Knowminal effort …

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We all have our own life to pursue,our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing. - Louisa May Alcott

The path to future is always an uncertain one, we never know unless when we are through it.   Going through the uncertain will become an enriching experience once we realise  our purpose of existence.   But how?

How to motivate yourselves?   There are two important things “self belief” and “confidence”.   Whenever I think about the day when i resign and go off to a hibernation before entrepreneurship, i get scared.

“we can even learn the basics of business from a peanut seller.  Only thing is to have the mind open to new things. ” says manish.   Meeting manish was one story of coincidence.   A young mind full of business ideas.   How did he come in touch us?  Why did he come to our cross roads?  May be life wanted me to meet him.    I know sunil used to tell me about some beautiful natural phenomenon coined as “Law of attraction”.    What we are is what we think, is what he says.  Because i wanted to think about enterprise life brings them closer to me.   Only thing is that I need to be in a position to receive them.   Mother nature brings it all to us.  She is the big mother of all.

She plans my meeting with Manish.  Manish is constantly trying to look out for methods to improve his turnover.   For the last 4 years they are spearheading with a single minded approach.  It was a coincidence that i met him at a company meeting.   It was a beginning.

First Impression 

“Why do you behave like a jerk?”, he scolded  me.
“Stop being a Jerk” ,
“You are the owner of a brand.  You are doing business.  This is no fun. If you are not serious then please dont think Its easier.   I think business has no emotions,  If you say a thing then you have already told it.  There is no turning around and correcting it always”

“Only if you start feeling that you have value, otherwise you will never improve”
“There is only one thing thats important in business, thats price”
“If you quote the most correct price for your products or services,  then you have done the job right”

I felt so bad at that moment because this is the first time that someone is making fun of me and i am listening to him.
“If somebody feels bad after hearing something once, he will become used to it If i repeat it.  Then after sometime he wont react or feel bad for the same. ”
“Thats  why I say things at your face”


We were talking about the Oil and Soaps market in India.  Our aim is to do a market research in Ayurvedic Oil usability and awareness in the Indian Market. It is necessary before we actually start the marketing of Agasthya Oil.  Lot of technical issues need to be addressed so that the step we take is a solid one into the future.

I prepared a dinner for manish on the 18th july 2011, commemorating 60 days of my marriage.  The dinner was simple with rice , potato curry and pulses.  There was a mango which was the perfect dessert.   Groundnut spicy curry , something that i learnt from Shrikanth ji was a pick for the tongue.    A light music session in the laptop played as background score for our talks.  It was raining heavily that week.   So  i wondered whether manish would make it up or not.   But he did come.

They bought a new i10 car same day, it was a coincidence.  Praveen who is bedridden for jaundice healing, told me that we would go for the Mercedez Benz or Audi.   Great dream.

I wanted to see the same dream come true in every aspect of our life.


It’s so sad because I see so many inconsiderate people around me every day — people who only care about what they want and don’t think of others, don’t see things from the perspective of other people. People who cut you off in traffic, who cut in front of you in line, who say rude things, who take your parking spot, who hurt your feelings. I try to brush these things off, but it’s unfortunate that so many people are so inconsiderate.

An image of the first dinner with friends at the “Chinese Restaurant” at cochin.  This is History now, as the hotel is closed.


Corporate Responsibilities 

There is one message which one i found impressive and thought provoking.  It is from “Melam” brand.

“Almost all are doing business with others money i.e. money from the public.”

Such corporate bring respect to the society.   Needy  students, socially week  and so on. As in any other needy Indian family,  our family needed  my brother to get assistance for his studies.  is one such person.

The first time when my Brother got Scholarship from Ramakrishna Mission,  my respect for the charitable acts done by the IT Giant Infosys increased multifold.  There statement that, One day you can sponsor a child and provide him necessities for his education made us feel proud.   He got the one instituted by Sudha Murthy, Infosys foundation in association with Ramakrishna Mission.   I know that millions of students make up for their studies through organisations that do such benevolent acts.  Providing charity in  Education for a deserving student is a great way of paying back to the society.  There is no better alms than educating somebody.  By this you are empowering a new generation.

When Anand completed his education, his first aim was to repay the loans that he had to cover up his education.  That led to a determination in his attitude. ” I wont give up”, Attitude. “I will do it  says my inner-self, even  if  you put me down.” , said anand to me.

” I will try and try,  I will only be happy to rise higher than where I was.”, these are the sprouts of  entrepreneurship, seeds of self growth that developed in him.

” Sometimes life brings in , what we think constantly.”, says Mr Qaise.

Once a friend of mine told me that there is no key to success other than hard work.  I supported him by saying that I read an article about Amitabh Bachchan in the Reader’s Digest (Very long ago) where he mentions three key things to success

1. Hard work

2. Hard work

3. Hard work


Learning from traditions

An Image that impressed itself into my soul of thoughts.

I asked my granny about hard work and she will tell me her stories about struggle.  She showed me a gift from her teacher, kept wrapped in her old corroded iron plated wooden trunk.  It was an amulet.  “When your mother used to get ready for the college,   there would be nothing for breakfast”, she would tell me holding a plate full of boiled rice.  She made balls of rice and used to feed me.  ” Mostly  I disappear to the fields or visit the temple, to return when she might have left.”

I lived with my granny for most of my childhood and also summer vacations in high school. This expanded my playfield and imaginery games. Hope I ever have this childhood again,  of being a normal Indian teenager whose only concerns in life were playing and looking for time with grandparents, throwing stones at their mango gardens, diving in to the pond full of fish,and getting scoldings for being pranky.  Crying after left granny and feeling homesick when at hostel.

“Not always” Dont be afraid of the struggle, I believe the real fun in Life is in the Struggle.

There is a line about struggle and misery , ” You will forget your misery; you will remember it as waters that have passed away.” words taken from Bible.

How true.   My mother’s younger brother and my uncle, Mr Suresh, is more than a friend to me.   He has figured in my life as a “larger than life” avatar.  As once i mentioned, some names and places have personalities. Similarly, the name Suresh has a great affinity in my life.

One walk with him on one evening changed my life.  It gave me a direction.  I learnt one little lesson from him, he used to say, “If I cannot change myself come what so ever, and still I love myself. Then why do i think of changing others. How can i hate others?”

I realise it when tears rolled from my eyes,    as i could say to myself  “Go ahead! Just Do It, There is nobody who can support you or hold you back.” Whats important is the effort.   I was first supported by my closest and dear ones for the enterprise effort.  Then i was a rosy dreamer, whose dreams were inflamed by one and all.  But i got closer to details, things looked different and starker than they once were when i part of a dreamland crowd.

Thats what actually happens, conceptually its the growth that finds friction in its path. Stagnancy never gets that rubbing feeling of friction. The concept of business failure loomed every moment from the day of inception.  Each little negative step aggravated a fear in my mind.  What would you do  if you want to improve your results in any area of your business?  Is there any relation between business areas and the profit we expect.

The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

When alone,  i really became alone.  Crowds of supporters disappeared.  Wind drew away them.  Or might be the earth gulped them hungrily, but none of them stood in my shadow’s proximity.


Humans are capable of tremendous feats when under stress and humiliating situations.  A typical situation where Gopal finds himself in. “You need a room, right” “I take care of it, be calm and there is plenty of time left.” “You need it only by May.

Then you be here by April end and just call me” “ok” “I will come and fix your problem” Here comes month of May, and even the rains are fore cast in july.

But my friend is not to be seen. Hahaha …. I remember him saying that i will do this and i will do that, just get me the opportunity. “Fu.k the attitude boy…. every other creature is mean….,”

“Hello is it K Sree” “Hey you are free today for coming with me….. ” ” I wanna see a home, today the broker is available to take me there…” “..yeah i would have come there.. . but you know i already promised one friend that i will take him to the boat ride… we even booked the boats and there is no refund available ……..” “so not today” “thats okie ….”


My first client meeting was on the 5th April 2011, at 6 00 pm.

That was the day when i got the first check in favor of the company.  Me and provi were delighted. ……….

On 6th may 2011 we got the opportunity to meet another client, a longest meeting session that i have ever attended.  The business talks turned out to be a friendly and philosophical in the end,  by quoting about dreams.

the red rose is shielded by thick thorns, the same thorns can cross a human being…. but the wounds made him immortal …..
On this earth, 5% of the people have  more than 90% of the resources, so they have more influence on the media which then influences which people are elected into positions of power, and then these elected pass laws which shift more power towards the  less than 5%.

So the simple root of the problem is that money gets concentrated on a few people, and any selfrespecting (intelligent) democracy would have to make sure that money can’t accmulate too much like that.


5 thoughts on “Knowminal effort …

  1. Fasting with a insight to life
    Today I am not going to take a break anyway, because today is ekadashi – according to the Hindu Mythology if you fast for 24 hours in the name of Lord Vishnu, you will please the lord and you will have a peaceful and blessed life!

    I was never the person who I am now. I did visit the temple since childhood because my mother used to get a company. This entire spiritual world…. I was always pondering at! The ups and downs in life and the encounter of a near death experience was something that brought me close to this spiritual world ( or I am yet far off but just close to a being a firm believer in heaven).

    Approximately four months past, that I started this ekadashi fasting and I do see some changes in life  . Not that life has treated me well and gave me everything that I wished for but I realized the fact that I am already happy in my world and I do not have to wish for a lot of things to have a happy life. My knowledge on these things was always lying deep within me. It never came out. It was buried under the ignorance of this expectations that came from everywhere………as a child from parents, as a students from teachers, as a sister from brother (but my brother is kind of cool, nothing in this life can bother him much I guess….but he has not yet revealed that to me. I mean I really need to know if at any point he felt worried because of his own acts). I thank a very respectable friend of mine, Gurav, for all the reminders he sent me about the ekadashi fasting date & time. He also narrated to me the story behind ekadashi. He happens to be a follower of ISKON and Lord Krishna. A wonderful human being he is as the smile on his face and the love in his talks. You rarely meet such persons in life. Ironically, I met Gurav in a discotheque in Mumbai where we met only for once and at that point I felt he was a complete freak and I too was.

    In February’11, I got another opportunity through a friend to attend Sadguru’s Inner Engineering programme, which was organized for a week in Bangalore. They taught us Shambhavi Mahamudra, a rare technique in Yoga that if you practice daily will relax your mind a bit from the daily chores and the stressed situation that we are living in today. Apart from the Shambhavi, they showed us clippings from Sadgurus’ videos on prabhashanam given by him on life, its value, treatment & happiness. These prabhashanams were very enlightening. Most people who came for the sessions only came there so that they can get some relief from their ailments or from stressed life. I am sure it must have benefitted them all.

    There are three important things that I learned here…..

    • You must control your anger and let go……Forgive & Forget. My temper gos very high at times but I have learned the benefit of staying calm & being aware. Awareness that this moment is going to pass and for every situation there is a resolution in time. So this moment I shall only find peace within myself and surrounding.
    • You need to be responsible…….You do not react to a situation but you always respond to the situation accepting the way it is. Acceptance is a very big factor that will decide your happiness. If you only sit there Expecting things, it is possible that you may sit there and Expect for your whole life. This will only lead to agony and pain. It will works wonders for you, if you accept your situation , be responsible and move forward…… and who knows without your expecting, you might get to what you wanted once day…….God might call you and say…’Oh it was just a coincidence’
    • The third and the important one is ‘Life will treat you the way you treat it’. I had a lot of Bengali sweets the other day… You know how I like the Bengali sweets……there is a Sweet Bengal shop in Galleria at Hiranandani. Everyone in Powai should have tasted the sweets in this shop once. It’s the best sweets I ever had, as if just made freshly in Bengal. I treated my life with sweets and obviously the exquisite pizza from the Pizza Hut shop just opposite to my office. I had gained about 6 kgs in an year. Last one year, I been trying to check out those six kgs of fat in me that I have lost. Now it is not me any way. I started to treat my life better by following the above tricks. Life was trying to trick me all this while……so emotional beings we are  & we always will be. Situations might change and so might people, changes are inevitable as we all know. You will change and so will I but if we treat life this way always, there will be no time for us to look for happiness. For happy we will be always 

  2. The use of internet has become inevitable…………and I am finding ideas here to make money through the use of internet…. Today is a important day…..i thought something even better than only for myself! If I can make some why cant all? Why cant every one who knows to use computers or at least use the internet facility………….there is lot of money in this world….enough to take care of each being on earth but the only problem is it is concentrated……it is concentrated somewhere or the other….where a common man do not have any access………that place needs to be accessed…..accessed by all in a limited way that no one is poor or no one faces hardship any longer ……is this possible? What can be done?
    The first step shall be Ground Research on the following points……………..
    1. Where are the monies of this world concentrated?
    2. Where these monies are mostly to be cut & spread?
    The answer seems to be easy to both above questions and a single statement here can make it clear ‘collect it from the wealthy & spread it uniformly to the deprived’. Is it that easy?
    There would be further question………….
    3. How the wealth can be diverted and brought in a central space from where the access can be given in a monitored way to the needful?
    4. How to create an a/c for individual & how it will be operated?
    5. On the basis of what a central a/c will be funded by any agency?
    6. Money for free?
    7. How to break down the concentration of wealth?
    8. How will the gov get involved?
    9. An idea can change your life….

    1. So true….
      ONLY ONE MD for a company , but many workers are required.

      On this earth, 5% of the people have more than 90% of the resources, so they have more influence on the media which then influences which people are elected into positions of power, and then these elected pass laws which shift more power towards the less than 5%.

      So the simple root of the problem is that money gets concentrated on a few people, and any selfrespecting (intelligent) democracy would have to make sure that money can’t accmulate too much like that.

  3. Welcome to the world of spiritual experience and practice. Evoke your internal state of mind, unwind you body and bring harmony within your soul. Meditate!
    We deal with our body, mind and soul everyday, every moment and yet we feel so apart from them at time. At times, when we are totally lost in the mindless world of doing things, when we are hurt with the bodily activities and with the consciousness that we live this life. The conscious world within us forgets who we are, why we are here and what for we are living. Our egos in our conscious world control us and our every action. The only moment we want to turn to spirituality is when our consciousness is not giving us enough that we ever wanted, we are dissatisfied & distresses. Our hope is lost and our egos fail to exist. If you have reached the point where ego has left but faith exist, at that moment you turn to the real spirituality…..the spirituality that is talked about here is the path you are seeking to find yourself, your very inner self.
    Spirituality and meditation always were associated with each other. If spirituality is the sea, then meditation is the flowing river that finds its way to the sea. It is hardly possible that someone who has strolled the path of meditation had no belief in spirituality.
    The realization of the spirituality and the ability to meditate, to focus on increasing our spiritual powers that will bring us close to the almighty is only a quality of human existence. A strong and ardent meditator will attain the most self realized state of mind, which will entitle him as an enlightened being. Such an individual will be in peace with his body, mind and soul.

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