Stealing from the Ants

“Thou, oh Agni, shining forth throughout the days, from the waters,
from the stones, from the forests and from the herbs, thou as the ruler
of all human souls, are ever born pure.”  —  
(Rishi Gritsamada RV II.1.1)

Sudama  feels that if you have a choice between laughing and crying, you should always ending up laughing—although sometimes you may have to do both. 

Adarsh Housing Society
Adarsh Housing Society (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

” I can feel bread crumbs in my bed from a sandwitch I made & ate in the bed the other day. The ants have raided my bed,linen and clothes yesterday night.”, Manju stood up from the easychair, brushed a few dry bread crumbs from her salwar, and headed over to the president’s hall where a picnic party was arranged. 
“Use the pesticide to kill all the ants, they are entering the kitchen area.  Ants have pestered the entire country. Need to flush some chemicals to eradicate them”, Manjurani Ghodse is the private secretary,  was incharge of the cake party.
Cakes and sandwitches were main items in the picnic party. Cakes in the party were imported. CM had a weakness for imported cakes. “He loves cakes.”

               Sudama and Roshan Godbole, spread a mat underneath a tent on the south side of the ‘Mantralaya’ lawn.   They were bitten by ants and pestered by cockroaches whole night.
“It is so better to stay with these animals rather than spend time with human beings. ” , sighed Roshan lying on the palm leaf mat, they brought from home. 
“Even the dogs and rats are better than humans.”
“But humans kill every other being, if there is a small issue.  Look at our issue of money.”
They were sharing their stories of problems with land in their village.
During the day, there were rallies against the Govt. , posters of Adarsh all around.  They protested against Adarsh and the cabinet. 

Guruji, give us some idea. How to get rid of the Adarsh issue first, it is a big scam now,  Adarsh files are too hot and dangerous.” the ruling party wanted to escape the burning issues of Adarsh Scam.  Guru adviced them to burn them and not to speak about them.
“Find the Colaba files. If you burn, burn it properly.”

But the opposition party, wanted to preserve the Adarsh Scam files.  They prayed for the safe removal of the files from the fire.

Roshan asked, “Sudama, brother who is Adarsh. Is he a minister in our state. Looks like name of a big leader.”
“No, he is not minister, he is not man. It is a name of a house.”
“They are fighting to expose the ways in which money and its secondary influence have corrupted the Govt. and the ruling parties.”
They had come from a remote village to see the CM, Chief Minister.  They had an issue with their farmland and house, both were on loan. It has been long  waiting at the CM’s office for 2 days, they could not see the CM till now.  They were tired of waiting and sitting on the marble floor on the 6th floor of the building.  It was afternoon 3 00 pm. Office babus were out of office after lunch time.
Sudden gush of smoke and smell, created a panic in the building. Sudama and his friend were trapped in the fire.
“Brother, do we have a way out?”
“It is all getting burnt down. Help! Can we see a way  out.”   cried out Sudama painfully. He knew the story about Hanuman burning Ravana‘s Lanka palace with a burning tail. But then his grandmother used to tell it as a heroic story.  Today they are in the wrong fire.
They learnt one thing, how others are literally indifferent to fellow  living humans and even do not spare from using dying people on their way to the top. 

Both of them fight the fire and burn themselves, in an unending fight for life.

“Mantralaya on fire. Somebody did it to burn the files.” , Reports started to pour in.  Television channels and news reporters were showing fumes.  Country’s politics suddenly started praying to safegaurd the files.  Scam files. Public always prays along with our politics.  After every fire,  politics will find new files from the ashes.  Public will feel happy about file findings.
But some people are always pushed into struggle.  Some are always victims.  Some families lose their dear ones. The family was bothered about the two poor guys, not about scams and scandles. Files were not their answers.  They were worried about their future.  For their future, two guys from their family had made a journey to the ‘Mantralaya’. 

Roshan and Sudama’s family has been waiting to hear about their meeting.  But their wait seems no ending.   In the village, people started talking about Sudama’s death. Sudama Salgaonkar and Roshan Godbole were amongst the dead in a Fire at the CM’s office.   

Politics wins with a  focus to maintain the delusions, misunderstandings among the people.

Soon there will be a street named Sudama Lane and Roshan Nagar, in memory of the dead, some cash compensation will be given to their families.

  All will gather at least once for a get together.

Neighbours will say, both Sudama and Roshan were lucky for their families. We wish they had lived longer than this. Such nice people.
Now they can have a future and a decent life, at least their death has brought some good money and neccessities to the struggling families.  May God give peace to the departed beings.. Every one prays during the gathering. It will be the final prayer.


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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