In the Q, MIQ

Sudama was standing in the Tatkal Que for railway ticket reservation.  He was at the number 72 position. 72 because he could come at morning 3 00 am to stand in the Que.

Gradually he can feel the crowd, more people are coming to join the Q. Because he is in the Queue, he is unable to read the daily newspaper.  Standing in a Q is a tricky business, especially if it is a India Govt Enterprise Q. So he skipped the paper.

Morning 5 30 am, people start talking to each other. Groups of guys started looking at girls, girls and ladies passing by to join the Q. 
“Most guys are very active while in a group.  Grop, grop , Boys in a group think only about Grop.  But individually met these Grop guys behave like enuchs. “, Sobha was bitching with her friend Veronica. “Stupids. Leave them.”
Some people were talking about the Rape attempt over the Judo girl in Punjab.  She was a Judo Player, from Amritsar.
Sudama heard guys criticising the Coach.  Coach raped the athlete.  He took her to the Himachalpradesh camp.
He is absconding now.
“Being a judo girl why did she not put up any ressistance?”
“She is very young to fight and prevent that strong man. ”

“In our Country, there are so many rape cases. Victims will be raped many times but no justice happens.”
“I dont know,what to do this improve this country’s bad situation”. Gossips at higher level continued.

Talks continued. Talks happen only between Group members.  Level of talks are determined by the social status, money in your account, job, may be your looks and color.  Different Groups dont mind other groups. Groupism!
“These Q guys are all victims,  why are they  criticising others.” , thought Sudama.

“I am sorry for the girl.”
“Feel sorry for yourseves”, again said Sudama but in mind.
In one end of the compound, two kids start fighting with each other. Their mother was standing the Q, father had taken a break as he was standing from night 11 oo pm. 
“Dont fight like Leander and Mahesh Bhupathi, beta.  Keep quiet.”
“Otherwise that Uncle will kidnap you.”, she was pointing to a fat man in the Q.
“Rajeswari, you should not point your fingers at him.”, He looks so dangerous.
“ least let the Kids get silent. They keep on fighting the whole day. whether in the house or out.”

Morning 6 30 am, the morning sun is almost out over the building. The Q continues.
At one point or other  in the life of an Indain, he or she will be in Q. 
“All Indians are in some Queue, 24/7” …. MIQ , Men In Queue

Voters Q, Ration Q, Petrol Q, Traffic Q,  ATM Q, Salary Increment Q, Bill Pay Q, Admission Q, Entry Q, Exit Q, Friends Q, Call Q, Good Q, Bad Q…

Saniya did not come for the physical Q.  She thought its smarter to try booking tatkal train ticket online at 8am.  She is all set  at home, internet connection started at 7 00 am, coffee smelling like anything in the cup 6 30 am, generating the OSP for her transaction 7 15 am ,[ OSP is the Online Shopping Password for her net banking. ]

Almost another 2 lakh Indians are getting ready with their mouses. 

Morning 7 25 am, a local Policeman comes and inspects the ‘Men In Q’. He charges at the touts threatening any trouble making activity will not be tolerated. “Mind you this is a Q, each man has a number. He sticks to it till the end. Any body trying to get in invites my stick.”, Shouted the Policeman. 

Morning 7 30 am, the Reservation In Charge, comes to open the gate of the reservation counters.
Morning 8 00 am, the booking counters will open like the spanish bull fighting gate. The IRCTC web portal opens simultaneously.   Clicks, tons of clicks are waiting to hit the website. 
The whole world will invariably find the website hanging for the next one hour subsequently. 

Sudama has come to book a ticket for his sister Saniya.   Train name ‘Samjauta Express’, number of tickets is two. Class is 3rd AC.    
 Shrikanth was also standing in the Q,  at number 73.  I will make a complaint against IRCTC to Railway Chairman and Railway Minister regarding the fraud by IRCTC.  But he didnt get any tickets that day.
“I already did 2 months ago but nobody reply till now. Who cares about us”, Dhiren talks as if he is a burden to Indian soil.  Dhiren was at number 69.

“IRCTC cuts money without a valid PNR also, They did it yesterday with me, 3 times.” “If it happened thrice in a day,that means my 3200 is Rs blocked by IRCTC. IRCTC is fast enough to deduct from my account but it takes more than three days to return my money.

“Not just IRCTC, everybody does it man.”
“Look at their website, Indian are the best in IT developent.  Why the hell they call themselves software engineers, they can  never create  an error free booking program.  Hanging for every click”, he was shouting at the Indian IT developers.

“I know my friend, Manish who books tickets online and forgets to travel.”
“Such a waste of resources. Here we are fighting to get a ticket, there you have guys like this.”
“If you have to give your friend only 100 rupees, he will keep on asking you. But if he has give you 10,000 rupees, then he will not even come on the scene. He might ask you,’Who are you?’.
Friends, Colleagues, Relatives, Siblings, Parents, Shopkeepers, Strangers.. Beggars … all behave in the same way.
“If you have money to give, then you are in. Otherwise you are out.”
“You mean in Q”

Morning 8 45 am, Gadhama was caught in the traffic to reach his office.  His main programmer was Sudama. The client was shouting at the errors in their Software.

“Why the hell they call themselves software engineers, they can  never create  an error free program. “, he was angry at his team of developers.
“Look at your design, looks like you were studying designing with front page. Your team is saying a lot of things but not delivering solutions on time”

“And why are you looking so dull today. You seem not slept at night yesterday. Where were you Sudama?”
“I am sorry sir, but I was in the Q”
“Which Q”

“I was in the Reservation Q for the whole night. I didnt sleep only.”
“Did you get the Tickets?”
“Come on, man. Be practical, that ticketing can be done online.  You should have done that. Instead of that you stood in the Q. ”
“Sir, it was pathetic”
“Never learn to be in the Q. Break the Q. Otherwise ,  you will never grow up in life.”
“Break the Qs”

 The other programmers were standing in a Q behind Sudama waiting to get out of the CEO’s room.


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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