If the Tiger had to be in a Zoo

A Bengal tiger in Bannerghatta National park i...
Image via Wikipedia

I was told to visit the Bangalore based Bannerghatta National Park ,  once  when i went to bengaluru.  Actually me and friend decided to go to Mysore.  Mysore is a good place for sightseeing, it has got ancient palaces,  excellent gardens, lot more to see.  It was a family trip.  But unfortunately, his family didnt turn up.   My wife was sad after seeing that our planned tour to Mysore is cancelled.   I even tried on internet for an alternative.  Some sites like makemytrip.com did provide valuable information  but not full information.   So i call up my friend, who advises me on the Sight seeings in and around Bangalore.

Kumar told me that the Lions at the zoo will be like Dogs in our city homes and Tigers will be like House hold cats.   Plus he warned me that it will all be artificial.  The sight is not really good if you intend to see authentic wild ,  but the fact that  wild animals could be seen somewhere living is the truth.

At the entrance,  my wife and i decide to go for the safari.  For the safari, we need to take a pass from the authorities.

After a short walk to the zoo,   where were the traditional cells and a few spacious enclosures, visitors were loaded into Jungle  buses called ‘Safari‘.    We began to tour the park.   “On the way we saw lions and tigers, which are mostly sleeping in the shade of trees beside the road.  There are concrete buildings made where the animals go in and out. There is no doubt that this event is expected, because the group of lions or  tigers are fed artificially.

Predators (tigers or lions)  feed on other animals in the wild where the laws of nature prevail.   Zoos are unnatural, the laws of nature do not apply to either predators or prey.    “This is a way of money making that is tampering with nature and should not be considered entertainment or a natural behavior. “, said one visitor after the tour.


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