Baba Ramdev …. Are there any Corrupt Indians (Ra- Ones)?

The bus was jam packed to accommodate any further passengers.  The crowd inside was testing the squeeze capacity upon itself.  The conductor and his assistant were shouting at the crowd,”Hey , you get into middle, there is plenty of space there at the middle.  Uncle why do you hang at the doorsteps. ”
“Okay, Right ! Ranipur, ranipur …. “, shouted his assistant. He rang the bell and the Leyland bus limped forward.
“Please I need only change, Keep the 100 rupee note.” , shouts the conductor at an old man.  Old guy keeps searching his pocket and replies a no to conductor.   Bus conductors have a range of responsibilities, which include collecting fares, issuing tickets, helping passengers with baggage, advising on destinations and ensuring the safety of passengers.  “I cannot bring change for you all, if you show me 100 n0tes for 5 rupee tickets, please excuse me. ”
In the front end of the bus there is an heated that develops between passengers and the bus assistant,  it becomes hotter.”Why dont you respect elder citizens? ”
“You treat us as if we are useless and need your mercy to travel”,  angrily explained the old man just as he got down at a stop.   “This bus is not moving for 30 minutes,” , he told the cleaner boy grabbing his collar.  Suddenly few people come from the shops and start slapping the cleaning assistant of the bus. “Please forgive me, I am innocent”, said the cleaner.  They left him and the bus moved upon the next bell ring.
“We will create a corruption free Country. India will be the pure country like what our Rishis and sadhus dreamt of”,
The crowd roars and shouts in unison,”Bharath mata ki Jai ho!”…  Leader Ronak Joshi was barking like a dog for 30 minutes before the silent crowd.
The leader continues after the silence,”Give me your valuable votes, give me power to make India free”
Vote for our symbol “Blue Bottle”  , otherwise our political rivals will make India bad. Please help me. Thank You. Jai hind
“See, I told you na, this netaji is really working hard for India.  He is saying that Government offices are all corrupt and Indians are ready to cheat Indians for money. How true?”
“I think so”

“If any one who is seriously thinking about the corruption free india, i will say we should start from here.” said Ramdev who was sitting in the crowd,listening to the leader’s pre-election  speech.
“what can we do,  see we dont even enough clothes to wear”, asked suresh. Suresh was Ramdev’s close friend and both worked as farm laborers.  Both were from UP and they have come to their native for voting during the Lok sabha elections.  But they work in Kerala for a living,  in Trisshur (trichur) in a huge farmland owned by Roshan Menon.  Roshan is an advocate.

“Are that Roshan saheb used to tell that this change should start from our self.   “We” each one of us contribute to corruption in one way or other, either by paying the bribe to getting things done, or by using our influence in the government to get things done.  ”
” So you mean to say that,  we are the ones who are  responsible for all the corruption happening.”
“Are yaar,  If there is no one to bribe, if there is no one to influence, then the situation will change.”

After some years, world will be divided into 2. One powerful country
India versus other countries. India is the biggest market.
India is slowly becoming a powerful nation in economy.
But India is divided into 2 SOUTH and NORTH (MADRASI and BHAIYYA),
Can indians understand it.

“That saala apna  prasad,  ram prasad ‘Autowaala’ will never work with Meter?”
“His meter is never on.  ”
“He should put that meter on his mother’s photo at his house and write”Like my mother, Resting in peace” ….”

Passenger complaints to POLICE,  autowaala has already bought the POLICE. Police wont open their mouth.
“Yaar, but our railways is the best. Tomorrow the entire world will come to india, and travel in INDIAN Railways. They will say ‘These are the best Humans ever”
“Ghanta …  best. That is why Private bus operators make money out of Indian public. ”

“In pakistan you pay 25 rupees per liter for petrol.   Indians will pay 100 later this year.”

Complaint to Govt, citizen’s life is smoked.   Politician will screw public.
“Indians saala typical public  ….  Poor Gandhi he might be wondering ‘My work is all wasted, instead of that i should have kept that Mohan Dev’s  dog’s  round tail in a pipe, by now it would have been straightened ….  anyways no regrets…..  ”

European Union has 27 countries and only one Currency. That is
a strength which propels them forward.
Baba Ramdev is a big phenomenon in TV today.
And during my travel from Ernakulam to Mumbai,
I met Mr Sunil Chauhan
who told me about Baba Ramdev.
I started reading about this person,
just the time that Sai Baba had passed away in putaparthy.
 Who is Baba Rammdev?
Ramdev was born in 1965 in a Haryana village called Alipur.
He was named Ramkishan Yadav.
Various biographies say Ramkishan attended school till class 8.
Then joined a gurukul where he learnt Sanskrit and Yoga.

Bharat Swabhiman
Baba Ramdev has initiated a movement named Bharat Swabhiman along with Rajiv Dixit.
The five goals of Bharat Swabhiman campaign are:
100% voting
100% nationalist thought,
100% boycott of foreign companies and adoption of swadeshi,
100% unification of the people of the nation and
100% yoga-oriented nation.


My Marriage and Gateway Of India

The Gateway of India
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No one knows the real taste of success and no one is a loser

We all just act according to the instincts that propel our actions.  We regret  or merry depends upon whether we really we wanted those decisions.  

“I work from 09 00 – 06 00 throughout the day, slogging my ass. I think i was sincere and hardworking.”
“I thought I am deserving too but still what i get is this piece of frustration”, srikanth said.      So one fine day, i put my resignation letter and said good-bye to my MD.

Finally srikanth gets this long-awaited leave so that he can attend my marriage.   I can never believe this happening on this earth. But srikanth did it. He applied for a leave on the 17th May 2011 and 18th May 2011, around 3 months in advance.

He simply quit the company because he couldn’t avail of the facility.  He thinks why should he work for a company that doesn’t understand his feelings.   Feelings are very important for humans, whether they work, fight, eat, love or marry.  Feelings are not at all important for a company or business, because feelings cannot be used to buy materials, and business is all about buying materials for money.
So is there any business that does business in feelings.

“VIP feelings” said Raavan Kumar.
“lol… VIP is the only brand that sells feelings for 100 rupees”
“I remember having bought one for her”
“Oh! My wife only, Sreeta”

“Before marriage, I used to think of buying everything for every other good-looking girl whom i meet on the way.  Not so good-looking I wanted them to be my sisters.
“hmmm ….. you are a shrewd cheat, boy.. what happened after marriage?”
“After marriage I am serious. Only one girl, my wife only.  But money is also a problem, Now its difficult even to buy a local one for me, man. Now I don’t buy Jockey also”

I went to a hotel with Shrikanth once.  He asked me there,” Do you think if you eat vegetables only you remain a vegetarian? He  told me about Vegetable cultivation in Tamil Nadu.  Most of the vegetables for Kerala comes from Tamil Nadu.  So a ban on Endosulfan in Kerala was of no good use for poor keralites.  Because such chemicals still continue to be used else where in the country.   In a village in this state, a farmer grows vegetable in two different plots.  One plot is near his home and taken care off with extra care.  In this farm, they never use chemicals or pesticides.  So the produce are healthy outputs of organic farming.  These vegetables are only for his own domestic purposes.

Other  plot is a bit far from his home.  In this farm, they only use chemicals and  pesticides.   So the produce are heavily poisoned due to  chemical  farming.   These vegetables are all meant for commercial purposes.

**************** MY MARRIAGE ****************

I was happy to see Srikanth at my Marriage.    I got married on the 18th May 2011.  I was going to take a turning point in my life. The decision to marry was a radical one.  Because issues generated were beyond my control and social stigmas played a larger role.

We two

For more than 6 months, i was wondering about the Laws of my country.  How to do a court marriage was my question always?   Most of the people whom i ask will give me a simple answer.  Go to a court in your taluk and apply for the register marriage.    My marriage is like the gateway of India,  the gateway stands there day in and out in midst of a huge crowd, most of them come just for a formal visit, some keep memories.  but none bothered to ask why is it called “Gateway of India”.

If i wait for a person to lift me out of my problems, then my wait will never see an end.   When society failed me, it was no where that i could go.

I didnt wait for my people.  Then who were my people?   Millions of people in india may ask that question and still get no answer even if they repeat it till death.   Effectively my people were my friends who came to witness Solemnization of a five year Old relationship.  Time tested and practical.   And so friends were my family and few closest ones made it up for me.  At the age of thirties infatuation was not a relation,  it was a responsible relation.  May be a few close friends understood it.

I arranged it at Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple, not actually because of any religious sentiments. But that place has a serene tradition.   In my heart  it had a special place too.

The pictures and video was taken by a studio next  to the Temple.   Plenty of studios and hotels existed in that complex.  One of the

We indians are still struggling to get out of the ironies.  On one hand  we say that our culture is the best, at the same time we openly embarrass fellow human beings in the name of caste , creed, color or money.   Isn’t a bad time to be a citizen or a worker  in our own country.   Gandhiji got us freedom from Britishers,  but today  our new corporate culture is trying to  enslave us.

A shortage of freedom  coupled with competition from other unemployed is driving this high levels  of exploitation in the IT  sector.    Our social responsibilities are like car seat belts,  we need them only when there is a checking otherwise forget it.

Intuitions become stronger apparently if actions followed them to achieve our mind’s satisfaction. Call it meditation or Following yourselves, but ultimately it has to end up in attaining self….

But we never know ourselves ….  we are like this rich and arrogant man who becomes happy and feels powerful after having driven two poor cows who wandered into his lawn.

A man was getting angry at 2 cows that were eating grass from his lawn. he shouted in anger. I was watching it when i happen to pass that way. I wonder why did he get angry at the 2. Did it make any sense to the cow. Was he wasting his energy. he looked so serious as if he thought that the cows understood that he is the richest guy there. A big bungalow and a dog. He had a thick gold chain hanging down his neck.

***********  GATEWAY OF INDIA  *********************

I always wanted to visit the Gateway of India.  Since my childhood, i have read stories about it and the great Taj hotel built by Tata.  I felt proud for a second to see the re constructed building of the Taj on the 28th May 2011, almost more than a  week after my marriage.  Thanks to my friend Krishna Kumar, who made arrangements for the visit.

One of the grand and magnificent landmarks of Mumbai, the Gateway of India was built to commemorate the visit of the British Monarch, King George V and Queen Mary. The Gateway of India is one of the hot spots of Mumbai city. The Gateway of India is a massive archway on the Apollo Bunder. For most of the tourists and travelers, the Gateway of India is the starting point to explore the Mumbai city. The Gateway of India was designed by the architect George Wittet. The first stone of the Gateway of India was laid on March 31st 1913. The foundations were completed in 1920 and the Gateway of India was formally opened in 1924 by the then Viceroy, Earl of Reading.
Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, the Gateway of India is a 26m high structure with four turrets and complicated lattice work engraved into the yellow Kharodi basalt stone. The central dome of the Gateway of India is 48 feet in diameter. It is interesting to note that the whole harbor front was realigned in order to come in line with a planned walkway, sweeping down to the centre of the town. The total cost of construction of the Gateway was approx. Rs. 21 lakhs. The Gateway of India is a major sightseeing hangout in Mumbai. At the back of the Gateway arch, steps lead down to the sea front. From here one can enjoy cruise through Mumbai’s fabulous natural harbor. The nearby statues of Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda add charm to the massive structure, the Gateway of India.

Bombay(Mumbai) is one such place. I always wanted to see it.  The city that makes India what India is.  But when you go to Mumbai, you really understand one fact.  That cities are not just a few high rise buildings or highways, not mere concrete.  This city is propelled and  fueled by the attitude of the people living there.  They are one of the best Indians in India,   Mumbai Indians really are.

No other city in India will you ever find a Shopkeeper run back to you to safely hand over a  Mobile Phone to you, which you left at his place 10 minutes before,  you are already  far off from his shop.   He will come and tell ,” Sir, I must tell you that you are looking for your phone.  I have not read your inbox message. But there was one call for you.” Then suddenly you realise that Yes I lost my mobile phone but due to GOD’s grace I got it back.   That grace is this city’s attitude.

Mumbai me mera dosth

Sometimes i feel that i am a stupid who takes things seriously,  if  i ever didnt give importance to others instead i should have had that for me.   I know that i was not a good friend to me.   A friend might make you feel all this life time is too short for you to share,  a book might come across and still you may never fail to read again , a thought might prevail like  a  great bubble of air waiting for our life and walks  to burst it…  a day might burst that bubble of air to release us from the bubble.   And all our life is a bubble of air.