P S S (Pyramid Spiritual Society) is conducting GCSS…

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Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists ( GCSS)

(* My gratitude to my wife,  mentor friend Sunil and typical thanks to Shrikanth Ji,  and all my dear friends know that i am nothing without them )

We  cant accept the fact that we are  a guest to this world.   We  keep depressed, are  desperate.  Howsoever be the food prepared by the host ( at their  house for us) ,  we  always appreciate it.  Whatever the arrangements they made for our  stay,  we accepted it gracefully and thanked them.   We  are  happy when we accepted that we were   only a guest there for a day or two.  

Why not Accept that we are only guests to this world ?    We might be happier still …

The Pyramid Spiritual Society (PSS) is organizing a Union of Spiritual Scientists from all over the Globe bringing a week of Spiritual Revelation. Welcome to this unique kind of spiritual experience to meet and learn from the spiritual masters and spiritual scientists, also let this be a ground where you can share your ideas and knowledge.

We deal with our body, mind and soul every moment of our life and yet we are not aware of our spiritual existence.
At times when we are totally lost in the mindless world of doing and rushing after material things, we tend to hurt ourselves with the bodily activities and seek solace in material pleasures forgetting that we are sinking into this everlasting bondage rather than rising into a free world of higher spiritual existence. We seldom have the spiritual balance.

In order for us to function fully, all our aspects within  ourselves must be balanced. Our mind, body and soul have to be in harmony with each other. The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness.
It is always important to maintain the balance between materialism and spirituality.  But where do we begin from.
Who will start the spiritual journey for you ? Who will evoke your internal state of mind, unwind you body and bring harmony within your soul.

In this program,  light will be thrown upon areas where we need to begin from ?  Simply few practices like meditation, yoga and vegetarianism, which are so popular are undertaken as study  for a spiritual purpose.
Spirituality and meditation always were associated with each other.   “If spirituality is the sea, then meditation is the endlessly flowing river that finds its way to that sea.” ( a quote from Laly Lekshmanan)

Meditation means to achieve thoughtlessness. Today, many people are lacking inner happiness and finding it difficult to handle the emotions. Through meditation, we can control materialism and achieve our goals with more ease.
Vegetarianism is a crucial aspect of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. You can discover the truth for yourself by simply trying a vegetarian diet.

Our ancestors learned the secrets of the outer world as well as the inner selves. They actually learnt the harmony between the two. Spiritual Masters will try to bring that to us back.

Meditate! Think and find time for yourself! Connect yourselves!

The conscious world within us forgets who we are, why we are here and what are we are living for. Our egos in our conscious world control us and our every action there-off.

The only moment we want to turn to spirituality is when our consciousness fails to give us enough that we ever wanted, we become distressed.   Desperation to achieve,  expectations to fulfill, fuel our ego.  Once  our hope diminishes,  our egos fail to exist, but this is temporary.  This is called Ego in despise.     It comes back in still stronger form.

When at a point where you rise above your ego but you still have  faith in yourselves,   a  moment you churn and turn to the real spirituality….. the spirituality that is talked about here is the path you are seeking to find yourself,   your very inner self.

It is hardly possible that someone who has strolled the path of meditation was untouched by the knowledge of spirituality.

The realization of the spirituality and the ability to meditate,  to focus on increasing our spiritual powers that will bring us close to the almighty is only a quality of human existence. A strong and ardent meditator will attain the most self realized state of mind, which will entitle him as an enlightened being. Such an individual will be in peace with his body, mind and soul. The meditator overcomes the false perception of separation and finds himself in the awareness of union.


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    1. Thank you sir for the compliment. If i be a ray of happiness in any form then i shall be happy too. Please continue reading.

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