In Exile

                                         Story of a protagonist

“I am in exile”

“I was looking tired and felt thirsty, when i stood in fromt of a juice store… moving to get the juicer’s attention, i glanced at the price tags, I wonder what happened to me. “.  Price of an apple juice glass.  [ Apples changed the world a lot of times.   Eve got apples from the garden. Apple falls on a scientist. Apple becomes a cell phone.]

I felt at peace with the price board, Its better to drink my thirst and eat my hunger.

Every poor guy does this. A poor man’s hunger rich stomach has greater understanding. 

But success stories are always a result of  a tough fight.  Every eye has a dream.  A dream to change the situations.  Every dream goes through a night life, cooler yet dark part of the day, darkest just before the dawn, before they turn into bright realities in the eyes of others.

migrant workers
migrant workers (Photo credit: Rex Pe)

More people are found in our localities now.  If  you look at a poor guy working in your locality,  may be he  was forced to leave his native in search of a living.  He only left a state of india. I met him at the Railways.  “I am from Bihar, i came down to this city to find a job. In my home town, i might get a job. But if i am outside, then they respect me.”  Indian Railways are the major means of human migration in India.  He has arrived with a group of 15 men from his village.

This man is working as a construction laborer at a villa.  Its owner works at a labor camp in the Middle east.  

He is part of the Dubai Boom…………….He  is one of hundreds of mostly middle aged skilled workers living in a painful life of exploitation in this myriad dynasty of boom.  An interview with the local recruiting agency got him a visa to work in Dubai.

All of these men are part of a huge scam that is helping the construction boom in the Gulf.  Like hundreds of thousands of migrant workers, they each paid money to employment agents in Indian cities. Many agencies were opened who started functioning as Recruitment Consultancies in india.  They were promised double the wages they are actually getting, plus plane tickets to visit their families once a year, but none of the men in the room had actually read their contract. Only two of them knew how to read.

“They lied to us,” a worker with a long beard says. “They told us lies to bring us here. Some of us sold their land; others took big loans to come and work here.”

In a small hospital ward in the remote town of Kollam, his mother was lying on bed displaying the familiar signs of coma – laboured breathing, His anxious father and sister helplessly stayed closely near him.

“But with thousands of rupees of debt hanging over my head and no options for a new job, I don’t have much of a choice.”

A newspaper report said the government says that workers are free to leave the UAE if they’re unhappy.
High rise of dubai seems never ending. Hundreds of gleaming towers have risen on the backs of migrants working in highly exploitative conditions.

Once my friend, explained to me. “A group of construction engineers told me, with no apparent shame, that if a worker becomes too ill to work he will be sent home after a few days. “They are the cheapest commodity here. Steel, concrete, everything is up, but workers are the same.”

Well, being born and bought up in India, we have always seen numerous cases of such sad stories.  Fighting the risk of selling the house/farmland/jewellery and leaving behind the family – going to Gulf countries to work as a cleaner and other low-profile labour jobs.

A migrant dream of any HUMAN.

Every year, a migration of humans force them to leave their native land to cities.  Living in a small rooms which have TV connections for Indian  channels, eating basic self-made Indian food – saving every rupee and sending it back to home.  

Their families out there living happily in the native thinking with pride that their family member is working Abroad,  earning big working in a foreign country.

Dubai, UAE | Dubai Creek ¦ #1
Dubai, UAE | Dubai Creek ¦ #1 (Photo credit: Åndrey)

 Every developing CITY with a  huge working population is part of the great human MIGRATION.  Once i read about the GREAT MIGRATION (not the serengetti – masai mara Annual beast migration) created an Urbanised population in the US.

 My life was in a room, smaller and cozy like a chicken hole with one wooden door and a broken window. The door never opened. The window never closed, it merely overlooked the fall deep into the mountain cove below.

Everyday when I get up, I could see the top of a lush green coconut tree popping out from a tamarind tree canopy and a couple of high-rise buildings in the background. During the fall season, colors of the buildings changed, the leaves of tamarind tree darkened. They stood still. They never seem to have left me.

Sometimes clouds float and stay during the hot days. They accumulate and prevent the blue sky from appearing. Swirls of kites fly below the stationary face changing clouds.

Daily, I would marvel at the unforgettable sight of hundreds of soaring, swirling kites and eagles. I wondered why they would soar to such heights. Later i learnt that they conserve energy by creating ‘thermal soars’ and can glide for miles without flapping their wings.

An occasional pigeon passes by flapping around, reminds me of the ants gliding on the walls in a zig- zag manner. Every thing moves on.

My hardships never saw an ending.

Far away in the distance, men were working and talking. Everybody talks about money. But I just needed enough money to pay my bills off.

Birds and animals live to soar high in every moment of instinct. For them, every thing is now.

Next moment may be a death that prevents them to breathe any more. But a mere death never pulls them back from fighting harder.

I will talk to the hawks when they glide near my window.  And tell them what all I dreamt of. 

For me, the present life meant sources to find money.  Either money should be abolished.  A society that eradicates need for accumulation of money and wealth. Or money eradicates this Society.

Monks at the Buddhist monastery believed in re incarnation of life. They say, the moment we stop breathing in one form of life, our souls change to another body.

May be I will take a rebirth on some other planets, explore all gold and minerals before others find it…..

PS :
While 80% of Indians earn less than 2$ per day and every second child is malnourished.  It seems as if only the honest people are poor in India and want to get rid of their poverty by education, emigration to cities, and immigration, whereas all the corrupt ones, are getting rich through scams and crime. It seems as if India is a rich country filled with poor people.

According to a report., Public officials in India may be cornering as much as Rs.92,122 crore ($18.42 billion), or 1.26 per cent of the GDP, through corruption.


Log Data Analysis

Archive Log Files Oracle
Archive Log Files Oracle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s going to be more and more pain for the IT  Companies. These companies are taking clients for a ride on resources, with rates that are way too high compared to the skill levels offered.

Ramesh told sudama about looking out for options. Because competition has increased not just from the  Indian Biggies but also from a new breed of ambitious service providers from around the world.

Now new breed of companies started offering services like “software as a services” (SaaS) or “platform as a service” (PaaS, where hardware or storage can be rented over the internet).


“Think over it,  today clients are demanding new pricing models, cheaper is what they expect, a presence across geographies and greater sharing of risk from you.”

“Its new timeline, It will be now more aligned to value creation, rather than just mere IT Development“…

Value is important…
“Annual contracts are being renegotiated regularly, on a term. ”

Sudama looks at the various methods taken up by the Administrators in managing the server log.

It becomes an impossible task to manually keep track of all log data generated and maintain the security of the server

 IT administrators provide access to log files in the following methods.

Manual copy

  • Since IT administrators have direct access to production machines, log files are downloaded and sent to the development team via e-mail or keeping in a shared drive/folder.
  • This is a tedious process as IT administrators need to spend a lot of time in this method. Since the application might be running on multiple instances, manual copy would consume more time.
  • Live log access is a limitation in this method.
  • In the modern IT infrastructure, the teams may be located across the globe. Since the bandwidth varies from location to location, the copy and download process would take a lot of time.

Automatic Copy by a script

  • Some IT administrators come-up with intelligent UNIX shell scripts that moves the log files into a shared drive/folder. This process occurs at regular intervals.
  • In order to write the diligent script, IT admin requires adequate programming skills related to the operating system.
  • Even this method doesn’t support live log access.

    JBoss application server
    JBoss application server (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Configure SAN/NAS for log file storage

  • SAN/NAS storage devices will be integrated with production machines and mapped to a folder name. The IT admin configures the application servers log file location to the SAN/NAS drives. The development team would require to map the SAN/NAS drive to their local machines.
  • This method is not feasible as configuring SAN/NAS devices are expensive.
  • Storing log files in SAN/NAS devices is not a viable option as it’s a single point of a failure. Due to the hiccups in the network or NAS/SAN devices, log content will not be stored in the devices. This leads to the application server failure as it stops the entire logging frame work and all the threads get stuck, eventually this results the application outage.
  • Though the log files are up to date, the development team by default do not have a console/tool/utility to view the live logs.

    Cloud computing stack showing infrastructure, ...
    Cloud computing stack showing infrastructure, platform and application layers as well as clients and servers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)