Track back


Year 2011, the year of making me

Morning 06 45,  returning from the morning tea hotel, walking on the left side of the highway, i made my way towards the narrow lane whch led to my home, if i can call it my home.

“You remember having seen the herd of dogs near the petrol bunk, group of male dogs. ”

“Why that petrol bunk stood lone in your mind”

“For the past few days, i am obsessed with that particular petrol  station.”

“So when i see it in the morning, i wonder whom should i speak to”

” Come on, go and talk to the Petrol boy or Diesel man.. there is an occasional Diesel Girl on weekends too. ”

“Okie, thats right. Even i thought of doing that.  But that day, there was a pack of stray dogs chilling out.”

“sounds interesting, then, you forgot the petrol bunk, right ….”

“sort of..”

“There was this dog, one weak male dog, who centered the pack. Others tried climbing and mounting on it.”

“All were fun, but it didnt like”

“And didnt do much to resist them”

“Crazy male dogs.”

“All male dogs have only one thing in mind, to climb on a she dog.  To test it,  you create a female doll dog, and spray urine on it.  Even the blind male dog will locate the doll, and ……….. hmmm ”


“the doll becomes a  V I P ”

“you mean a very important person”

“sort of”

“no it means Virtually I(molest her) says every Passer by”


There discussion never seems to stop. even during the work the friends get time to talk.

Visit to the Le Meridian and the talks over Sula Indian Red wine.

Poduval group M D , Ranjit Poduval’s Talk was very lively.


Lessons at the office

Looking blankly at the newly formed crack in the ceiling, just next to the bulb set for mains power indicator,  the 3 zero bulbs reminded me of the flour mills in Madhya Pradesh during my childhood.   The hardware was working hard to create a set of holes in the adjacent walls.

I looked at the desk top of  naveen’s  Lap top and thought for a while. They say beauty lies in a face, a face is the first impression of beauty.  His desktop was loading.  A face is similar to the desk top of a computer.

I waited for his desktop to load, everything starts only after the desktop loads.

Even the M D is also interested in desk tops of his employees.  To know what is happening on his desk, what are the windows opened on the desktop and who all made contacts with that employee needed a third eye to check.

The third eye was a web cam.