In the Q, MIQ

Sudama was standing in the Tatkal Que for railway ticket reservation.  He was at the number 72 position. 72 because he could come at morning 3 00 am to stand in the Que.

Gradually he can feel the crowd, more people are coming to join the Q. Because he is in the Queue, he is unable to read the daily newspaper.  Standing in a Q is a tricky business, especially if it is a India Govt Enterprise Q. So he skipped the paper.

Morning 5 30 am, people start talking to each other. Groups of guys started looking at girls, girls and ladies passing by to join the Q. 
“Most guys are very active while in a group.  Grop, grop , Boys in a group think only about Grop.  But individually met these Grop guys behave like enuchs. “, Sobha was bitching with her friend Veronica. “Stupids. Leave them.”
Some people were talking about the Rape attempt over the Judo girl in Punjab.  She was a Judo Player, from Amritsar.
Sudama heard guys criticising the Coach.  Coach raped the athlete.  He took her to the Himachalpradesh camp.
He is absconding now.
“Being a judo girl why did she not put up any ressistance?”
“She is very young to fight and prevent that strong man. ”

“In our Country, there are so many rape cases. Victims will be raped many times but no justice happens.”
“I dont know,what to do this improve this country’s bad situation”. Gossips at higher level continued.

Talks continued. Talks happen only between Group members.  Level of talks are determined by the social status, money in your account, job, may be your looks and color.  Different Groups dont mind other groups. Groupism!
“These Q guys are all victims,  why are they  criticising others.” , thought Sudama.

“I am sorry for the girl.”
“Feel sorry for yourseves”, again said Sudama but in mind.
In one end of the compound, two kids start fighting with each other. Their mother was standing the Q, father had taken a break as he was standing from night 11 oo pm. 
“Dont fight like Leander and Mahesh Bhupathi, beta.  Keep quiet.”
“Otherwise that Uncle will kidnap you.”, she was pointing to a fat man in the Q.
“Rajeswari, you should not point your fingers at him.”, He looks so dangerous.
“ least let the Kids get silent. They keep on fighting the whole day. whether in the house or out.”

Morning 6 30 am, the morning sun is almost out over the building. The Q continues.
At one point or other  in the life of an Indain, he or she will be in Q. 
“All Indians are in some Queue, 24/7” …. MIQ , Men In Queue

Voters Q, Ration Q, Petrol Q, Traffic Q,  ATM Q, Salary Increment Q, Bill Pay Q, Admission Q, Entry Q, Exit Q, Friends Q, Call Q, Good Q, Bad Q…

Saniya did not come for the physical Q.  She thought its smarter to try booking tatkal train ticket online at 8am.  She is all set  at home, internet connection started at 7 00 am, coffee smelling like anything in the cup 6 30 am, generating the OSP for her transaction 7 15 am ,[ OSP is the Online Shopping Password for her net banking. ]

Almost another 2 lakh Indians are getting ready with their mouses. 

Morning 7 25 am, a local Policeman comes and inspects the ‘Men In Q’. He charges at the touts threatening any trouble making activity will not be tolerated. “Mind you this is a Q, each man has a number. He sticks to it till the end. Any body trying to get in invites my stick.”, Shouted the Policeman. 

Morning 7 30 am, the Reservation In Charge, comes to open the gate of the reservation counters.
Morning 8 00 am, the booking counters will open like the spanish bull fighting gate. The IRCTC web portal opens simultaneously.   Clicks, tons of clicks are waiting to hit the website. 
The whole world will invariably find the website hanging for the next one hour subsequently. 

Sudama has come to book a ticket for his sister Saniya.   Train name ‘Samjauta Express’, number of tickets is two. Class is 3rd AC.    
 Shrikanth was also standing in the Q,  at number 73.  I will make a complaint against IRCTC to Railway Chairman and Railway Minister regarding the fraud by IRCTC.  But he didnt get any tickets that day.
“I already did 2 months ago but nobody reply till now. Who cares about us”, Dhiren talks as if he is a burden to Indian soil.  Dhiren was at number 69.

“IRCTC cuts money without a valid PNR also, They did it yesterday with me, 3 times.” “If it happened thrice in a day,that means my 3200 is Rs blocked by IRCTC. IRCTC is fast enough to deduct from my account but it takes more than three days to return my money.

“Not just IRCTC, everybody does it man.”
“Look at their website, Indian are the best in IT developent.  Why the hell they call themselves software engineers, they can  never create  an error free booking program.  Hanging for every click”, he was shouting at the Indian IT developers.

“I know my friend, Manish who books tickets online and forgets to travel.”
“Such a waste of resources. Here we are fighting to get a ticket, there you have guys like this.”
“If you have to give your friend only 100 rupees, he will keep on asking you. But if he has give you 10,000 rupees, then he will not even come on the scene. He might ask you,’Who are you?’.
Friends, Colleagues, Relatives, Siblings, Parents, Shopkeepers, Strangers.. Beggars … all behave in the same way.
“If you have money to give, then you are in. Otherwise you are out.”
“You mean in Q”

Morning 8 45 am, Gadhama was caught in the traffic to reach his office.  His main programmer was Sudama. The client was shouting at the errors in their Software.

“Why the hell they call themselves software engineers, they can  never create  an error free program. “, he was angry at his team of developers.
“Look at your design, looks like you were studying designing with front page. Your team is saying a lot of things but not delivering solutions on time”

“And why are you looking so dull today. You seem not slept at night yesterday. Where were you Sudama?”
“I am sorry sir, but I was in the Q”
“Which Q”

“I was in the Reservation Q for the whole night. I didnt sleep only.”
“Did you get the Tickets?”
“Come on, man. Be practical, that ticketing can be done online.  You should have done that. Instead of that you stood in the Q. ”
“Sir, it was pathetic”
“Never learn to be in the Q. Break the Q. Otherwise ,  you will never grow up in life.”
“Break the Qs”

 The other programmers were standing in a Q behind Sudama waiting to get out of the CEO’s room.


Stealing from the Ants

“Thou, oh Agni, shining forth throughout the days, from the waters,
from the stones, from the forests and from the herbs, thou as the ruler
of all human souls, are ever born pure.”  —  
(Rishi Gritsamada RV II.1.1)

Sudama  feels that if you have a choice between laughing and crying, you should always ending up laughing—although sometimes you may have to do both. 

Adarsh Housing Society
Adarsh Housing Society (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

” I can feel bread crumbs in my bed from a sandwitch I made & ate in the bed the other day. The ants have raided my bed,linen and clothes yesterday night.”, Manju stood up from the easychair, brushed a few dry bread crumbs from her salwar, and headed over to the president’s hall where a picnic party was arranged. 
“Use the pesticide to kill all the ants, they are entering the kitchen area.  Ants have pestered the entire country. Need to flush some chemicals to eradicate them”, Manjurani Ghodse is the private secretary,  was incharge of the cake party.
Cakes and sandwitches were main items in the picnic party. Cakes in the party were imported. CM had a weakness for imported cakes. “He loves cakes.”

               Sudama and Roshan Godbole, spread a mat underneath a tent on the south side of the ‘Mantralaya’ lawn.   They were bitten by ants and pestered by cockroaches whole night.
“It is so better to stay with these animals rather than spend time with human beings. ” , sighed Roshan lying on the palm leaf mat, they brought from home. 
“Even the dogs and rats are better than humans.”
“But humans kill every other being, if there is a small issue.  Look at our issue of money.”
They were sharing their stories of problems with land in their village.
During the day, there were rallies against the Govt. , posters of Adarsh all around.  They protested against Adarsh and the cabinet. 

Guruji, give us some idea. How to get rid of the Adarsh issue first, it is a big scam now,  Adarsh files are too hot and dangerous.” the ruling party wanted to escape the burning issues of Adarsh Scam.  Guru adviced them to burn them and not to speak about them.
“Find the Colaba files. If you burn, burn it properly.”

But the opposition party, wanted to preserve the Adarsh Scam files.  They prayed for the safe removal of the files from the fire.

Roshan asked, “Sudama, brother who is Adarsh. Is he a minister in our state. Looks like name of a big leader.”
“No, he is not minister, he is not man. It is a name of a house.”
“They are fighting to expose the ways in which money and its secondary influence have corrupted the Govt. and the ruling parties.”
They had come from a remote village to see the CM, Chief Minister.  They had an issue with their farmland and house, both were on loan. It has been long  waiting at the CM’s office for 2 days, they could not see the CM till now.  They were tired of waiting and sitting on the marble floor on the 6th floor of the building.  It was afternoon 3 00 pm. Office babus were out of office after lunch time.
Sudden gush of smoke and smell, created a panic in the building. Sudama and his friend were trapped in the fire.
“Brother, do we have a way out?”
“It is all getting burnt down. Help! Can we see a way  out.”   cried out Sudama painfully. He knew the story about Hanuman burning Ravana‘s Lanka palace with a burning tail. But then his grandmother used to tell it as a heroic story.  Today they are in the wrong fire.
They learnt one thing, how others are literally indifferent to fellow  living humans and even do not spare from using dying people on their way to the top. 

Both of them fight the fire and burn themselves, in an unending fight for life.

“Mantralaya on fire. Somebody did it to burn the files.” , Reports started to pour in.  Television channels and news reporters were showing fumes.  Country’s politics suddenly started praying to safegaurd the files.  Scam files. Public always prays along with our politics.  After every fire,  politics will find new files from the ashes.  Public will feel happy about file findings.
But some people are always pushed into struggle.  Some are always victims.  Some families lose their dear ones. The family was bothered about the two poor guys, not about scams and scandles. Files were not their answers.  They were worried about their future.  For their future, two guys from their family had made a journey to the ‘Mantralaya’. 

Roshan and Sudama’s family has been waiting to hear about their meeting.  But their wait seems no ending.   In the village, people started talking about Sudama’s death. Sudama Salgaonkar and Roshan Godbole were amongst the dead in a Fire at the CM’s office.   

Politics wins with a  focus to maintain the delusions, misunderstandings among the people.

Soon there will be a street named Sudama Lane and Roshan Nagar, in memory of the dead, some cash compensation will be given to their families.

  All will gather at least once for a get together.

Neighbours will say, both Sudama and Roshan were lucky for their families. We wish they had lived longer than this. Such nice people.
Now they can have a future and a decent life, at least their death has brought some good money and neccessities to the struggling families.  May God give peace to the departed beings.. Every one prays during the gathering. It will be the final prayer.

Peacock Population

Roshan laughed as Sudama said that India is a Leader in Open Defecation.  “I cant believe it, cool man. What about any competition from any other country in the entire world.”
‘India continues to top the world in open defecation.’ ‘Industrial growth is reduced this fiscal year.’ Sudama was discussiing the two top headlines of a local newspaper as he spoke to Roshan.
“No way, rosh. Even the runner up is too far behind in the race to poo.”

Suddenly the Agra-Sialda Express rushed passed that way.  Windy smell of breakfast and train boggies made a way into their noses, as the train was pulled on a signal.  Both of them had to hide their faces from the travelling crowd.

Roshan was thinking about Mamata Banerjee‘s keen support for ex president Kalam.  “Kalam is such a nice fellow, he came to our village sudama, when he was the president.  I could not see him. But our shopkeeper said that he smiled and talked politely.”
“Now a days, Presidents dont go to villages. They make trips to foreign and english places. ”
“But their property agents buy lot of real estate for them in villages. ”
“Our land broker, Vijay Deenanath was saying he wanted to deal a property for Pratibha Patil.”
“But president kalam will not come again man. ”
“It is better. He is too good. We are bad people. ”
“Some shop keeper from Gwalior is applying for president post.  what man, only one vaccancy..”

Both were enjoying the open air that passed their ass as they pooed sitting on the side of a railway track in Mumbai.
Far away in Trivandrum, Gadhama was reading a local newspaper which captured the same news in the local language. With pressure in the belly, Gadhama was seated on a posh commode in his bungalow and with the news paper in his hand.

The news paper read….’More than 50% Indians poo outside in the open air while, Chinese, Pakistanis are far behind. Only 5 %  or less of people in these countries poo outside there houses in the open.’

Gadhama exclaimed as he felt the pressure released with a expression of relief ‘”How the hell these guys shit in the open and put my country’s name down!” 


Taken from
Sewer ,Peacocks in the Indian Railways

Dilip was looking at dubious videos of open air peacocks.  “We used to call them peacocks. Plenty of peacocks sat near the Kurla station.” Dilip remember his college days in Mumbai when he used to take a local train to reach his alma mater from Thane to Dadar. He had joined a new college for his further studies in Pune, where he was sharing his experience with newly made friends.
“what is a peacock? you mean the bird
“hey no, its not the national bird, Its a term we use in mumbai for guys who sit in the open for poo.. they stand near the rail tracks with a jug of water”
“They sit spreading like a peacock.”
“What!”, Dhanya asks.

She thought of peacock as a bird, only a huge bird which spreads its feather tail can be a peacock.  But why human peacocks  go out in the morning to poo in the open.  Cant they poo in the toilets in their homes.
 “Oh my God! I used to see those guys standing in gentle meditation. We see them next to railway stations, when the trains get closer they stand up. When i went to see the Taj Mahal, I used to look at the royal toilet. How did the kings managed to poo.”
Dhanya was working in IT giant PCS, she was on bench for almost one year. Then she quit and went to Dubai with her husband.  Last month , both of them planned to visit Agra for sight seeing.  

Harpal Singh was a curator at Ram Leela Palace, he wondered, “You are so right. Oye , do the Kings become peacock in the morning in those days.” 
“Man, may be they become tigers in the bed at night. but not so sure about peacock ” says his friend Manish.
“Even the recession is not affecting our poo production. But Industrial output is going down, man.  I wanted to ask Montech Singh about this yaar, but he is not reachable now a days.” said Harpal, whose uncle was Montech.

“Today only the common man becomes a peacock in the morning. ”  Manmohan is reachable now a days.
“But Manmohan is never going to become a President.  He is better silent gentle peacock. ”

Rahul Mayur was looking at his name in the certificate.  He was listening to the Guru, from the kitchen.   He works as a cook at an ashram, run by Guru Sunil Dev.  Rahul completed his B A Economics.  He did Diploma in computers, but did not make it up in any job. He joined the  G4 Securities company as a security gaurd.
Guru Sunil Dev, was propagating the use of Mobile toilets in India.  
“Disciples, everything is mobile in this world.  One that comes has to go. One that goes comes back.”
He was talking to people about Mobile Toilets
“The biggest Mobile Toilet in the world is …?”   Silence follows his question …..  Suddenly Manish answers ,”Guru .. It should be the Sulabh Souchalaya, near our temple.. 30 -40 people can go together at a time”

But the baba kept quiet.  Sudama looked at  manish. That meant manish was wrong. He looked around in shame.  Others shouted, “You only tell Guruji.
“I will say, its our country railways. ”   “Aah …. what a knowledge ..they all said ..”
Even Sudama thought that was right… this guy is great.  Because when we villagers sit as peacocks in the morning,  the  trains have more peacocks inside.”
“But nobody sees them, …”

Later  Sudama enters Guru’s personal room. “Come sudama, sit down. How are you? How is your life? Kids…”
Sudama bows to him. “All is well, due to you”
“Guru I needed some financial help. I need some money for my kids school opening.  Lot of tensions in personal life.”
“Certainly you have my support,  who doesnt have tensions and issues in this material life.  If you taken up birth in a human body, you will be sorrounded by tempatations, expectations. These will always put you in a non ending cycle of worries. ”
“….so true. Guro …I wanted to hear you more. This life is so useless”, Sudama wanted some financial help, he was getting bored with advices.
“You have issues because you are bonded to other beings, Like your wife, kids, mother, etc… ”
A knock on the door.    “Jai ho , guruji…. My water business is becoming profitable now .. after 3 years”, Suresh Nayak comes and falls at his feet.
“All your blessings.. Guruji” 
“Everything will be alright. What goes comes back. ”
Suresh Nayak leaves after getting few minutes of Guru. 

“Look at Suresh, he was struggling with business. Now he is getting results. But this time even, he has not given me any offerings. ”
“People come and want only darshans, they dont put decent amounts in the plate. See this..”
Guru showed Sudama  a copper plate with Indian notes, there were a few hundreds and a thousands too .. plenty of coins made it heavier ..

“Even our condition is not great ….”

contd …

The Sparrow that cracked a peanut

Begging (Photo credit: NB77)

Spirituality is like a bird: If you hold it too closely, it chokes, and if you hold it too loosely, it escapes.
– Israel Salanter Lipkin

       Sudama was packing up necessary stuffs into a bundle.  It was his last day in the City.  They had to shut down the Office space last month, nearly after 2 years after they started their first office.   Then at the Inaugration ceremony, he was sorrounded by a huge crowd of his friends and close aides.e
  Today, he was accompanied by his wife. During the shifting of their office room, he found a bundle of notes and letters.  “People who move ahead in life leave their past behind, they forget people , places and things as past matters.” his wife shouted angrily at him. “Look at your friends, they all moved ahead. They thought about selfish things. “

“Spirituality is not in losing out in profits or not making money. “
She was holding the old pile of torn papers and few old books and some useless stationery.  Silver Fishes ran the pages.
“Live with the future, then only you can progress.”

“Look around, Is this a company or a rag house.  Dirt everywhere, dust and smell”
The unwanted waste materials had to be disposed off.   Property Owner of that building Mr. Anto Mangoo already made some arrangements for the waste to be burnt. 
Anto Mangoo is a typical cunning land lord, who tries to make a few extra bucks by exploiting the sympathy of a helpless tenant.  He adjusted the furniture, Tables and chairs, Useful stationery to his credit. Sudama was left with nothing.

For Sudama, the waste matter was his memories.  His memories  were going to be burnt alive.  Yeah , waste being burnt alive. 

“I still  believe that you are living in a dream land.  Come to reality. The reality is different.  You dont have something that you need to pay your bills. “

“I am trying to make some money from the business.  We are working hard. I was talking to a client. That guy has promised some advance money.”
“Dont talk about your friends and clients. Do you have at least good friend who can help you in diffiicult times.”, His brother was asking him about Sudama’s friends.   His friends were his dreams, not human beings. Human beings were situational. If there is a chance to make money and good, Sudama had plenty of friends. But when he needed the most, none of them knew him.  His brother was very true.
But even he wasnt there.  Like others, he didnt try to be a good companion.

‘”You have been telling this for long. Now we cannot trust you. But till now nothing happened. Almost a year now.   ” 

A small old sachet fell down, sputtering the groundnuts in it into an array of rotten smelling islands here and there on to the floor and outside.  A sparrow came down and beaked a broken peanut. It looked at Sudama and flew away with a peanut.  It came again and took away most of the peanuts. He thought of the sparrow as his granma.

“Where there is a bill, there is a pay”
hats why even the sparrow came to you, not because of love.  

Stray birds of summer come to my window
to sing and fly away.
And yellow leaves of autumn,
which have no songs,
flutter and fall there with a sigh.”

Rabindranath Tagore

 You lost your deals because of your attitude.  You cant be doing work for all with out asking them for money. When you ask them money, nobody pays you because they say your brand is less known. You have no clients.

How can they say that your brand is lesser known so you will be paid less for your work?
You worked equally hard on the task.  Bigger companies charge heavily for this kind of an assignament. 

 “Brand is less known. He is a stupid who says this? You also work the same.  You dont compromise. They want to exploit and use you”,  Dilip said.

30 days back!

“Is the worst over yet? A Client who never wanted our work? Will I get a client who will need our work and pay us properly?” , Sudama asked loudly in his mind looking at the Sparrow.  It was perching on the grill outside his balcony.

Chirps the sparrow, very often the sparrow popped his head up on the top, wipe his bill on the grill branches and pop down again.  He was waiting for his next round of feeding.

Sudama remembered about the lost deals in the last few months, ” I have been tensed over an issue for more than a week now. Even my wife got pestered with it. She was no where directly involved but she was targeted because she was my wife.”

I found family relations go down in the past few days to the lowest levels. We stopped talking to each other.  There was a silent protest in the atmosphere. Every second passed with feelings of insecurity.

“When your wife is continuously called and pestered by an ill-mannered guy, you cannot get awestruck and wait for others to take actions for you.”, she shouted at Sudama.

“You are polite and good, it doesnt mean people can bully you & say any bad stuff about you and family.”
“Why do you get afraid of all such situations?”
“This may be the first time. But who knows you might meet people like this again.”

Krishna serves Sudama
Krishna serves Sudama (Photo credit: Swami Gaurangapada)

 I really admire my previous MD for his statement. He used to tell us with confidence,”If you are true to yourselves, you can avoid 3 F’s. Fear, Fight and Flight
I knew that we are true to ourselves. We did our work. The why did you get afraid?

“Every time my brother wont come and help you out”
“You should learn how to react back at bad guys, if they are bad you should be bad to them.”
“Silence and good behaviour,

She was right, no one comes out to help you in such situations. If we are not strong then others can bully you.
Thats what exactly happened.

Is the guy, who is hardly mannered, who talks and threatens you for some money, qualified enough to be called a client.

Well this then led to a discussion in my mind, what are the precautions and checkpoints before you take up an assignment from an individual. How will you make sure that individual qualifies as a client.

“Is there any documentation for the same. Without proper documentation never start a work. “
“Add disclaimers in your documents boss, stating that any advance amount payment towards an assignment is non refundable.”  advised Dilshan.

“Never work without advance of 50% money.  Even if I am your friend, you should ask me the advance money before you start a work.”  Gadhama was advising Sudama.

LIFE IS AN IRONY. When we talk about others, we are the best in giving suggestions.  Mr Taran Adarsh,an MD of Sudama’s ex company, was talking about distributing the temple property in the village, Kharifpur,  to the poor men.  He did not talk about his own property.  Sudama was the member of village  youth welfare association.

Praveen made a statement, ” Mr. Adarsh’s property is his own, everyone else’s properties are Gods, so they can be distributed freely. I am sure he wouldn’t mind a share too from the temple fund.”

Open mindedness is plenty when it comes to some one’s property or life. 

Applies to all, in our life. When Gulshan was expecting a work from Sudama, he forgot everything, no ethics, no advance amount. Only work was important. Similarly, Gadhama was vociferous except his deals with Sudama. They didnt even pay him anything for any works till now.

“Clients are very important for any business, losing even a single client is a loss for our business. Because it is the difficult thing in business to get a client, losing them means we are cutting off other prospects from coming to us. “
“A good client can bring us more business than our efforts.”
“So I would suggest you to call up the client and start a dialogue. Forget about the mediator. Middlemen always behave this way. They are interested in making profits from both ends. If he finds him in trouble, he will put the entire blame on your head and escape. But you should always clear your positions.”

Money creates characters. A beggar‘s image came to my mind, when i thought about money. There is always a shift in balance. I have seen most beggars beg for only one thing. It is money. Characters change with money.

Is it money that created begging or extortion or reimbursement or exchange?

English: A man begging on the streets of Harid...
English: A man begging on the streets of Haridwar, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does a business include all these processes. Begging doesnt go well with a business. 

Sudama wondered about his client.  A person who requested a quote for a serious  work. He is ready to pay the money, but suddenly he changes his mind. When almost the work is done, he is now turning away.

A Client who never wanted our work?  

Why did the client deposit some money to an unknown bank account number
The marketing agent used to bring deals from the market.  He used to give Sudama’s personal account to the clients. Agent gets his share of commission from the deal.   Once money is deposited then work starts.

Depositing money into an account number is not a weapon to go against that person and ask the money back.

Sudama was worried about a lot of issues. Legal ones, cheating, fraud, loss and due bills. 

How to continue was his major question? What will happen in the end?

In the end nothing remains, what you make is left here, to be used by someone else.

Even the Sparrow flew away with the last cracked peanut.

“Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young–a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty, my King and my God.” ~ —- psalm 84:3

Lets regret

United in Regret

Sudama joined a group of friends for a chit chat session. Gossip and bitchitude follows.

The newspaper headlines showed that the planning commission spent Rs 20 Lakh to improve its toilet and bathroom.  That made a group of friends very angry in a distant village of India.

“We are the world’s largest ‘demoncracy’.  If you are a common indian citizen – Rs.26/- are enough to keep you above poverty line impliying that you can have a dignified living.”
“hahaha …. dignity is only there, when i have money in my pocket. but these Govt. employees are all pick-pocketers.”
“Rightly said. If you are one of the Mandarins of the Govt., you need a golden commode to shit.  All this ‘Planning’ and ‘Commission’ since independence are leading the country to the toilet hole. ”

“I heard about Ambani making his toilet of gold, but that is understood. He started working hard, he used to be normal man years before. Now he might gold to pooh…”

“Leave Ambani Bhai man, atleast he gives cheap cell phones. ”
“Alright, but why the hell Indian Govt. toilets so expensive.  Are the toilets being made of gold, do they hope that urinators belong to other planet supposed to eject golden balls and silvery liquid.”

Sudama said, “We citizens need to think for ourselves.  Why blame the government”
“Calm down and relax guys. Dont get angry with the Indian Goverment. We citizens are our government.  Britons or Americans dont come and rule us. Now our own people rule us. ”

“No , the kings decide the ruled, and we need stronger rulers. Look around, what are those guys doing?”
Rudra pratap wanted the presidential system to come to India. He thinks it will end corruption and problems in India.  He feels democratic form of government is the root cause of all our problems. 
“I will start a movement to awaken the public in favor of President, like US presidential system.  Then our country can do away with most of its problems. ”

“The president can appoint a money less society.  There wont be any cash in the society.”
“If there is no cash, then who will work. All will sit at home.” asked Billu. I need money for my hair cut. Billu is a barber.

Rudra continued, ” No thats wrong. All the major differences will fade away.  No one will work for money. If you are a teacher you can teach the students for free.  Your other daily needs can be taken care by others. Like drivers will be driving. Software engineers will code freely.”
“You mean money is the root cause of all evils. ”

“But how can our Rahmat Bhai make tea free of cost all day. It will be a loss for him.”,
“Think of Shahrukh Khan dancing and jumping for free in front of camera.”

“Satyamev Jayathe, truth wins. The program needs money. Everything needs money”
Money,money, money”, rudra was pissed off. 
“With out money, All our regrets will go”

“Let the president rule our country. ”

“But if such a presidential system may not be enacted in the next 15 years, will all citizens who dream about a ‘fair’ india do nothing but wait for the next decade living like a vegetable. Instead of a stronger ruler, every citizen has to be strong. Knowledge about his country, society, resources and money. Citizens need to learn to make their daily bread to feed themselves. They shall stop standing in the Q of any ruler for their bread. They shall never wait in the Hopes of being ruled by someone else. They shall find ways for themselves, like free birds and insects. Independence is the word missing in today, so does the feeling of pioneering, we all sit at a place and want everything.”, Sudama asked

“But we need freedom too. We cant work hard all the time.  I want to have pleasure too. “,
“We want to stand in the Voting Queue once in every 5 years, so that a few rule and take up our responsibility.
We get up late and keep demanding things.”

“We give them the responsibility. Politicians have to win elecions and do their duty.”, they countered Sudama.

“We sleep late and before we do so, open our complaint box for the day.
We copy some acts done by some society, calling ourselves modernizing.
We seldom know the difference between culture and civilization.”

We regret too much for others making our destiny.

At first We regret because

we are born in India,
born to poor parents,
born to backward society,
born to study in a local school,
forced to pursue parents demands,
forced to dream what our parents could not do,
forced to wear torn knickers when neighbours son had a “fashionable jeans”,
forced to eat in a mess when our roommates lunched and ate from good hotels,
forced to study harder because our neighbour’s(relative’s) kid got better marks,

The regret continues

As a parent we regret
Our kids are not performers
We did everything but all is wasted because of kids
went through sufferings for their kids
patched up with spouses for their kids

As the day was cloudy,  towards evening it started raining with thunder storms.  They were sitting at the verandah of  a public library.

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins
International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit:

Then we regret about our Rule and constitution

We regret because
Money is concentrated with Tatas and birlas,
Politicians are corrupt and they are not helping us
Judiciary is slow and useless
Our law protects the illegal

We regret about our policy

Honesty is not the best policy in India

We regret about our policy makers
We regret for the Infra structure
We regret for the climate changes
We regret for the scandals
We regret for the casualties in disasters
We regret for the hard working population of our country migrating from bihar to mumbai, from kerala to dubai, from andhra to us,

“Stop counting regret lists, we all have plenty of regrets in life. ”

“See the guy who mocks you at your office may not be happier, guy who cheats you in dealings may not be smarter..”

“you cannot loose your positivity because of  situations, life has to go on.”

Sudama was counting the regret list.  All his friends were happily yawning. ” Man, nothing is gonna our country for now, you ought to know that by now.”

It was evening 7 pm.  It rained heavily, and storm blew. They had no power that night. 

 See you tomorrow, Its almost dark.  Lets hope atleast power comes back so that we can sleep without mosquito bites”. They all parted into the dark night.