A grassroots enterprise story in India…..

As is taken from a mail forwarded to me by a friend …

(Read  Mr. Shekhar Kapur’s tweet )

“A Blackberry addict discovers grassroots enterprise in India”.

It left me with answers I was seeking for long.

“Why  do we need  a change in the system(or Is the system well doing)?

“Why are we facing  issues despite the fact that we have grown technologically than our ancestors and made achievements in science?”

We can then highlight the Modern Day practical issues that directly and indirectly affect a man’s health and well being.

(Today’s sedentary life style, stress, psychological and emotional insecurities .. )

We have lots of such fantastic talent available locally and we must create a conducive environment for them, to take them to  mainstream!

Or Mainstream should go to them.

Really a great tale explained here ………………….


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