Baba Ramdev …. Are there any Corrupt Indians (Ra- Ones)?

The bus was jam packed to accommodate any further passengers.  The crowd inside was testing the squeeze capacity upon itself.  The conductor and his assistant were shouting at the crowd,”Hey , you get into middle, there is plenty of space there at the middle.  Uncle why do you hang at the doorsteps. ”
“Okay, Right ! Ranipur, ranipur …. “, shouted his assistant. He rang the bell and the Leyland bus limped forward.
“Please I need only change, Keep the 100 rupee note.” , shouts the conductor at an old man.  Old guy keeps searching his pocket and replies a no to conductor.   Bus conductors have a range of responsibilities, which include collecting fares, issuing tickets, helping passengers with baggage, advising on destinations and ensuring the safety of passengers.  “I cannot bring change for you all, if you show me 100 n0tes for 5 rupee tickets, please excuse me. ”
In the front end of the bus there is an heated that develops between passengers and the bus assistant,  it becomes hotter.”Why dont you respect elder citizens? ”
“You treat us as if we are useless and need your mercy to travel”,  angrily explained the old man just as he got down at a stop.   “This bus is not moving for 30 minutes,” , he told the cleaner boy grabbing his collar.  Suddenly few people come from the shops and start slapping the cleaning assistant of the bus. “Please forgive me, I am innocent”, said the cleaner.  They left him and the bus moved upon the next bell ring.
“We will create a corruption free Country. India will be the pure country like what our Rishis and sadhus dreamt of”,
The crowd roars and shouts in unison,”Bharath mata ki Jai ho!”…  Leader Ronak Joshi was barking like a dog for 30 minutes before the silent crowd.
The leader continues after the silence,”Give me your valuable votes, give me power to make India free”
Vote for our symbol “Blue Bottle”  , otherwise our political rivals will make India bad. Please help me. Thank You. Jai hind
“See, I told you na, this netaji is really working hard for India.  He is saying that Government offices are all corrupt and Indians are ready to cheat Indians for money. How true?”
“I think so”

“If any one who is seriously thinking about the corruption free india, i will say we should start from here.” said Ramdev who was sitting in the crowd,listening to the leader’s pre-election  speech.
“what can we do,  see we dont even enough clothes to wear”, asked suresh. Suresh was Ramdev’s close friend and both worked as farm laborers.  Both were from UP and they have come to their native for voting during the Lok sabha elections.  But they work in Kerala for a living,  in Trisshur (trichur) in a huge farmland owned by Roshan Menon.  Roshan is an advocate.

“Are that Roshan saheb used to tell that this change should start from our self.   “We” each one of us contribute to corruption in one way or other, either by paying the bribe to getting things done, or by using our influence in the government to get things done.  ”
” So you mean to say that,  we are the ones who are  responsible for all the corruption happening.”
“Are yaar,  If there is no one to bribe, if there is no one to influence, then the situation will change.”

After some years, world will be divided into 2. One powerful country
India versus other countries. India is the biggest market.
India is slowly becoming a powerful nation in economy.
But India is divided into 2 SOUTH and NORTH (MADRASI and BHAIYYA),
Can indians understand it.

“That saala apna  prasad,  ram prasad ‘Autowaala’ will never work with Meter?”
“His meter is never on.  ”
“He should put that meter on his mother’s photo at his house and write”Like my mother, Resting in peace” ….”

Passenger complaints to POLICE,  autowaala has already bought the POLICE. Police wont open their mouth.
“Yaar, but our railways is the best. Tomorrow the entire world will come to india, and travel in INDIAN Railways. They will say ‘These are the best Humans ever”
“Ghanta …  best. That is why Private bus operators make money out of Indian public. ”

“In pakistan you pay 25 rupees per liter for petrol.   Indians will pay 100 later this year.”

Complaint to Govt, citizen’s life is smoked.   Politician will screw public.
“Indians saala typical public  ….  Poor Gandhi he might be wondering ‘My work is all wasted, instead of that i should have kept that Mohan Dev’s  dog’s  round tail in a pipe, by now it would have been straightened ….  anyways no regrets…..  ”

European Union has 27 countries and only one Currency. That is
a strength which propels them forward.
Baba Ramdev is a big phenomenon in TV today.
And during my travel from Ernakulam to Mumbai,
I met Mr Sunil Chauhan
who told me about Baba Ramdev.
I started reading about this person,
just the time that Sai Baba had passed away in putaparthy.
 Who is Baba Rammdev?
Ramdev was born in 1965 in a Haryana village called Alipur.
He was named Ramkishan Yadav.
Various biographies say Ramkishan attended school till class 8.
Then joined a gurukul where he learnt Sanskrit and Yoga.

Bharat Swabhiman
Baba Ramdev has initiated a movement named Bharat Swabhiman along with Rajiv Dixit.
The five goals of Bharat Swabhiman campaign are:
100% voting
100% nationalist thought,
100% boycott of foreign companies and adoption of swadeshi,
100% unification of the people of the nation and
100% yoga-oriented nation.


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I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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