Faked in China….Why Break Our Heads…

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Products Fakes in China….Breaks Heads in India

The  ‘Red Flag’ged Dragon grins swaying its huge scaled surface. Black Dragons are devilish in India and most Indians are scared. Red ones are reared in China, they teach it to grin. Some Indians like red colored ones because they will hate their own brothers if they are black in color but love a white dragon teething to devour them.

China Dragon : India Drags On …

Chinese make products.  Or Chinese fake products. Those products make Chinese Economy and sccial cultural festivals colorful. Indians fake if they find commercial value lost to their family culture.  Indian culture is a vast story.  If we study it, we come to know why Indians Cheat fellow Indians and easily get enslaved by Foreigners.
India is developing “Fast & Furious“, lets look at one Indian who is not bothered about “Chinese Fake”,  He is bothered about his existence.  He is the Indian Tribal.  Long  since India existed, Tribals existed as the original “Indian Culture” holder. But today Tribals pay the highest price of Indian Development because their regions are resource rich.
They believed that LAND was a common resource for the benfit of all.  They thought God has been very kind with a lot of land, food,sunshine, rain, rivers, lakes. They protected it and its resources for centuries. 
They never believed in legal Occupation of land.
But in the next century, they will be erased along with the Natural resources for ever.  Minerals,the forest, water and other sources that abound in their habitat.

Alright,  lets forget about our tribals. Let few foreigners come to andamans and make them dance naked for a few DOLLARS. Let the foreigners take care of the tribals elsewhere in India too. 

At least 200 million Indians go to bed hungry every night.  I have seen fellow indians sleep along side pavements with a shawl on their flesh like  stray dogs in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin and Delhi. 

For them, selling a Chinese(even faked in India) toy, when the Red Signal Stops at the traffic,  means bread. Red Flag is sometimes food for them. 
I saw a guy at the Indian Railway station platform go down beneath a Train’s compartment to come up with a thrown parcel box of  eaten “Idly Vada“.  He was devouring it.  Then he went near a water tap, managed to grab a plastic tea cup from  a dirty ‘Waste Bin Basket’ and drink water usiing the cup. 
Some people throw away food, some people scavnage it even before a crow comes down.

Why cant we make more Food, cheaper food : China with lesser cultivable land, produces double the food grains, at 415 million tons per year compared with India’s 208 million tons per year.  Way to go, infact too long for Indians.  In agriculture Indian yields per acre, are well below the international norms.

To remove Hunger, we need food. For food, we need agriculture( Old Tribal ancient Culture). Countries like Singapore are trying to become self sufficient in food production by introducing newest methods like soil less multi layer cultivation.
Indian agricultural land is irreversibly used for non productive usage like construction.

Chinese products have paralysed our economy.  Accepted.  But  more harm was done by our people.  China endeavored to lift the masses from misery and poverty.  In Malaysia the Bhumiputra policy of reservations for the Malays went far beyond the Indian approach. They also made massive investments in the education, health, nutrition and hygiene of the Malays thus preparing them for jobs and to be consumers. *(Quoted)

Milk : White Revolution
In 1998, India overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest milk producer. 

Today most of the milk in India is adulterated, contaminated or diluted. Unfortunately most Indian mothers depend upon this supply to feed their Kids. 

20 years back,the Indian economy, which used to be almost 80% of that of Chinese economy. Today we are at 25% of their economy.

Indians celebrated  $1 trillion mark, whereas China is way beyond a $4 trillion plus economy.

Indian Policy Makers (Pro Lazy Maika lals) *  created small minority in every section. Only small numbers get  their share of benefits. Indian Governance actually reflects Indians Mentality.

Ever wondered , Why Indians score high marks on performance outside India!

Here again I would like a story to be quoted…. I will get back …
(* Sorry to find that US Congress decision is making wiki(Wikipedia) request help from readers. Tyranny.

For over a decade, wiki has spent millions of hours building the largest encyclopedia in human history. Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the free and open Internet.)


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