Health is wealth


“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” – ~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

  Success Story :  Example of a transformation

Busy hours at the bus station, in the rush hour I happen to meet Sunil.  A nearly immobile huge body, Sunil Kumar didn’t slow his activities. He came out of the Manipal Medical Center and was looking for a bus. He had a handful of X Ray reports and Scan Results with a heap of prescriptions  in his Bag. “Do you know the bus to Peenya industrial estate?”

“No sir. I don’t . In fact I am two days old to this place”, I said with a blank expression on my face.

“Oh. That’s Ok. I am here for over a month, but I am still not clear with the places. You see”, he smiled as he  tried  to  clean the dust on the seat to keep his heap of documents.

“Huh, You are older to me in this place.  But still we both don’t know the place at all”
“No issues.  We can ask the guy sitting there for your bus address. He might help us.”, I said pointing to an old person sitting beneath a banyan tree next  to the bus stop.

In a few moments things worked and he got the exact bus numbers to his destination.  We were happier and friendly.

“Are these for your grandparent(s)”, I asked the young man looking at the bunch of X Ray reports.

“Not  at all. These are mine.  I have back pain”, said the man in his twenties.

“Oh, I see?”
“By the way I am Arun, I work as a Business Analyst for a Software Firm In Cochin.  How about you?
“I work as a developer for an IT firm in Mysore for the past few years.  I am having an active life though my back hurts sometimes.”

He told me about the active days of his college life.  “I always thought good about being massive, it meant health to me and my family.”

Despite his denials, Sunil had a major problem, primarily his unhealthy relationship with food and the sedentary lifestyle. By the time he left college, he already had high cholesterol.

Sooner his careless attitude towards health resulted in a stroke one day. Till then he never realized the importance of healthy diet and food habits.

It was then that his body simply left him.

“I went into anaphylactic shock,”
“For several days I was a vegetable”
“My body just couldn’t take it anymore. I was putting in things as if it were a dust bin though. So I decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery.”

It was a turning point in his life.

“I started to realize the importance of my body.  I realized that I am not a machine.  I wanted to spend more time for myself.”

Years later Sunil is a fairly active guy today. Though he stopped playing games and quit the Job.  But he enjoyed his new role as a Fitness expert and Diet Counselor.   
What made this change around in his Life?

“I believe I am active and live a healthy life today. I face no problems”, Sunil says.  At 35, Sunil has also made a serious commitment to exercise and good health.

“Why are we facing health related issues despite the fact that we have achieved so much in science?”, he knew the answer to it.

Though initially he set modest goals like walking or jogging a few kms daily morning, he soon began weight training and improved his passion for fitness into a serious part of his life. He became friends with athletes and trainers.  He decided to make nutritional counseling a serious career.

There was content in my mind having met this man.  I now know that well being has to start with in our self.

It left me with answers I was seeking for long.  


A look at the modern day practical issues gives us the hint, Our life style generates stress, psychological and emotional insecurities.

How do we then achieve fitness or well being?   Today as we become more and more sophisticated, we tend to move away from nature.  We need to learn it’s not the years in our count it’s the life, it’s the life in your years.

The solution may lie in having a balanced nutrition, stress management, lifestyle changes and meditation.  It all sounds easy but to reach a goal like what sunil has achieved is commendable.

The rewards for making these changes are endless, but it’s beginning that’s so difficult.


Lifestyle and change

What you will wish, “I will start dieting from next week and do exercises, see the results.”

But how does one come to know that one needs a lifestyle change.  Have a look at what you do currently and see for yourselves how you spend your time.  Living healthy means spending  more time and energy on your body.

If you  like

* Eating out at restaurants

* Drinking alcohol

* Eating fast food or junk foods

* Sitting in front of a computer

* Staying up late/not getting enough sleep

Or do you spend your time

* Cooking for yourselves, eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains

* Dealing with stress in a healthy way

* Checking your weight and calories in the food

* Being active in general (taking the stairs, walking instead of driving, gardening, cleaning, etc.)

* Doing exercises and talking about health

* Strength training for all muscle groups with challenging weights

It’s time to reevaluate your priorities and decide what you really want for yourself.


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