Real Ways to Make Money using web and Blogging

Sudama is confused. His friend Gadama is all enjoying life with a lot of wealth.  How does he do that?
 Have ideas, need ways to make money!  Looking for ways to make money with your blog can be frustrating.  You spend a lot of time on internet but nothing happens. Because your money accounts are not adding any value from this time.   When something or some one does not make addition in your accout, it is considered futile.  People might even say this guy is simply wasting his time.  Doing that on web, for having money you need traffic from users in form of clicks and hits (visits). Either you don’t have enough traffic or you are not sure what to do.

Most of the internet savvy crowd ask this question once they come to taste something called “Make money Online“.  Lets see what sudama could have done in order to get the traffic.

Sudama is an ordinary guy, who writes in his diaries, paints oil color,  does photoshop designs, types few articles in inboxes and blogs. He works in an IT environment for a salary, this is a way to earn and live.

Classical method

Apply for a post in a firm. Firms can be Governmental or Private or even a mix.  Sudama’s parents want him to do a regular job. They dont like him into business. He cannot pursue his talents.  Parents have a dream for him. Sudama has to pass an interview or bribe the officers, to get a post (job). Once he is able to get a job, he gets money till his death if its a govt. job. Once he is able to make it into a private firm, he is secured till the company fires him or he hires another job. In this method, you dont need to work too hard or see work as serious (more true if you are into Govt. job). If in Govt. Job, Forget about making money ONLINE,  just concentrate on making money UNDER THE TABLE. If in a private firm, think about ONLINE apart from doing your own things in between.

Everything is fare in the above category, greed, scams scandals, bribe, back bite, screw and forge to cite a few ways…



Other than this there are plenty of ideas to make money online. If you are a beginner, there are genuine opportunities available to you. The internet is waiting for you.

Sudama tries  to list opportunities and ideas that are real and working here. All these are called ‘MONETISATION‘.

Freelance opportunities 

  Well there are a plenty of opportunities in the country for a freelancer.  Freelancing is when you are capable of acheiving a task for someone else in return for a payment, without having to be in the pay roll of the client.  You can be a designer or a coder.  If you can write, there are writing opportunities available. If you are a designer, you have designing opportunities available.
Here your talent is paid in currency.  The happier the client is, more your payment is.  Risk associated are higher.

WordPress Pluggins for Sites (plugins)

Widgets need to be inserted into the layout of your blog posts or your own site.

   Adsense is a Google method.  It is one of the most popular and Legitimate ideas to make money online. Basically its a program for putting Ads in your site, you get paid for the amount of people visiting your site. More international visitors, means more value for their visits.  Google has clear cut rules for implementing Adsense.

Write an e-book
   It is another creative opportunity to make money online. You sell your expertise by writing an ebook. There are huge opportunities available to promote your ebook, provided it is a good one. We cover all the details and tools required for a beginner to begin his ebook business.

Travel writing

Paid Surveys

 Sudama talks about suggestions and advice. ADVICE is the only commodity on the market where the supply always exceeds the demand.  ADVICE is seldom welcome, and those who want it the , like it in the least quantity. Others will follow your footsteps easier than they will your advice. So in a nutshell, advices, opinions, your ideas are all welcome but lets put them in better use.

   Do you have opinions.  Your opinion counts a lot. Most companies out there would like to know your opinion about their products and how to improve them. There is large number of survey providers out there who would enroll you for free. You will be sent surveys based on your profiles and remunerated accordingly. There are scams in paid surveys.

 Sudama warns against paying  rupees to make money with paid surveys. You have all the information you require to learn this opportunity provided in detail on the web.

Please spend some quality time here on the web. start searching the web for “How to make money online”.   Bookmark the websites and spread the news to your friends about the opportunities online.  Be disciplined and follow the methods with patience.

Use the blogs and discussion forums to discuss more about the opportunities included here. 
Facebook is doing the same concept. They are making money online, but in a big way.  Every user who logs in gives facebook a click.  Millions of users click in every second generating a huge traffic for facebook.
Twitter is the new way in web where news comes to you in small snippets.  Daily dose of news, just the way you want it.


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