The Sparrow that cracked a peanut

Begging (Photo credit: NB77)

Spirituality is like a bird: If you hold it too closely, it chokes, and if you hold it too loosely, it escapes.
– Israel Salanter Lipkin

       Sudama was packing up necessary stuffs into a bundle.  It was his last day in the City.  They had to shut down the Office space last month, nearly after 2 years after they started their first office.   Then at the Inaugration ceremony, he was sorrounded by a huge crowd of his friends and close aides.e
  Today, he was accompanied by his wife. During the shifting of their office room, he found a bundle of notes and letters.  “People who move ahead in life leave their past behind, they forget people , places and things as past matters.” his wife shouted angrily at him. “Look at your friends, they all moved ahead. They thought about selfish things. “

“Spirituality is not in losing out in profits or not making money. “
She was holding the old pile of torn papers and few old books and some useless stationery.  Silver Fishes ran the pages.
“Live with the future, then only you can progress.”

“Look around, Is this a company or a rag house.  Dirt everywhere, dust and smell”
The unwanted waste materials had to be disposed off.   Property Owner of that building Mr. Anto Mangoo already made some arrangements for the waste to be burnt. 
Anto Mangoo is a typical cunning land lord, who tries to make a few extra bucks by exploiting the sympathy of a helpless tenant.  He adjusted the furniture, Tables and chairs, Useful stationery to his credit. Sudama was left with nothing.

For Sudama, the waste matter was his memories.  His memories  were going to be burnt alive.  Yeah , waste being burnt alive. 

“I still  believe that you are living in a dream land.  Come to reality. The reality is different.  You dont have something that you need to pay your bills. “

“I am trying to make some money from the business.  We are working hard. I was talking to a client. That guy has promised some advance money.”
“Dont talk about your friends and clients. Do you have at least good friend who can help you in diffiicult times.”, His brother was asking him about Sudama’s friends.   His friends were his dreams, not human beings. Human beings were situational. If there is a chance to make money and good, Sudama had plenty of friends. But when he needed the most, none of them knew him.  His brother was very true.
But even he wasnt there.  Like others, he didnt try to be a good companion.

‘”You have been telling this for long. Now we cannot trust you. But till now nothing happened. Almost a year now.   ” 

A small old sachet fell down, sputtering the groundnuts in it into an array of rotten smelling islands here and there on to the floor and outside.  A sparrow came down and beaked a broken peanut. It looked at Sudama and flew away with a peanut.  It came again and took away most of the peanuts. He thought of the sparrow as his granma.

“Where there is a bill, there is a pay”
hats why even the sparrow came to you, not because of love.  

Stray birds of summer come to my window
to sing and fly away.
And yellow leaves of autumn,
which have no songs,
flutter and fall there with a sigh.”

Rabindranath Tagore

 You lost your deals because of your attitude.  You cant be doing work for all with out asking them for money. When you ask them money, nobody pays you because they say your brand is less known. You have no clients.

How can they say that your brand is lesser known so you will be paid less for your work?
You worked equally hard on the task.  Bigger companies charge heavily for this kind of an assignament. 

 “Brand is less known. He is a stupid who says this? You also work the same.  You dont compromise. They want to exploit and use you”,  Dilip said.

30 days back!

“Is the worst over yet? A Client who never wanted our work? Will I get a client who will need our work and pay us properly?” , Sudama asked loudly in his mind looking at the Sparrow.  It was perching on the grill outside his balcony.

Chirps the sparrow, very often the sparrow popped his head up on the top, wipe his bill on the grill branches and pop down again.  He was waiting for his next round of feeding.

Sudama remembered about the lost deals in the last few months, ” I have been tensed over an issue for more than a week now. Even my wife got pestered with it. She was no where directly involved but she was targeted because she was my wife.”

I found family relations go down in the past few days to the lowest levels. We stopped talking to each other.  There was a silent protest in the atmosphere. Every second passed with feelings of insecurity.

“When your wife is continuously called and pestered by an ill-mannered guy, you cannot get awestruck and wait for others to take actions for you.”, she shouted at Sudama.

“You are polite and good, it doesnt mean people can bully you & say any bad stuff about you and family.”
“Why do you get afraid of all such situations?”
“This may be the first time. But who knows you might meet people like this again.”

Krishna serves Sudama
Krishna serves Sudama (Photo credit: Swami Gaurangapada)

 I really admire my previous MD for his statement. He used to tell us with confidence,”If you are true to yourselves, you can avoid 3 F’s. Fear, Fight and Flight
I knew that we are true to ourselves. We did our work. The why did you get afraid?

“Every time my brother wont come and help you out”
“You should learn how to react back at bad guys, if they are bad you should be bad to them.”
“Silence and good behaviour,

She was right, no one comes out to help you in such situations. If we are not strong then others can bully you.
Thats what exactly happened.

Is the guy, who is hardly mannered, who talks and threatens you for some money, qualified enough to be called a client.

Well this then led to a discussion in my mind, what are the precautions and checkpoints before you take up an assignment from an individual. How will you make sure that individual qualifies as a client.

“Is there any documentation for the same. Without proper documentation never start a work. “
“Add disclaimers in your documents boss, stating that any advance amount payment towards an assignment is non refundable.”  advised Dilshan.

“Never work without advance of 50% money.  Even if I am your friend, you should ask me the advance money before you start a work.”  Gadhama was advising Sudama.

LIFE IS AN IRONY. When we talk about others, we are the best in giving suggestions.  Mr Taran Adarsh,an MD of Sudama’s ex company, was talking about distributing the temple property in the village, Kharifpur,  to the poor men.  He did not talk about his own property.  Sudama was the member of village  youth welfare association.

Praveen made a statement, ” Mr. Adarsh’s property is his own, everyone else’s properties are Gods, so they can be distributed freely. I am sure he wouldn’t mind a share too from the temple fund.”

Open mindedness is plenty when it comes to some one’s property or life. 

Applies to all, in our life. When Gulshan was expecting a work from Sudama, he forgot everything, no ethics, no advance amount. Only work was important. Similarly, Gadhama was vociferous except his deals with Sudama. They didnt even pay him anything for any works till now.

“Clients are very important for any business, losing even a single client is a loss for our business. Because it is the difficult thing in business to get a client, losing them means we are cutting off other prospects from coming to us. “
“A good client can bring us more business than our efforts.”
“So I would suggest you to call up the client and start a dialogue. Forget about the mediator. Middlemen always behave this way. They are interested in making profits from both ends. If he finds him in trouble, he will put the entire blame on your head and escape. But you should always clear your positions.”

Money creates characters. A beggar‘s image came to my mind, when i thought about money. There is always a shift in balance. I have seen most beggars beg for only one thing. It is money. Characters change with money.

Is it money that created begging or extortion or reimbursement or exchange?

English: A man begging on the streets of Harid...
English: A man begging on the streets of Haridwar, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does a business include all these processes. Begging doesnt go well with a business. 

Sudama wondered about his client.  A person who requested a quote for a serious  work. He is ready to pay the money, but suddenly he changes his mind. When almost the work is done, he is now turning away.

A Client who never wanted our work?  

Why did the client deposit some money to an unknown bank account number
The marketing agent used to bring deals from the market.  He used to give Sudama’s personal account to the clients. Agent gets his share of commission from the deal.   Once money is deposited then work starts.

Depositing money into an account number is not a weapon to go against that person and ask the money back.

Sudama was worried about a lot of issues. Legal ones, cheating, fraud, loss and due bills. 

How to continue was his major question? What will happen in the end?

In the end nothing remains, what you make is left here, to be used by someone else.

Even the Sparrow flew away with the last cracked peanut.

“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young–a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.” ~ —- psalm 84:3

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