A Birthday celebration – 7th August 2012

Why do people celebrate their birthday?   Is only a day in our Life important or shall we celebrate the event called life.

May be we dont celebrate because celebrations have become costly. 

In india, for a country , one tradition of birthday is janmashthami.  Janmashtami is more than just a special day. Celebrating the birthday of the divine Lord Sri Krishna , this is a major attraction in many parts of India.  This is projected in art, culture and daily life of India.

Outside India too,  birthdays are a huge fun making day.  Birthday celebrations are an ancient European tradition which evolved as attempts to fend off the evil spirits which people believed were attracted to a person celebrating their birthday. The act of giving gifts and well wishing follows this. 

At home in native, my mother went to a temple in the morning.  She performed pooja (offerings) for my well being.   All mothers are fond of their children.  Friends wished to make a note of the relations we maintain.  Some relations are for ever.  Some relations are for a reason.  When the reason is dead, the relation too dies.

Early in the morning at the midnight stroke I get messages.  My wife woke me up for the bday cake cut and the bday song. This year she is expecting. We were celebrating life. 

When all of our best moments get together Life is a celebration.

Ancient people might have celebrated their birthdays too.  Thousands of years ago birthdays were considered a time when the bad spirits as opposed to the good spirits were able to harm you as this day changed a person’s life. It was believed that the only way to keep the bad spirits at bay was to have your friends and family around you so that their good wishes and present giving would keep them at bay.  Wow what a beautiful thought.

So my wife and her friend (Justina) were busy looking for a birthday gift and a cake for the party. 

Justina is busy shopping. She is also searching for a sweater for her 3 month old kid. She  came to India from Abu Dhabi to see her parents. This was her first day of shopping in Bangalore, shopping in the commercial street.  Also called Shivaji Nagar.

In the narrow lane opposite Woody’s on Commercial St, next to Rasool Biryani hut, you’ll see a mannequin on the ground floor that leads to a store on the first floor. Great for disposable, but interesting clothes. Must bargain like crazy if you look like a foreigner!

I accompanied both of the friends. Though this time my wife called me to join her  to select a chair and table for our home. She is almost 3 months pregnant.

“What is Sree devi doing now a days?” .  A shop was  playing song from Lamhe. Both of them started discussing about Sreedevi and Anil Kapoor.

I am not a regular visitor to commercial street. But I love the street.  Last time it was one year back. The shop owners nearly sit out on the public road crying out to call  us when they see us. Once you are in a shop price quoted are three times. The shop keepers dont support haggling because with each bargain they ran out of their profits.
Suddenly a Chinese guy was running down the street being chased by a few local shopkeepers.  He was holding his T shirt and speeding away through the meandering street.  Some  guy shouted in the crowd. “I caught him.”

“Bring him here.  How can a chinese think of runnning faster than us. Indians are strong, we will always catch him.”, said an Old Shopkeeper.  
We went towards the shop to see what was happening. It was a TV shop.  Huge screens were showing chinese winning Gold medals.  Some news channels reported Indians poorly performing at the sports.   The guy was made to clean the shop and stair case using his shirt and water. The shop owner claims that he peed in one corner of the shop. Now he has to clean the full shop.  This is his punishment. Police was also called.
“Poor foreigner,  he might curse our Indian Olympics team. This time also Olympics no medals for Indians”, Sudama.
Sudama wondered Indian Olympics team was struggling to run and jump.  Some fowled before jumps. But the young localites are so smart.  They caught the chinese in no time.

May be the Chinese will win all the Gold in Olympics, stronger Indians will lose all medals trying hard.  Not even a single Gold medal in the medals’s tally but  we still have the largest collection of Gold in the world. 

Why then scores of Indians are flying to Dubai on a business opportunity during Ramzan?  Indians want to participate in the begging festival there and win Gold! 
Sudama asks, “Is it like Olympics?”
“Sort of”
“Indians need to be really good at begging to win any Gold now”

Begging Olympics 2012

A youth employed in a media organization in Dubai boasted that he made a cool 1,200 Dirhams (16,200) in a matter of ten minutes by seeking arms on the road a few days ago. (From a news item in a daily)


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