The one legged crow

To get exact change(balance) from the ticket counter of the railways i had to give them the exact coins.   I used up my last coin at the phone box which took only new 1 Rupee coins for every minute of talk.  Now I had no extra coins in my pocket.

It was a long queue, extending like the tail of a giant fat lazy snake.   Usually  Saturday morning brought more eager people in to the transport stations. Reason is weekend  may be.

Luckily for me the lady at the opposite(inside the ticket counter)  wasn’t angry or shouting.  She looked fresh, energetic and happy.  She looked lovable.

She gave me back the change but it was 7 rupees lesser  than I expected.  I think she tried her best to search for the coins in her box.  The box was hidden from my view.  I could only see her looking for something.

“Please give  me 3 rupees, so that I can give you 10 rupees back. See you may have some coins somewhere.”

I did a false search in my purse, then put my hands in my hind pockets and shirt pockets, infact wherever i had kept money. This was to impress her,  for a moment’s attention. “So sorry ma am, i searched everywhere but i cannot find a single coin.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

People at my back weren’t that cordial as the lady inside the box. She was full of love and they were a furious  scratchy bit of human extreme.

“Hey Mister, please do it faster or we miss the train.”

A warning to me from the Old bald man behind me, who would have hit me if there were no laws in the country.

“sorry sir”  , said I.

“Get your balance amount from me,  when you give the 3 Rupees in coins”, sweetly said the Inbox lady.

I was out at the station looking for a change.

Read the label of a small shop just outside the reservation center.

Dragging my shoulder bag, and holding another luggage in my left hands I slogged in to  the shop. The stall was about to open fully.

Incense sticks lighted up brightly smoking infront of the GODS, who were happily smellng the scent and enjoying the  brisk lighting of the diyas. They seem to smile at me, especially HANUMAN who lifted up the entire mountain in his one hand.

The mighty hanuman (strongest of monkey GODS of India) got my attention as he had a ironic  smile at me.

“poor guy, struggling with this life, poor men of India,  cant even carry small luggage on their shoulders”, he might have thought.

An old guy came out and greeted me.

“Chai”, I said involuntarily.


“anything to eat;’

“No”, I said in my mind. But the ticket counter came to my mind.

I thought about the change, and confirmed,”Yes, one Vada please”.

In another 5 minutes, he brought me the steaming cup of tea with the white saucer.

I was confused. Then settled down and decided to hold the honorary  Tea cup rather than the Laptop bag and my luggage.

The crows at the station

I was talking to myself. The morning air was damp and heavy, with clouds keeping the sun away.
“Let me define the difference between an have and a have-not. The differences are subtle but I will try to define the most critical as I see them.”,  I said to myself.

“Whom do i live for, you  see arun is there any meaning in this life”.

Thoughts ran in my mind like shoals of fish in open sea. I was walking along side the railway tracks. The smell of human faeces dried and fresh was strong in the beginning and it faded as i got used to it.

Crows landed and sprang up amongst the railway tracks as humans criscrossed the iron lanes. These are the nerves of India spreading throughout the vastness of this Huge country.

One of the crows looked at me into my eyes.

“hey arun, why you walking without any reason” as if the crow asked me.

“I am pissed off with malleswari, Ka-ka-ka”, crowed the black  crow.

‘I am pissed off with myself”, said arun.


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