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Skills in need are skills indeed ( Skills – I Mobile Repair)


Economics and Ethics

Economics is ethical. We all are a part of this so called economical system. A system that works out to understand, manage and fulfil the heterogeneous values, interests, and capacities of large numbers of individuals(population) operating within the constraints of limited resources in a particular community.

No one escapes economics. Morality is considered an enemy, when it comes to spending money. They say, my rich friend spends too much on drinks and parties, he doesnt care about the poor.  We can debate on the morality of the money spent by individuals, but then we need another occasion for the same.

Efforts vs Excuses

If you are ever a little interested in something, someone or sometime(s), your little sincere efforts show and not your huge excuses. What did my personality show to my committed people and team, do I make a good effort for myself first and then eventually add effort for a team.

The team could be your family, wife, husband, peers, friends or even strangers.

Who teaches us to generate excuses? Next time when you make an excuse or hear an excuse, ponder over the sincerity of the person.

Having a skill set is very necessary in current scenario. One’s mediocre, but stable income, must be enough for a person to meaningfully engage in civil society.


Own blood will take care of me

There is no more the concept of my own blood people, there is no stranger when its economics. All are good in this economy, they will take care of me but obviously I must have something for them. People take care of each other when they mutually help each other economically.

Personal Vs Professional

The outer self is the reflection of my inner self. I hide it as per my convenience, display as per what I gain.  But then what is professionality, why do successful businesses keep personal life and professional life separately managed, not mixing the two.

Introduction to the world of financial growth and independence

In our society, many students are unable to complete their formal school education because of personal, family or financial reasons and become dropouts. These dropout students tend to work in shops and or small companies because they do not have any educational background, support, or skill. This is an alarming situation today. Lack of spoken English skills, self confidence, educational qualification and financial stability become a block in the path of prosperity for a section of our new generation of youth.

“A continuous source of income is important than ever before. This gives confidence and ability to have a meaningful life”

Skills and economics

Gone are the days, when managers are the glory king of a system. Today’s manager must exert his/ her skills rather than just sit as a supervisor and talk (dictate). We need more people who are ready to do physical work. Skill development provides not only an opportunity to those who deserve but also secure permanent earnings.

Why Skill development courses

Today our world is having a big shortage of skilled manpower. Millions of students pass out with multiple degrees but only a few grab jobs in companies.  Most of the applications are rejected because of no vacancies, too much education or not qualified certificates. The solution is empowering these students with necessary industry specific skills.

Repair mobile Training example, to learn repairing mobiles is not a big deal.  What is required is a right attitude, professional & quality training but the benefits of joining a mobile industry are never-ending! To know how let us follow the below reasons:

  1. Mobile revolution is the greatest telecommunication market on earth.
  2. Mobile repair industry is large, growing, and improving each year
  3. New mobile/handset manufacturing units are being planned globally.

There are several other technical skill based courses like laptop repairing, photography, yoga & fitness etc,

Reasons for an opportunity                  

Apart from training and affordable fee structure, these courses have a long-life value!
The career in a mobile repairing industry does not start with a mobile repair trainee but an engineer. Many students opt for running their own business by investing a small amount of money. This is surely a good option since there are always high possibilities of high earnings in this field.

Students can either work for a paid salary or start a business of their own. 

Not just workers any more, become professionals

The career path in mobile repairing is so strong that even a matriculate pass student can aim for 20 K rupees per month.  The dropouts no more remain a dropout on the contrary become a mobile professional.

Courses and options in Mobile & Laptop Repair

We can have various 1 week to 1/2 month long courses for mobile and laptop repair. Now students are showing interest in tablet repairing as they are latest gadget in the market.

Today mobile repair course is the major attraction for students. In such a course, first half is dedicated to basics of electronics & mobile phone technology. In the second half, fault-finding, brand specific problem diagnosis and issue resolution are taught.

Most courses are recognized by Govt.

  • A short-duration technical course
  • Professional & Industry Exposure
  • No Particular Eligibility Required
  • Medium of instruction can be in regional languages
  • Low Fees
  • Available Study Materials (Videos, Handbooks, CDs, Books)
  • Free Repairing Tool Kits
  • Online Back-up Support
  • Support for Placement

Lessons also stress on customer management skills, service center maintenance and technology upgradation. Motivation classes are also given as a step to boost the balance between work and personal life.

Pre-placement session is inclusive of mock interview preparation, boosting communication and presentation skills.

The tainted soul : Skill Revolution


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