Reliance Cdma Unlimited plan 299/- 599/-  in May, 2010 :

 Reliance has launched new Cdma Mobile users unlimited plan.

 The plan named “Simply Unlimited CDMA” has two packs – one for local and the other for STD calls. 

According to Reliance by paying 299/- per month you can make unlimited calls to any netwok in a state only buy truth is this unlimited means to 900 minutes only. so is not beneficial specailly those Reliance customers they are availing 1 rupee 3 minute plan not only to state as well as std calling. so the only difference is 3 paisa only with limitation is within state calls only.

For networks other than Reliance, a customer can make unlimited calls up to 30 minutes per day (900 minutes per month). Beyond 30 minutes per day, these calls will be charged at 50 paise per minute.

 The corporate plan which a company is offering with 600 min free to any local number at 199 plan and no clip charges.

But whats the actual reality ?

If you have any compalints, please register your compliant on this website ‘’.

I am not sure if we would be able to achieve anything positive but at least we can try.

I wonder if  we will ever this life the way want.  A few people should never dictate the lives of  millions. Are we free.


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