Testimonials of an alchemist, about a friend


They say relations are important part of human beings and the human society.  Times  have changed but not the human mind.  Fables and stories that once intrigued our ancestors still leave us wondering.  Once a small girl said,”My doll is broken” and the boy answered,”My doll is crying”.

An ancient tale, taken from Aesop’s fables read this way…..

An ant once went to the bank of a river to quench its thirst, and
being carried away by the rush of the stream, was on the point of  drowning.  A Dove sitting on a tree overhanging the water plucked
a leaf and let it fall into the stream close to her.  The Ant
climbed onto it and floated in safety to the bank.  Shortly
afterwards a birdcatcher came and stood under the tree, and laid
his lime-twigs for the Dove, which sat in the branches.  The Ant,
perceiving his design, stung him in the foot.  In pain the
birdcatcher threw down the twigs, and the noise made the Dove
take wing.

One good turn deserves another.

Damages result and happen with time.  Time often moves damges to a regeneration state. Like the frog in the well, who keeps his HOPEs alive, who keeps his stare at the blank blue sky.  On a cloudless night, there will be a handfull of dimly lit stars. He sits on the top most part of the rock in the deep well, where water has stopped to ooze.

His hopes are like the saddened heart of a kid who once dreamt off  a butterfly, which came closer and broke his dream and left him wonder.

The skin scales to protect itself from further damage caused by scratches and bruises.  Like wise the mind too.

He can feel the waters rise up like spirits from the mortal bodies.  Water evaporated from the well with summer heat.

We have developed sophistication and technology, we raised a higher level in laziness and so called productivity.

What are important in a professional life.  Most of our active time in the day  is spent at the job area (professional area of our livelyhood).

Frothy the frog. Frothy crossed the river and moved towards the patchy hill. It was green and  damp.  Ofcourse it was one of the sources of water for the river.


What is the Price of Experience?

An excerpt from “The Four Zoas”

by William Blake

“What is the price of Experience? do men buy it for a song?

Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No, it is bought with the price

Of all that a man hath, his house, his wife, his children.

Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy,

And in the wither’d field where the farmer plows for bread in vain.

It is an easy thing to triumph in the summer’s sun

And in the vintage and to sing on the waggon loaded with corn.

It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted,

To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer,

To listen to the hungry raven’s cry in wintry season

When the red blood is fill’d with wine and with the marrow of lambs.

It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements,

To hear the dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan;

To see a god on every wind and a blessing on every blast;

To hear sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies’ house;

To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, and the sickness that cuts off his children,

While our olive and vine sing and laugh round our door, and our children bring fruits and flowers.

Then the groan and the dolor are quite forgotten, and the slave grinding at the mill,

And the captive in chains, and the poor in the prison, and the soldier in the field

When the shatter’d bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead.

It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity:

Thus could I sing and thus rejoice: but it is not so with me.”


Two of the closest friends meet after a long time.  Lot of things changed in their lives, they were meeting to share these changes because they knew one thing for sure. Their friendship never changed.


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