Anand’s wedding and May 18th…

Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins.  ~Langdon Mitchel

They say marriages are made in heaven, and we simply enact them.  Snap and there you are. It is the Olarikkara temple in trichur.  Time is 09 40 am,  the temple  ground is filled with people who have come for a traditional wedding lunch, the Kerala  sadhya.

Some days are more auspicious than others,  so marriages are scheduled on such dates, 17th April 2011 is one such day, a special day when anand got married to vidya.  Both were standing in a queue, waiting for their turn.  Pairs were getting knotted as the boys tied the holy mangal sutra around the girl’s nape.

Soon anand would do that and i will click the snap to freeze the moment in my camera.   The next auspicious day is 18th may.  On this day i would do the same and bring a immortal turn in my life.  Looking at the rituals i went into a day dream,  a crowd would do the chanting and solemnize the wedding, by calling upon the GODs.

Wedding receptions are so much fun.   Family members, relatives and friends all get together for the night before wedding. I thought i would be a part of it.  Anand’s wedding was the one function that i wanted to participate. I wanted to dream that mine also might be a fancy one. Because i knew that mine wont be.  When i planned to marry, me and my girl decided to do it in a registrar’s office.

I was a  honored guest for the occasion,  we had a  night of sheer fantasy.   Mr Johney was a presence in the mind even after weeks of having left trichur.  His hospitality is something that tipped for a great friendship ahead.  A friendship not bound by age or cast or creed.  Soon his talks will resonate with the great Indian feeling.  He will explain to us about the military discipline that made him such a staunch character.

Respect for family and freedom for women’s expression showcased in his own home.  “Jammu is a heavenly place, but the Pakistan Armed fanatics are creating problems.  I was there for 3 years. ”

“I have waken up in the morning hearing gun shots,  often ready to attack the enemies in the bed itself.”

“Those were the best years in my life. And during one of those summers, i came down to kerala.”

It was story time in his house.  Audience was me, my fiancée, his daughter, bachelor anand and uncle’s wife.  In the neighbourhood was anand’s home, where noises were rumbling and festive activities pitched in high, the stage was all set for his wedding tomorrow.  Reception party was  becoming  extremely interesting.

Meanwhile at Johney Uncle’s place, it was placid.   Anand took us both to the uncle’s home.

“I saw her for the first time in my life and i fell in love. There was no turning back, i knew that this is the girl whom i am gonna marry.”

Sense of victory ran over his face when he narrated the story.  Soon after the wedding he had to leave for the duty. Upon reaching there his superior officer forcefully told him to take a few days of leave to enjoy his marriage.

He said it was a gift from GOD.  He said that he doesnt believe in religions, but in humans.  It was evident from his expressions.
He could nt intimate her about his arrival back to her as facilities of communications were severely limited then.  Before any other medium could tell her, he was there.

“She was washing the clothes, and somebody told her that I arrived. She couldnt believe it”

“I never forget that in my life”, said his wife. “It was a surprise for me. As  i was hardly prepared for his home coming”

“I managed somehow and quickly got something to eat”.  Simy and Sweety were listening to the stories.  Some places, people and stories have this acute peculiarity of attracting our attention.  Their personality makes them come out of dreams.

“Yeah it was equally hilarious for me”, sighed the veteran.

Arun, remember one thing in life.  Live fully to the brim, for you may not get this life again. And keep no regrets as emotions have no value.  If you never hurt any body and enjoy every moment, this life is yours”

“Yes Sir!”, I would keep repeating.

“Captain Harshan is my cousin. He was killed in an encounter. Before his death he used to tell me the same, sir”

“And i remember my granpa saying this to me”

Endless stories of courage and advices were told that night.  It was a surprise for me too.

” If you would prefer keeping the ceremony a bit more traditional, you need the support of your family. If your people are not that supportive then …”