose the rosy lighting and make the ambience. To me, it was different. forget the massage, even selling the massage oil was one adventure in itself… I felt  living life by default is cowardly.

So  I always got bitten by  the adventuromaniac bug, taste failure and again get failed,  I decided that failure is infinitely better than never trying at all.” Truth is, though you might sound brave and others cowardly, there has to be someone whom you want to be team with.
You are a human, you are never alone even when you are alone, thoughts make you …
You become what you think
you need some one to understand you, you need a good team,  I know it aint a one-man show,  I need the team, the team is the Family … We have to win even if it is for one day, victory will be ours …  sweet memories to part with ..
Let me appreciate my beautiful friend(she knows it), as I am nothing without her, as I will be enjoying the curry she made for me. Let me appreciate you, for standing me, standing my stupido ideas, but always believing in me, your friendship and time …

The Ramu kaka in me may not die so soon…. for Hope is the biggest daddy of all.

He is hopeful like the cockroach to survive the KT event, dinosaurs, industrialisation, globalisation, pep talk of the up heeled, EMI & social show offs inner revolts, economic & mental depressions….


Explore. Experience. Express

“What if the idea of starting this company turns out to be incredibly stupid?”

You wake up in middle of the night, amidst fear and panic, looking around for sharing those thoughts, but a frightened mind pulls up a  restrained reaction..

When you look at others, opening a new location centre, acquiring new staff clients, doing more business, whereas I fumble  fail. Being a failure is feeling really how to fail, learning burning fingers, widening the ears for more advices, learning to keep mouth shut, learning to love your adventures when they are put down as stupido ideas, becoming possessive of your little stupid risks… lot more
some times I want to feel that I am above average intelligent… it is a complexity disorder..  nobody else believes in you so you have to keep telling that you are the best ………………….
 “When I look back. I examine my value system and ask myself which is the greater sin, failure or living life by default?” ,
 “I believe that many people live life by default; like a leaf in a river, they allow the river of life to determine where they will travel. It is like being pampered at the Thai Spa by a masseur. They have to decide on a therapy, take up a cosy bed, chose the rosy lighting and make the ambience. To me, it was different. forget the massage, even selling the massage oil was one adventure in itself… I felt  living life by default is cowardly. So  I always get bitten by adventuromaniac bug, get failed,  I decided that failure is infinitely better than never trying at all.”
Truth is, though you might sound brave and others cowardly, there has to be someone whom you want to be team with.
you are a human, you are never alone even you are alone, thoughts make you …
you need some one to understand you, you need a good team,  I know it aint a one-man show,  I need the team, the team is the Family …
We have to win even if it is for one day, victory will be ours …  sweet memories to part with ..
Let me appreciate my beautiful friend(she knows it), as I am nothing without her, as I will be enjoying the curry she made for me.
Let me appreciate you, for standing me, standing my stupido ideas, but always believing in me, your friendship and time …
Much obliged Gentlemen ….

The Sparrow that cracked a peanut

Begging (Photo credit: NB77)

Spirituality is like a bird: If you hold it too closely, it chokes, and if you hold it too loosely, it escapes.
– Israel Salanter Lipkin

       Sudama was packing up necessary stuffs into a bundle.  It was his last day in the City.  They had to shut down the Office space last month, nearly after 2 years after they started their first office.   Then at the Inaugration ceremony, he was sorrounded by a huge crowd of his friends and close aides.e
  Today, he was accompanied by his wife. During the shifting of their office room, he found a bundle of notes and letters.  “People who move ahead in life leave their past behind, they forget people , places and things as past matters.” his wife shouted angrily at him. “Look at your friends, they all moved ahead. They thought about selfish things. “

“Spirituality is not in losing out in profits or not making money. “
She was holding the old pile of torn papers and few old books and some useless stationery.  Silver Fishes ran the pages.
“Live with the future, then only you can progress.”

“Look around, Is this a company or a rag house.  Dirt everywhere, dust and smell”
The unwanted waste materials had to be disposed off.   Property Owner of that building Mr. Anto Mangoo already made some arrangements for the waste to be burnt. 
Anto Mangoo is a typical cunning land lord, who tries to make a few extra bucks by exploiting the sympathy of a helpless tenant.  He adjusted the furniture, Tables and chairs, Useful stationery to his credit. Sudama was left with nothing.

For Sudama, the waste matter was his memories.  His memories  were going to be burnt alive.  Yeah , waste being burnt alive. 

“I still  believe that you are living in a dream land.  Come to reality. The reality is different.  You dont have something that you need to pay your bills. “

“I am trying to make some money from the business.  We are working hard. I was talking to a client. That guy has promised some advance money.”
“Dont talk about your friends and clients. Do you have at least good friend who can help you in diffiicult times.”, His brother was asking him about Sudama’s friends.   His friends were his dreams, not human beings. Human beings were situational. If there is a chance to make money and good, Sudama had plenty of friends. But when he needed the most, none of them knew him.  His brother was very true.
But even he wasnt there.  Like others, he didnt try to be a good companion.

‘”You have been telling this for long. Now we cannot trust you. But till now nothing happened. Almost a year now.   ” 

A small old sachet fell down, sputtering the groundnuts in it into an array of rotten smelling islands here and there on to the floor and outside.  A sparrow came down and beaked a broken peanut. It looked at Sudama and flew away with a peanut.  It came again and took away most of the peanuts. He thought of the sparrow as his granma.

“Where there is a bill, there is a pay”
hats why even the sparrow came to you, not because of love.  

Stray birds of summer come to my window
to sing and fly away.
And yellow leaves of autumn,
which have no songs,
flutter and fall there with a sigh.”

Rabindranath Tagore

 You lost your deals because of your attitude.  You cant be doing work for all with out asking them for money. When you ask them money, nobody pays you because they say your brand is less known. You have no clients.

How can they say that your brand is lesser known so you will be paid less for your work?
You worked equally hard on the task.  Bigger companies charge heavily for this kind of an assignament. 

 “Brand is less known. He is a stupid who says this? You also work the same.  You dont compromise. They want to exploit and use you”,  Dilip said.

30 days back!

“Is the worst over yet? A Client who never wanted our work? Will I get a client who will need our work and pay us properly?” , Sudama asked loudly in his mind looking at the Sparrow.  It was perching on the grill outside his balcony.

Chirps the sparrow, very often the sparrow popped his head up on the top, wipe his bill on the grill branches and pop down again.  He was waiting for his next round of feeding.

Sudama remembered about the lost deals in the last few months, ” I have been tensed over an issue for more than a week now. Even my wife got pestered with it. She was no where directly involved but she was targeted because she was my wife.”

I found family relations go down in the past few days to the lowest levels. We stopped talking to each other.  There was a silent protest in the atmosphere. Every second passed with feelings of insecurity.

“When your wife is continuously called and pestered by an ill-mannered guy, you cannot get awestruck and wait for others to take actions for you.”, she shouted at Sudama.

“You are polite and good, it doesnt mean people can bully you & say any bad stuff about you and family.”
“Why do you get afraid of all such situations?”
“This may be the first time. But who knows you might meet people like this again.”

Krishna serves Sudama
Krishna serves Sudama (Photo credit: Swami Gaurangapada)

 I really admire my previous MD for his statement. He used to tell us with confidence,”If you are true to yourselves, you can avoid 3 F’s. Fear, Fight and Flight
I knew that we are true to ourselves. We did our work. The why did you get afraid?

“Every time my brother wont come and help you out”
“You should learn how to react back at bad guys, if they are bad you should be bad to them.”
“Silence and good behaviour,

She was right, no one comes out to help you in such situations. If we are not strong then others can bully you.
Thats what exactly happened.

Is the guy, who is hardly mannered, who talks and threatens you for some money, qualified enough to be called a client.

Well this then led to a discussion in my mind, what are the precautions and checkpoints before you take up an assignment from an individual. How will you make sure that individual qualifies as a client.

“Is there any documentation for the same. Without proper documentation never start a work. “
“Add disclaimers in your documents boss, stating that any advance amount payment towards an assignment is non refundable.”  advised Dilshan.

“Never work without advance of 50% money.  Even if I am your friend, you should ask me the advance money before you start a work.”  Gadhama was advising Sudama.

LIFE IS AN IRONY. When we talk about others, we are the best in giving suggestions.  Mr Taran Adarsh,an MD of Sudama’s ex company, was talking about distributing the temple property in the village, Kharifpur,  to the poor men.  He did not talk about his own property.  Sudama was the member of village  youth welfare association.

Praveen made a statement, ” Mr. Adarsh’s property is his own, everyone else’s properties are Gods, so they can be distributed freely. I am sure he wouldn’t mind a share too from the temple fund.”

Open mindedness is plenty when it comes to some one’s property or life. 

Applies to all, in our life. When Gulshan was expecting a work from Sudama, he forgot everything, no ethics, no advance amount. Only work was important. Similarly, Gadhama was vociferous except his deals with Sudama. They didnt even pay him anything for any works till now.

“Clients are very important for any business, losing even a single client is a loss for our business. Because it is the difficult thing in business to get a client, losing them means we are cutting off other prospects from coming to us. “
“A good client can bring us more business than our efforts.”
“So I would suggest you to call up the client and start a dialogue. Forget about the mediator. Middlemen always behave this way. They are interested in making profits from both ends. If he finds him in trouble, he will put the entire blame on your head and escape. But you should always clear your positions.”

Money creates characters. A beggar‘s image came to my mind, when i thought about money. There is always a shift in balance. I have seen most beggars beg for only one thing. It is money. Characters change with money.

Is it money that created begging or extortion or reimbursement or exchange?

English: A man begging on the streets of Harid...
English: A man begging on the streets of Haridwar, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does a business include all these processes. Begging doesnt go well with a business. 

Sudama wondered about his client.  A person who requested a quote for a serious  work. He is ready to pay the money, but suddenly he changes his mind. When almost the work is done, he is now turning away.

A Client who never wanted our work?  

Why did the client deposit some money to an unknown bank account number
The marketing agent used to bring deals from the market.  He used to give Sudama’s personal account to the clients. Agent gets his share of commission from the deal.   Once money is deposited then work starts.

Depositing money into an account number is not a weapon to go against that person and ask the money back.

Sudama was worried about a lot of issues. Legal ones, cheating, fraud, loss and due bills. 

How to continue was his major question? What will happen in the end?

In the end nothing remains, what you make is left here, to be used by someone else.

Even the Sparrow flew away with the last cracked peanut.

“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young–a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.” ~ —- psalm 84:3


Sudama and poverty Line : Living on 26 rupees per day!

English: Auto rickshaw in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lan...
Image via Wikipedia

“Poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money.  “—(Definition taken from wikipedia)

Its a monday. Morning time and time for offices. Every working citizen has to reach office on time, 9 30 am is the deadline. From kashmir to kanyakumari, rush hour begins now for a rat race.

We are at Egipura Bus Stand, Bangalore.  It reminds me of my remote village Chalamkode, in Thodupuzha, Kerala.  Where a small crowd always waits for Buses.  Similarly we are waiting at Egipura Bus Stand.  Here buses have no importance but their numbers are important. No number in a bus means it is like a close friend without money or job. He will come and go, we wont mind. 

 Buses do come though at irregular intervals. They come with a sand storm effect, dust rises from the ground as the wheels eat away the dusty roads.  Bus driver and the Ticket collector inhale maximum dust produced by the bus followed by the passengers in the bus.  But our bus number 420 hasnt come till now.

This  is where i saw a set of pure goons,group of well fed mass balls standing and staring at ladies.  I wondered whether they had a deadline.  A junction where the BOLD (rowdies) meets BEAUTIFUL ….  Every junction of india witnesses this daily.

“Housewives don t prefer going to the public places, they stay at home. “, Mayawati is a beauty Parlour owner.  Her husband left her divorced with two girls.

“Husbands and friends, prefer to stand at the Junctions in the morning and evenings specially.”

“Working ladies and ladies better looking than their wife come and go at that time. Poor men, so they stand and want to get some drizzle in their desert life.”,

Moral Victim : One lady from NAGALAND was looking for an auto, 9 00 am 14th FEB 2012, suddenly this group appears and follows teasing her ….

Mayawati sprayed water over the scalp of Sonia. Sonia does facial every month. But this time she suffered from hair loss because of extreme cold and dandruff. So she came for a hair cut.  For every hair cut and facial Mayawati charges 200 rupees.  Gossips of Mayawati’s clients included the bad effects of city’s worse water supply.

“Even the pure drinking water supply of city Municipality is impure not with dirt but with chemicals. The long term effect of this water consumption needs to be proven with some clinical trial or research.”

“I believe most Indians have plenty of time in the day to bother about others. For most daily business means Socialising with social groups and digging on  “how to maximise anti social capacities in us?” .  The gossips at the parlour goes on.

It happens every where in the country and happens only through out 24 hours of the day…..

Because we need to get out to the Junction at least once in a day.  Buses are rare when you want them most.  Getting a good auto wala for a trip is highly luck driven like finding a good match for your daughter in matrimony.
“2nd block, Gandhinagar “, I asked a autowaala. He looked at me with a frown. Luckily he left without saying anything.  I kept on asking the same to every passing auto.
” Better ask them Dubai or Switzerland. shall be ready to take you there.”

We haggled with as many as 11 “autowalas” but nothing worked. And suddenly came the 12th one. It was an Old man. I mean the auto man was an Old man, he agreed for a ride to Chamarajpet.  The famous Bull Temple Road.  Astonishingly, he was my wife’s class teacher’s brother.  Ramesh sir.
He is a well mannered gentleman too good to be an auto driver. But he is one real driver.

“There are a lot of reasons for these issues. Poverty, Illiteracy, Fundamentalism etc that prevail in our society.”, Ramesh sir was sharing his ideas while driving his auto rickshaw.  He is driving for the past 30 years, mostly after his working hours.  A rick driving rich guy, in all senses.

Poverty makes us take more money from passengers. You have to make more money at the end of the day. I need to buy gas for the auto, buy ration for home, then pay my installments.”

“By hook or by crook, you have to get money…”

“Govt fixes a pricing system and salaries without really understanding the basic needs and market prices.”

“This area was known for its Rowdies. Rowdy Rathode, Rowdy Gowda, Rowdy Reddy. Even the banks did not open branches here till recemtly ”
“Banks were afraid of defaulters. People take loans in huge amount. But they never pay interests or anything. Because even the property documents are fake. They call it binami.”

A beggar came to me asking for money. “Even this is a lobby. There are big people behind it. Mafia”

“now you have metro coming. Real Estate Mafia is making most money today.  Per square feet land price in bangalore is increasing everyday.”

“Yep, the first ATM came just 2 days back. That too day time working only.”

“Can you live in this city for just 100 rupees per day? You know what is the income of an average poor Indian ?”

Indian Government says 4,500/- per month. They say 26 rupees is enough for a day to live in INDIA.” 

“Auto minimum charge is 20 per trip and poverty line is 26 rupees”

“Then why  this Kolavery? ” and he laughed.

“If I am honest then i will only earn lesser than this . Because the system is such that. People who loot are in the Indian Government, they make money”

“If you are in any of these 3 Ks ie, Kaavi, Khakhi or Khader, then your life is Safe. Otherwise you have to struggle.”

A typical auto-rickshaw in Hyderabad, Pakistan
Image via Wikipedia

*NOTE : Kaavi means Saffron, Khakhi is the indication of Police, Khader means Khadi clothing (politician’s white indian dress)

“Struggle or die, nobody cares”……… Our auto got stuck in a mini traffic jam at Banaswadi Junction, “You know what our problem is, we are not confident of ourself. And Nobody is perfect in their profession. They simply do it because they have no other choice”, He was pointing at the drivers of the two locked cars in the middle of Junction.  Even the traffic man(police) is sleeping during the turmoil. “Why he should worry or bother? He is given pay by Govt.  What checking. Rest of the work will be done by CCTV fitted at the Traffic Signal. They will record the number plate info.”

“We were three issues to my parents. Me and my brother were twins. Then we had an elder sister”,

“Our childhood was in difficulty. But my mother always did other people’s household for my upbringing.  It was difficult times,  not like today.”
“My brother went to Mumbai some 25 years back and he never returned. He went o my sister first then there he became a teacher.  He is opposite to me, very funny character.” 

……. Ramesh Sir continued the big story of life in the Auto during our drive………… (to be cntd.)

Indian IT : US or Dubai has still the money and projects

Last month Ram went to US. “Everything is mechanical in US, but I miss Egipura man.  ”

“In America, nobody bothers about you, first of all they dont have time. Rushing like anything.”

“Even the Sweeper comes in a car and she cleans the entire building in a clean manner.  In India, they will always come in a group. Leave work unfinished.”                                

“Here you can easily make out who is a sweeper and who is an officer.”, says Suresh. “In US, its difficult. The air and water is clean, so clothes remain more clean. So they can wear clothes without washing”

“The dollars which they give is not enough for half day meals. ”
“Idiots they are paying same what they paid for my manager when he came here 7 years back!!
“Seven years back, Local call per minute was 5 rupees and huge Alu gonda was only  50 paisa(Half a rupee)
 :” hmm”
 “in India Today smaller Alu gonda is rupees 5 and local call rate is  50 paise today.”

  He said,”Even our Tea vendor,  at Oracle sells 8,000 cups of coffee per day. He is doing better than our Manager.  ”

“Are there any poor in america, man. Why poverty only in india?”
“Here there are poor people but our governments definition of poverty doesnt suit here. ”

“Man indian rupee is getting devalued, but dollar has got its value. Here 1 $ (one dollar) means a lot.  But what do you get for 1 Rs(one rupee)?”

“In india Our limit is 26 rupees per day for an INDIAN HUMAN? Our  Minimum Auto Charge is also 20 rupees for a trip.”

And the discussion continues ……..



Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the one who lacks basic human needs, which commonly includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter. About 1.7 billion people are estimated to live in absolute poverty today. ( Statistics & definition – wikipedia)

The poorest people  have less access to health, education and other essential services. Problems of hunger, malnutrition and disease afflict the poorest in society. 

On the contrary, the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to benefit from economic or political policies.

The amount of money the world(rich countries especially ) spends on military, financial bailouts and other areas that benefit the wealthy, compared to the amount spent to address the daily crisis of poverty and related problems are often staggering.

 Problems of hunger, malnutrition and disease afflict the poorest in society.  The poorest will always be arginalized from the society and they will have little representation or voice in public and political debates.  Their say has no value. making it even harder for them to  escape poverty.

Sudama was an ancient concept. But today he cries to see the GOD!


News Item from Daily Newspaper:

This year, World Gold Council (WGC) report warned, there were fewer auspicious dates in the Hindu calendar, which may impact gold demand in India. It also said that the recent increase in import duty could hamper demand although consumers will be comforted by the recent government move that mandates hallmarking of gold jewellery.

China has overtaken India as the world’s largest gold consumer as buyers here shunned the yellow metal in the wake of spiralling prices.

 World Gold Council, (WGC) is the agency involved in Global Gold market development, showed that demand for jewellery, and gold bars and coins fell 42% to 173 tonnes during the fourth quarter of 2011.

At the same time, demand in China grew to 190.6 tonnes during October-December 2011, compared to 190.3 tonnes a year ago, marking the first time when India dropped to the second position in gold consumption rankings.

“Why Gold puts Indians in Second Position?

“While one group of Indians is enjoying with gold other groups are struggling to meet their basic needs including food, education, shelter, securities etc. if we want to see the prosperity of India then not only the groups of Indians but 120 crore Indians must prosper ….”

MBA Colleges shutting down across India

As many as 65 business management colleges across India are planning to close down; these institutes no longer see business sense in offering an MBA course, preferring to use the land for more lucrative ventures.

Faked in China….Why Break Our Heads…

English: topographic map of India
Image via Wikipedia

Products Fakes in China….Breaks Heads in India

The  ‘Red Flag’ged Dragon grins swaying its huge scaled surface. Black Dragons are devilish in India and most Indians are scared. Red ones are reared in China, they teach it to grin. Some Indians like red colored ones because they will hate their own brothers if they are black in color but love a white dragon teething to devour them.

China Dragon : India Drags On …

Chinese make products.  Or Chinese fake products. Those products make Chinese Economy and sccial cultural festivals colorful. Indians fake if they find commercial value lost to their family culture.  Indian culture is a vast story.  If we study it, we come to know why Indians Cheat fellow Indians and easily get enslaved by Foreigners.
India is developing “Fast & Furious“, lets look at one Indian who is not bothered about “Chinese Fake”,  He is bothered about his existence.  He is the Indian Tribal.  Long  since India existed, Tribals existed as the original “Indian Culture” holder. But today Tribals pay the highest price of Indian Development because their regions are resource rich.
They believed that LAND was a common resource for the benfit of all.  They thought God has been very kind with a lot of land, food,sunshine, rain, rivers, lakes. They protected it and its resources for centuries. 
They never believed in legal Occupation of land.
But in the next century, they will be erased along with the Natural resources for ever.  Minerals,the forest, water and other sources that abound in their habitat.

Alright,  lets forget about our tribals. Let few foreigners come to andamans and make them dance naked for a few DOLLARS. Let the foreigners take care of the tribals elsewhere in India too. 

At least 200 million Indians go to bed hungry every night.  I have seen fellow indians sleep along side pavements with a shawl on their flesh like  stray dogs in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin and Delhi. 

For them, selling a Chinese(even faked in India) toy, when the Red Signal Stops at the traffic,  means bread. Red Flag is sometimes food for them. 
I saw a guy at the Indian Railway station platform go down beneath a Train’s compartment to come up with a thrown parcel box of  eaten “Idly Vada“.  He was devouring it.  Then he went near a water tap, managed to grab a plastic tea cup from  a dirty ‘Waste Bin Basket’ and drink water usiing the cup. 
Some people throw away food, some people scavnage it even before a crow comes down.

Why cant we make more Food, cheaper food : China with lesser cultivable land, produces double the food grains, at 415 million tons per year compared with India’s 208 million tons per year.  Way to go, infact too long for Indians.  In agriculture Indian yields per acre, are well below the international norms.

To remove Hunger, we need food. For food, we need agriculture( Old Tribal ancient Culture). Countries like Singapore are trying to become self sufficient in food production by introducing newest methods like soil less multi layer cultivation.
Indian agricultural land is irreversibly used for non productive usage like construction.

Chinese products have paralysed our economy.  Accepted.  But  more harm was done by our people.  China endeavored to lift the masses from misery and poverty.  In Malaysia the Bhumiputra policy of reservations for the Malays went far beyond the Indian approach. They also made massive investments in the education, health, nutrition and hygiene of the Malays thus preparing them for jobs and to be consumers. *(Quoted)

Milk : White Revolution
In 1998, India overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest milk producer. 

Today most of the milk in India is adulterated, contaminated or diluted. Unfortunately most Indian mothers depend upon this supply to feed their Kids. 

20 years back,the Indian economy, which used to be almost 80% of that of Chinese economy. Today we are at 25% of their economy.

Indians celebrated  $1 trillion mark, whereas China is way beyond a $4 trillion plus economy.

Indian Policy Makers (Pro Lazy Maika lals) *  created small minority in every section. Only small numbers get  their share of benefits. Indian Governance actually reflects Indians Mentality.

Ever wondered , Why Indians score high marks on performance outside India!

Here again I would like a story to be quoted…. I will get back …
(* Sorry to find that US Congress decision is making wiki(Wikipedia) request help from readers. Tyranny.

For over a decade, wiki has spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet.)


For those seeking the ultimate from the Internet

What is Web Development

A good website can help you realize your dream of online presence, whether you are an individual business man or a conglomerate.  A customized web design solution blends smart designing concepts with innovative ideas to create aesthetic and viewer friendly designs. Designs that are audience and intended market specific always positively benefit your business.

Why Online? How does it help you in business?

The internet has become a phenomenon in today’s changing world.  Its growth has not left any place or business on the globe untouched. A website ensures your presence in the highly competitive online business industry. Online reach is prominent, widespread and relatively cheap. Welcome to the new and exciting & comprehensive business opportunity. Great thing about the internet is that it has leveled the playing field. Competition has only got fairer enough. Competing with the huge and big is imaginable today.  All you need is making that first impression. If you fail, you are out.

Changing Trends in Costing

The concept of website development has broadened over the years. It continues to grow, now covering a wide range of activities such as design, programming, development, hosting, marketing, branding, so on and so forth. This trend has undoubtedly expanded the scope of web development and this is what has attracted the attention of a number of web development companies globally.  As a result the demand for good web sites has come up quickly.  As this industry is flourishing because of the seemingly never-ending demand, a number of web development companies have come in to being. With the rise in number of solution providers, quality of delivery has downgraded. But  clients across the globe always look forward to get good online solutions at an affordable rate.

Get a Better Online Presence

Having a website with poor functionality is as good as having no online presence at all. In-fact, it’s a negative most of the times. It diminishes an organization´s online identity as it spoils the progress of business opportunities.  As stated before, clients worldwide really look for an impressive online presence with affordability. The amount of money spent by a client shall reflect aptly translated in to a clean and useful site. You should opt for services that are tailored to meet your diverse requirements.

Cost of Web Development Solutions

It is a fact that website development cost is increasing globally. Rising production cost has shot up the rates of web development solutions. Keeping this fact, Companies today offer web development solutions at reasonable rates, to retain their customers.

Is all done by just having a website?

Well, almost 100 % done. But mind you, not fully. It is important to understand one thing at this juncture. If leads and orders meant business to you, you cannot simply put up a website and expect that all you have to do is wait around for a magic. In fact, on the contrary, we recommend that you start using your website to market your brand in parallel to usual marketing methods.

How do we promote a website?

 It is as important to understand the need for a successful website promotion just as an essential part of your traditional marketing strategy. Promote it properly and it will start generating income for you.
 Existing customers you gain through traditional methods can become excellent web customers as well.  Newer customers can be attracted through online promotion.

If you are make sure that web traffic coming to your site, your website becomes your faithful 24 /7 online reception!

Journey to Point : Time is now

Look into the Future
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There is a movement.  It Starts now.  There is nothing like perfection in life.

Accept everything about yourself — I meant everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end — no apologies, no regrets. Thats the reality.

“Here’s a toast to the future, A toast to the past, And a toast to our loved ones, far and near. May the future be pleasant; The past was a bright dream; May our family and friends remain faithful and dear. May we live in a world at peace with the awareness of God’s love in every sunrise and sunset, and every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous beat of our heart.” , messages and greetings flowed.


“HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 to you ….”, said Pradeep at mid night 12 00, 31 st Dec 2011. GTalk voice chat. Last one of 2011. The first one of 2012.
“Here’s a toast to the future, A toast to the past,May the future be pleasant . Let us dream more and  Let us realise our dreams. ”

The count down just finished at the Brigade Road, Bangalore. Manish, Gadhafi and Sunil accompanied me at the  New Year Count Down Party.

“I made no resolutions for the New Year. As usual, no more resolutions. I want to live every moment of my life.”, Sunil answered the Radio Presenter at the Mall.
“why so”, she asked in between heavy noise of celebrations.

“I think in terms of the now and every day’s resolutions, not the year’s. The habit of making plans then remoulding my life amidst adjustments and compromises is too much of a daily event for me. Let life take me.”

The Year 2012 had just begun. People were franctic. The noises will die down. Time will move on.


“Boss, the secret works everytime. The law of attraction is powerful enough to bring what we dream. If I am here in this situation, Its because this is what I wanted. This is what you said few years back. I realise it now. “, Anu told me on the New year eve, a day to year 2012.

“I am confused. I am afraid of the future. I thought about the time needed for the works. Lot of time is needed otherwise I cant finish everything.”, he was unable to meet the deadline in the ‘e-Recruit’ project.

The team decided to finish the ‘e-Recruit’ project by Sept 2011. But even after 6 months, there was no progress in it. The company lost their first three(3)
clients because of a delay in delivery. They lost the first deals and company was in negative balance, as the accounts showed no balance.

There was a fall in commitment. Delivery is the Key word to survival in business. There was no revenue in the last 3 months.


“I knew that there is no meaning in blame games. If I can deliver, then I survive. Otherwise the competition kicks me out.”, said Dileep,CEO of the company.
“Accept the reality.”

“When things are bad, everything leaves you. You know what loneliness is. You get more time for yourselves.”
we take comfort in the thought that they could always be worse. And when they are, we find hope in the thought that things are so bad they have to get better

“When you pass through your worst time in life, you realise your true resources. You come to know who are with you. You know your strengths and limitations.”, Manish pointed out.


“In personal life or business, this is the reality. Difficult times are the best judges.”, he explained to me how people, friends, relatives and clients behave in different situations.

“They all are relatives. You are the real person. They(others) might lose trust in you. But you should never lose the trsut.”

Believe it can be done. When you believe something can be done, really believe, your mind will find the ways to do it. Believing a solution paves the way to solution.

Some times we see things and not believe it. Some other times we believe in something but never see it. Trust is really a weird thing.

“Find time for yourselves. Thats the key for improvement. Never lose the trust in you”


Time invested in improving ourselves cuts down on time wasted in disapproving of others…If we miraculously became the people we hate, how lovable we would find ourselves.

“Hope is the Big Daddy of all”, says Jayakumar. “Never say no to ‘hope’.Its a wonderful phrase.”

“Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”
“So know your Talents, Expose them to competition. Trust me.”, R K continued.”There is no stopping you. You are the best”

There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters,
Who never did,
Who won’t anymore…
And who always will.
So, don’t worry about people from your past,
There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.


“Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on that extra effort, that additional few minutes, that soft word of praise or thanks, that delivery of the very best that you can do. It does not matter what others think, it is of prime importance, however, what you think about you. You can never do your best, which should always be your trademark, if you are cutting corners and shirking responsibilities. You are special.Act it out. Never neglect the little things.”


“Family isnt always blood.”, says Anoop.
 “Its the people in your life who want you in theirs: the ones who accept you for who you are.”, he completed.
 Vivek added this,” The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what you do or what you are.”


Rejeesh puts it this way,” I want to earn more money. First let me make a lot of money, then i can forget money and live my life as i want. Now i cannot think because i dont have this important thing”

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation…“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.”
Every growth in the beginning  is painful.  But growth and change are inevitable.  A group of humans work together relentlessly to create and deliver somethings that are beautiful and useful for others.   Revolution is in ourselves as long as we respect our freedom.