Offer Letter Trial to Sam from Rana Motors

Tis Hazari Metro Station,
Boulevard Road,
Delhi – 110054

Your CV has been selected from JOB SEEKERS DATA BASE for our new offices.

The management of RANA MOTORS(RM) selected 55 candidates for Senior Engineer,Sales, Administration,
Production, marketing ,Retail,Staff Nurse and general services. It is our pleasure to inform
you that your CV was selected as one of the 55 candidates for the

RANA MOTORS(RM)is involved in Senior Engineer, Administration,  Production, marketing ,Retail,Sales and general service in India.
RANA MOTORS(RM)is recruiting candidates for her new offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune.Hyderabad
Kolkata ,Chennai,Nagpur,Trivandrum and Mumbai.

Your interview will be held at our Corporate office in New Delhi on 10th Of DEC. 2011 at 11.30am, we are pleased to inform you that the out of 55 candidate shortlisted 50 candidates will be given appointment, meaning your
application can be in progress to the final stage.

You will have to come to the Company corporate office in New Delhi. Your offer letter with Air Ticket will be
sent to you via courier before date of interview.

Our salary with benefits for this post Rs 70, 000/- to 250, 000/- P.M. + (HRA + D.A + Conveyance
and other Company benefits. The Designation and Job Location will be fixed by
HRD. at time of final process. You have to come with photo-copies of all
required documents.

1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.
2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)
3) Photo-copies of Address Proof
4) Two Passport photos

1. Full Name:
2. Contact Address:
3. Mobile Number:
4. Sex:
5. Age:
You are expected to make a cash deposit of 15,700/-(Fifteen thousand Seven hundred rupees) as an
initial amount in favour of our Company accountant name in charge of payment.

Payment for the Rs. 15,700/- (Fifteen thousand Seven hundred rupees) through any [STATE BANK OF INDIA]
{BANK OF INDIA} OR [BANK OF BARODA]Branch near to you in favour of our chief account
officer in charge of recruitment.

This is a refundable interview security deposit.Your offer letter With Air tickets will be sent to your Home
Address by courier after receiving the confirmation of interview security deposit.

The management of RANA MOTORS(RM) will pay all the expenditure to you at the time of face-to-face meeting with you in our corporate office. Your Job
profile, salary offer, and date -time of interview will be mention in your offer letter.
Your offer letter will dispatch very shortly after receiving your confirmation of cash
deposited in STATE BANK OF INDIA,BANK OF INDIA OR BANK OF BARODA. We wish you the best of
luck for the subsequent and remaining stage. The last date of security deposited in
bank 5th Of Dec. 2011 you have to give the information after deposited the
Security amount in bank to the Company HRD -direct recruitment via email.

Your Letter with supporting document will be dispatch same time by courier to your
postal address after receipt of security deposit confirmation in bank. Your interview
process and arrangement expenditure will be paid by RANA MOTORS(RM). Lodging,
travelling and local conveyance actual will be paid by RANA MOTORS(RM) as per bills.

NB: You are advice to reconfirm your mailing address and phone number in
your reply. And 15,500/- (Fifteen thousand Five hundred rupees) will be the refundable
Amount, as 200 rupees will be deducted as bank charges for funds deposit. And if
you are been selected or not, still the amount will be refunded to you, as the amount
is just to prove that you will be coming for the interview in order for us not to run at
lost after sending you the air ticket and you don’t show up on the day of interview.
Wishing you the best of luck.



The role of a Coach/ Mentor

Without money
Image by Toban Black via Flickr

Love your job but don’t love your Company because you may not know when your company stops loving you …Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM


We often used to sit and plan for the future.  One day I was discussing the issue of Coaching and Mentoring with my wife.  A phase of life, where we needed the mentoring effort from each other.  There  are times in life when one has to decide and make turning points.  Several decisions in life are never taken up because of the fear of  facing difficulties and questions resulting being a failure.

 Often we don’t face up to what we fear.  We hide it in our minds, just to erase them from our thoughts.  If we can find someone we can trust, and share what you feel.  We will probably find they have had a similar experience, and can help us.

And i remembered having read a book on Geoffrey Dyson, how he made invaluable contributions to Coaching Science.


Geoffrey Dyson had a long and strong academic and coaching career. He was the coach of the British Olympic Team in 1952, 1956, and 1960. In 1962, he first published his book on the Mechanics of Athletics. He was a speaker for the International Olympic Academy and conducted athletic courses in 14 countries.


Geoffrey Dyson speaking to the 19th session of the International Olympic Academy, Greece 1979, widened the horizon when he said that “the wise coach develops not only the fullest physical potential in his charges, but also those capacities and habits of mind and body which will enrich and ennoble their later years“.


The term  Coaching is effective in developing Effectiveness,  Performance and Development.   Every individual has a potential which adds value to the organisation’s performance.  So to get the maximum results for an organisation’s growth, Coaching brings in the best in an executive, organisation and the environment they work in.

It is a process based on the experiences of a mentor, who coaches the coached.
Is coaching necessary in current scenario? Do individual executives (human resources) need a improvement training?
Will a executive gain out of  such an experiment?
***** Do something that you love to spend time on ***
Some people bring a level of decency to whatever they do,  they face up to other people’s upsets and problems along with an emotional balance.   This may be due to the level of motivation and passion in them.  When their inner strengths get aligned to the actions and  their work,  they produce excellent results.  Such people enjoy work.

“There is nothing like finding work that you can enjoy doing and fall in love with.”


Professionalism : Whats the Importance of Money?

Honestly, the word professionalism is ironical by definition.  An analysis into a professional’s daily ordeal with professionalism will let us know that professionalism was a  mere word to glorify some who proclaim as professionals.  A self acclaimed statement.

They say there is a difference between an amateur and a professional.   A professional learns every aspect of the job. An amateur skips the learning process whenever possible.Most professionals try hard to  shun the amateur in them.  All are aware that an amateur avoids others’ problems.  So a professional tries to get into a roll of judging others.

Monish Kaushik has an opinion on this aspect. He loves openness in relations and work.
Kaushik says, ” Look at Sunny Leone.  She wants to work for the Big Boss in India.  She does her profession in a “Professional” manner.  See whatever you do, you should bring decency in the dealings.  Bring Respect for the work you do.”
This was a lighter version, to indicate the importance of professionalism in work.  But others like him are correct because   most Indian work places are improving today.  From “Babugiri” to “Gandhigiri“.
“Some people bring a level of decency to whatever they do”, Deepak Dev explains the emerging trends in working culture.
Whether its a Doctor, Bania, or the Auto driver, change is happening.   Last week one auto rickshaw driver assaulted a couple in Bangalore in mid day.
Hotel Maria in Cochin sells packaged  water at additional price of 18 Rupees a liter. 3/- greater than the M R P.
Once Mr Anoop asked the Hotel Owner about the Higher Charge.  “Rupees 3/- is the regrigeration charge for cooling the water”, Immediately the Manager replied.
These are not isolated incidents.
Even Remiya supported this thinking,  she is a Tutor at a  Medical College.  Her aim was to go to the Gulf countries to earn more.   She returned to India after working in  Qatar for 4 years.
“When i was at Kerala, my pay was low.  Family used to complain… No money money…”,  there used to be tension always.
“But today   I have money, and they all respect me”
“Hey arun, Every one talks about goodness and professionalism , I dont believe in all that.  I firmly believe If I have enough money in my wallet, then everything is good , all like me, all love me till I show those “Green Crispy” Currency notes”, explains Ligeesh.
Stress at workplace
Most of us find it difficult to cope with stress at  work place.  Individuals find it harder to adapt to a rapidly changing economic situation.  Whether you work for an organisation as an employee or you are self employed in an organisation, Stress happens everywhere at unexpectedly different levels.
Whereas most of the stress related factors are economic in nature, like uncertainty for a role in future, salary mismatch with other peer employees,  work proportions compared to others, uneasy managers, egoistic team members etc  lead to thoughts of being unfit in an organisation creep up in an employee.  The result is we are forced to spend more of our work days panicked, tensed and out of control instead of  enjoying and relaxing at work.
A work place should have the normal stress levels,  otherwise employees will suffer from slow death to their talents and inner confidence.
A highly relaxed work atmosphere is a tricky term, because such a work place is not improving the inner strengths of an individual.   Once my friend compared this situation to that of “Broiler Chickens” in a Chicken shop.  The chickens are highly fed with good food before getting  ready for slaughtering and dressed up for a chicken curry.
Expecting  some stress at work is a normal part of the workplace, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity , affecting  your physical and emotional health.

“People ask me for my qualification during my interview, then they give me a job on the basis of my performance in the various rounds of meetings and calls. I guess they test my knowledge, exposure and ability.  ” says Navita who works for an ITES  company.   “When i joined the company they had many roles for me.  Now after 3 years, they are confused on my role in the company. Suddenly one fine day i am a useless resource for them”
“I think if i keep a person in my company for more than 4 years, (s)he is dangerous for me.  Because their performance declines and organisation expectations are never met.  I never want to get close to a person emotionally in the long run.  I keep changing the people every 4- 5 years. “, says Sayed who runs a company of his own.

“My previous employer  wanted me to improve my qualification as they wanted me to utilize my knowledge and ability properly.  So they wanted me to a Post Graduation course. ” says Amit who did Executive MBA from a reputed University during his work tenure,  after the company wanted him to pursue the higher studies.  ” I improved my career a lot today”, Amit is now into a new company after serving his previous company for 6 years.

Srikanth says,  “When people have extracted the most of my knowledge, they try to down grade me. Now they only have one word, you are given a new responsibility on the basis of your Qualification.  Once they find that I didn’t react, then they feel “Silence is submission”. They come and ask me how I am doing in the new role?”

The Indian customer service

“You can’t expect anything worst than their Customer care. They boast for the premium service but, they themselves defy.”, an Old guy outside the tax consultant office says.  “The website on pan card rule says PAN card application is simple and you can get it in few weeks.  They said only pay 94/- so i refused the Agent who was charging me 400/-. But i think the Agent was a better choice.”

“I come here every week but nothing happens, I see the same young lady chatting with another young guy sitting and typing looking at her.  She looks so happy, but when i go there and ask for a doubt she gets furious.”

There is  a Tea Shop, which sells Cigarettes and Snacks, next to the Satellite Town Station IT Hub.  Guys are breaking time.
“How about a transfer of landline connection takes more than a month to implement? I had been using Gastel prepaid from almost 5 years , but last week they imposed some so-called ‘value-added’ services.  They activated for my account and lost money without  my consent.”
“What customer service man. Customer care executives are mannerless and least humble during the conversation. ”

” They get into a company and behave as if the public is their servant, and it is their father’s company. ” says hemanth. Hemanth was smoking a King Lites when a Sales guy came with a red Cadbury’s  Chocolate pack Look alike with two packs of cigarettes in it.  “Sir can you help me, We are introducing this new product and i am doing a survey on the customer feedback”

“See man, if you garantee that you wont send me unwanted sms, then you can note my number.” . The sales guy got 6 members for his survey and  he left.

“I don’t understand if they are in the market for customer service or for obligation. ”

Dileep  says ,”Even Zone nodal center didn’t work-out and Regional affiliation center says that due to some technical issue you are encountering this issue.  Is there anything else I can do for you”

I said to the Gastel customer care executive, ” Nothing more dude,  thanks for reminding me that as  a great Indian customer I am  a fool with your tele call.”

Is there a loss of motivation…

Issues of national interests

Youth of India is actively taking part in discussions of national interests.  They are increasingly becoming aware of the global challenges as well as the regional turmoils.

“Did you read the news, One Indian fellow by name ‘Lux Ananthaswami’ invented some new USB Device.”, said Dileep who is a Team Lead Android Apps.
“I too read about it. But will it help us in maintaining connectivity, if  i lose my pen drive”, asked Arun.
“Last year, I lost my USB in my office. It had my personal photos and important data..”, Arun continued.

“Someone might have flipped it, personal photos huh…. you and your girl friend’s.. i guess .. “,  Karthika added.
“I am really jealous of your girl friend.. she is so lucky.. Good that you lost your USB …  hehe”, said Monica.
“Come on monica, Leave him, We should be proud of this invention.”
“What is it called?”

“Good yaar, Indians are doing great!”

“wow, kudos to him!! amazing, life will  be so easy with such things”

“Is Mr Sibbal not interested in Lux?”

“No yaar! He is interested in ‘Aakash'”
“Cheapest tab in the world”
“I really appreciate India Government  in bringing out an affordable tablet for everyone.  But some years  back they did  a lot of  other efforts for cheaper computer like ‘Simputer’ etc. ”

“Nothing worked.  Now its elections. Its their new agenda.”
“Okie, I think we shall wait for another “Aakash Tab Failed ” Headlines.. hahahha ”
“Expecting a scam now. 🙂 ”

“Harvinder Singh is the King”, Hari comments. “Self motivated slap out of pure courage”.
“Hey dude, the minister now a days, day-dreams of that sardar and has developed ‘Agoraphobia'” , Fubina was motivated after watching the brave heart mango transporter hit India’s Agriculture Minister on his left cheek.
“Man, i must say, you get that guy here, I want to hit my boss  too”

“You just keep saying that you cant even hit the “burnt ass” guy, who mocked you at the pantry”,

“What to do da?”

“Look at the issue of  “Mullaperiyar” Dam.  One side says Dam is stronger and will never collapse. They are not even bothered to understand the emotions of the people living there.”, says Malinga.
They are all waiting for the release “DAM 999”.
“DAM 999 0r Dirty Picture, Dirty Picture is also good man.  Vidya Balan is a class of an actress.”

“Hope they dont burn the theatres”,
“What burn theatres man, its a question of 45 lakh human beings?”

“Why do indians take the Pledge at school that “All indians are my brothers and sisters”? ”

“When your brothers and sisters on side live in danger, other brothers and sisters want to call that psychological melodrama?”