Lets regret

United in Regret

Sudama joined a group of friends for a chit chat session. Gossip and bitchitude follows.

The newspaper headlines showed that the planning commission spent Rs 20 Lakh to improve its toilet and bathroom.  That made a group of friends very angry in a distant village of India.

“We are the world’s largest ‘demoncracy’.  If you are a common indian citizen – Rs.26/- are enough to keep you above poverty line impliying that you can have a dignified living.”
“hahaha …. dignity is only there, when i have money in my pocket. but these Govt. employees are all pick-pocketers.”
“Rightly said. If you are one of the Mandarins of the Govt., you need a golden commode to shit.  All this ‘Planning’ and ‘Commission’ since independence are leading the country to the toilet hole. ”

“I heard about Ambani making his toilet of gold, but that is understood. He started working hard, he used to be normal man years before. Now he might gold to pooh…”

“Leave Ambani Bhai man, atleast he gives cheap cell phones. ”
“Alright, but why the hell Indian Govt. toilets so expensive.  Are the toilets being made of gold, do they hope that urinators belong to other planet supposed to eject golden balls and silvery liquid.”

Sudama said, “We citizens need to think for ourselves.  Why blame the government”
“Calm down and relax guys. Dont get angry with the Indian Goverment. We citizens are our government.  Britons or Americans dont come and rule us. Now our own people rule us. ”

“No , the kings decide the ruled, and we need stronger rulers. Look around, what are those guys doing?”
Rudra pratap wanted the presidential system to come to India. He thinks it will end corruption and problems in India.  He feels democratic form of government is the root cause of all our problems. 
“I will start a movement to awaken the public in favor of President, like US presidential system.  Then our country can do away with most of its problems. ”

“The president can appoint a money less society.  There wont be any cash in the society.”
“If there is no cash, then who will work. All will sit at home.” asked Billu. I need money for my hair cut. Billu is a barber.

Rudra continued, ” No thats wrong. All the major differences will fade away.  No one will work for money. If you are a teacher you can teach the students for free.  Your other daily needs can be taken care by others. Like drivers will be driving. Software engineers will code freely.”
“You mean money is the root cause of all evils. ”

“But how can our Rahmat Bhai make tea free of cost all day. It will be a loss for him.”,
“Think of Shahrukh Khan dancing and jumping for free in front of camera.”

“Satyamev Jayathe, truth wins. The program needs money. Everything needs money”
Money,money, money”, rudra was pissed off. 
“With out money, All our regrets will go”

“Let the president rule our country. ”

“But if such a presidential system may not be enacted in the next 15 years, will all citizens who dream about a ‘fair’ india do nothing but wait for the next decade living like a vegetable. Instead of a stronger ruler, every citizen has to be strong. Knowledge about his country, society, resources and money. Citizens need to learn to make their daily bread to feed themselves. They shall stop standing in the Q of any ruler for their bread. They shall never wait in the Hopes of being ruled by someone else. They shall find ways for themselves, like free birds and insects. Independence is the word missing in today, so does the feeling of pioneering, we all sit at a place and want everything.”, Sudama asked

“But we need freedom too. We cant work hard all the time.  I want to have pleasure too. “,
“We want to stand in the Voting Queue once in every 5 years, so that a few rule and take up our responsibility.
We get up late and keep demanding things.”

“We give them the responsibility. Politicians have to win elecions and do their duty.”, they countered Sudama.

“We sleep late and before we do so, open our complaint box for the day.
We copy some acts done by some society, calling ourselves modernizing.
We seldom know the difference between culture and civilization.”

We regret too much for others making our destiny.

At first We regret because

we are born in India,
born to poor parents,
born to backward society,
born to study in a local school,
forced to pursue parents demands,
forced to dream what our parents could not do,
forced to wear torn knickers when neighbours son had a “fashionable jeans”,
forced to eat in a mess when our roommates lunched and ate from good hotels,
forced to study harder because our neighbour’s(relative’s) kid got better marks,

The regret continues

As a parent we regret
Our kids are not performers
We did everything but all is wasted because of kids
went through sufferings for their kids
patched up with spouses for their kids

As the day was cloudy,  towards evening it started raining with thunder storms.  They were sitting at the verandah of  a public library.

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins
International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Then we regret about our Rule and constitution

We regret because
Money is concentrated with Tatas and birlas,
Politicians are corrupt and they are not helping us
Judiciary is slow and useless
Our law protects the illegal

We regret about our policy

Honesty is not the best policy in India

We regret about our policy makers
We regret for the Infra structure
We regret for the climate changes
We regret for the scandals
We regret for the casualties in disasters
We regret for the hard working population of our country migrating from bihar to mumbai, from kerala to dubai, from andhra to us,

“Stop counting regret lists, we all have plenty of regrets in life. ”

“See the guy who mocks you at your office may not be happier, guy who cheats you in dealings may not be smarter..”

“you cannot loose your positivity because of  situations, life has to go on.”

Sudama was counting the regret list.  All his friends were happily yawning. ” Man, nothing is gonna our country for now, you ought to know that by now.”

It was evening 7 pm.  It rained heavily, and storm blew. They had no power that night. 

 See you tomorrow, Its almost dark.  Lets hope atleast power comes back so that we can sleep without mosquito bites”. They all parted into the dark night.


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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