Vishnu in anantha shayanam
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By Laali Lekshmanan

Fasting with a insight to life

A message in the morning wakes me up,  a fortnightly message that reminds me of  a important day in the month.  It is going to be a ritualistic day today.

Everything has to be in order.  Gurav’s instructions are very clear and simple.

Today I am not going to take a break anyway, because today is ekadashi – according to the Hindu Mythology if you fast for 24 hours in the name of Lord Vishnu, you will please the lord and you will have a peaceful and blessed life!I was never the person who I am now. I did visit the temple since childhood because my mother used to get a company. This entire spiritual world…. I was always pondering at! The ups and downs in life and the encounter of a near death experience was something that brought me close to this spiritual world ( or I am yet far off but just close to a being a firm believer in heaven).Approximately four months past, that I started this ekadashi fasting and I do see some changes in life  .

Not that life has treated me well and gave me everything that I wished for but I realized the fact that I am already happy in my world and I do not have to wish for a lot of things to have a happy life. My knowledge on these things was always lying deep within me. It never came out. It was buried under the ignorance of this expectations that came from everywhere………as a child from parents, as a students from teachers, as a sister from brother (but my brother is kind of cool, nothing in this life can bother him much I guess….but he has not yet revealed that to me.

I mean I really need to know if at any point he felt worried because of his own acts).

I thank a very respectable friend of mine, Gurav, for all the reminders he sent me about the ekadashi fasting date & time. He also narrated to me the story behind ekadashi. He happens to be a follower of ISKON and Lord Krishna. A wonderful human being he is as the smile on his face and the love in his talks. You rarely meet such persons in life.

Ironically, I met Gurav in a discotheque in Mumbai where we met only for once and at that point I felt he was a complete freak and I too was.

In February’11, I got another opportunity through a friend to attend Sadguru’s Inner Engineering programme, which was organized for a week in Bangalore. They taught us Shambhavi Mahamudra, a rare technique in Yoga that if you practice daily will relax your mind a bit from the daily chores and the stressed situation that we are living in today. Apart from the Shambhavi, they showed us clippings from Sadgurus’ videos on prabhashanam given by him on life, its value, treatment & happiness. These prabhashanams were very enlightening. Most people who came for the sessions only came there so that they can get some relief from their ailments or from stressed life. I am sure it must have benefitted them all.

There are three important things that I learned here….

.• You must control your anger and let go……Forgive & Forget. My temper gos very high at times but I have learned the benefit of staying calm & being aware. Awareness that this moment is going to pass and for every situation there is a resolution in time. So this moment I shall only find peace within myself and surrounding.

• You need to be responsible…….You do not react to a situation but you always respond to the situation accepting the way it is. Acceptance is a very big factor that will decide your happiness. If you only sit there Expecting things, it is possible that you may sit there and Expect for your whole life. This will only lead to agony and pain. It will works wonders for you, if you accept your situation , be responsible and move forward…… and who knows without your expecting, you might get to what you wanted once day…….God might call you and say…’Oh it was just a coincidence’.

• The third and the important one is ‘Life will treat you the way you treat it’. I had a lot of Bengali sweets the other day…..You know how I like the Bengali sweets……there is a Sweet Bengal shop in Galleria at Hiranandani. Everyone in Powai should have tasted the sweets in this shop once. It’s the best sweets I ever had, as if just made freshly in Bengal. I treated my life with sweets and obviously the exquisite pizza from the Pizza Hut shop just opposite to my office. I had gained about 6 kgs in an year.

Last one year, I been trying to check out those six kgs of fat in me that I have lost. Now it is not me any way. I started to treat my life better by following the above tricks. Life was trying to trick me all this while……so emotional beings we are  & we always will be. Situations might change and so might people, changes are inevitable as we all know. You will change and so will I but if we treat life this way always, there will be no time for us to look for happiness. For happy we will be always …

Certain good things in Life are always in plenty…. Happiness is one among them….


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