Rational , Reasonable

The pregnant mother caressed her womb and asked the husband, “Is our child afraid of anything? ”
“Why did you ask that?”, said the husband.
“Because, when ever there is a disturbance outside or a sound, the baby makes a move. It kicks me.”
How can a uborn child know about fear? Fear is all about loss.  Fear is knowledge of death. 

He thought for a while, does the child in the womb really understand the meaning of fear.   Every life that generates a kick in the womb,  growth in the physical body, leads onto the final rest. 
The journey of life. Its a sleep from where we awake.  Its a sleep where we will go back to.

Sudama was sleeping till 11 00 am, untill the sun pierced through the curtains. His father would have already been into a half day of work by now. There was a friction about sudama’s behaviour at their home, Sudama’s mother always used to fight with his father to protect her son.
She would feed him three times now a days making sure that his favorite chicken masala is made every alternate days. He spends most of his time with his white mice named pikkoo and tikkoo.  At noon 12 he feeds them with biscuits.  His mother brings his food on to top. A part of the rice is shared with the mice. By the time it gets dark, when the animals go to sleep, he comes to his room. It will be 10 at night.
  Sudama had a singular routine for the last six months until last week when he broke the silence. It is a silent morning at 7 00 am.  His father is getting ready for work.  At the age of 60,  Sudama’s father is maintaining his health to feed his son and wife. Sudama is 33 years this month.

“Sudama, why dont you start looking for a job, son. Its good for us. There will be one more earning member. Things might improve.”, his mother pampers the young man, unaware of risking the wrath of his sleep break.

“then we will divorce malli and get our kid back.  With some dowry, we will look  for a new marriage for you. There are lot of girls whom I know.”
Sudama’s kid was 5 years old.
“I told you not to disturb me with your irritating talks. I want to sleep now. We can talk about it after I get up.”, he warned his mother.  She was always the loving mother.  She continues to wake him. 
But it didnt take much for him to react back badly at her. He bumps out of the bed and pushes her down.
“I told you so many times… ”
He kicked her back. Slapped her.
Sudama’s father was about to leave but he stopped to see whats happening inside. He saw his son hit his wife.
“Hey, if you have the guts , hit me , you ..”
Suddenly , sudama charges towards his father, with the chair in his hand. First he hits her, then breaks the T V and glass table.  As his father threatens him, he grabs his father by his neck and kicks him too.
The old man never  could stand his stronger son.
Life is all pervading, it doesnt do things quickly. 
The family has been experiencing trauma for so many years.  Sudama married his colleague, Preety at the age of 27.  She was one year elder to him.  They had been in a live in for more than 2 years. He worked in a Call Center as the Floor Operations Manager. She was his team member.  Personal life was a decision of material benefits. The new era material thinking.  Man is not more  important than his materials.  More materials a man has he becomes important and useful.

And Sudama, as floor manager, wasn’t finding the time for either. His life: deadlines, deals and 14 hours of drudgery every day. He wakes up with the larks and the American Clients and hits the bed after the erratic professional chores. 

 His family came to know about his marriage after a week, when he went to see his mother with a cover of ‘Laddoos’, a sweet. Though his sister was aware of it.
Life for him was Rock and roll.

Somewhere Sudama became a spoilt brat during his adolescence, when he had friends who started dealing with gambling, drugs, smoking and sex.  Nilesh Gharte was one of his best friends. Friends in that age who thought everything in life is between their legs. Sudama also was always satisfying what is between the legs.

Sometimes we look at others and feel how happily they live.  Some people live peacefully even if they are limited by resources.  They may not be having enough money to survive but still be living peacefully.

Bhramit dani died of drug overdose around 6 years ago.  Sudama knew the guy.

A rich man by the name Krishna Kumar was his father’s business partner.