Wedding Invitation

By Laals

(The author has a blog and writes on varied topics, I was immensely happy when she told me to put her work in my archive of blog)

Wedding Invitation.

There are other times when we meet someone or something in life and we regret having been met………  Of such incidences our memories tend to get a nostalgia about those times when we had met something or some one for good in life.  But as in nature, everything is not for good always, so does meetings and coming across new things.  Here is one such meeting.

I go to my office with a bunch of wedding cards, ofcourse mine, duly aligned and named.  Suddenly it turned out to be a Farewell Party of one of our seniors.  I was surprised, so did my close friends, thirisha and manisha. Because we were not told about this farewell, and the guy was not so much in touch with us.

Later that we came to know that, he has been trying to jump to a better package and another company for a long time. But he also made sure that his moves were very careful so that his current management never even sniff about his moves.  He got the offer last month and put his paper down, surprising the management.  You know both me(my friends including) and the management got surprises with his move. Hmm . .. but theirs a bit different from mine…

Well in a way good  for me.  I had a whole lot of the employees at my disposal, who didnt mind accepting my invitation and the card while they gossiped and munched the treat, it was fun too.

After the party,  i met them personally.

Shally:  Hi Smith, I am getting married. This is my marriage invitation card, pls do come with family & grace the occasion

Smith: Wow, that’s great news, I will sure try and come & all my wishes to both of you .

Shally is happy about her wedding that is going to bring her loved one into her life and they are going to be married happily ever after. Her wish is that, this man is her life, in her next lives too. She is distributing cards to invite her friends who will share the happiness with her.Shally: Hello Manny, wait, just don’t go…I m inviting you to attend my wedding, hope you will be there.Manny: Ok.Shally: I invite your entire team to my wedding Manny: OK.Do you react to people like that when they invite you to wedding? What kind of a nerd reaction is that? Well, it shows us that, people only reacts and do not respond. Every thing in this world for them is “OK” in inverted commas but when we get a deeper view we see that how their worlds are shattered and they do not seem to find happiness in anything they do. They don’t care whether it is ‘OK’ or ‘NOT’.


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