The stories of wisdom

“Suddenly life becomes a beautiful goddess and incarnates herself.  She will come to me and teach me lessons, i need to learn to adopt the signals from nature.  She came to me in my dreams yesterday. Looking so cute and beautiful, i felt like not coming back to life and stay forever in my dreams”, the teacher was narrating a story to his students.
“But master how does one remain in dreams forever, if it were so…”, asked a curious young disciple.
Raising his arms up, another disciple asked,”Master, am i in a dream where someone is dreaming and i am living in his dreams…”
There was curiosity in everybody’s eyes, as if dreams were a special form of life for them. And discussing about them was yet more special.
“I have no control on my dreams, thats why dreams are so special….”, said one of them.
“Master sometimes i fill my eyes with tears, they come and stay there for sometime, are they showing me dreams?”
While the other day i was walking alongside the footpath, i noticed the footprints of dogs on the footpath’s cemented floors. They are marks of dogs that ran over the footpaths before the humans could even start walking and using them. These footprints reminded me of Discovery channel’s animal related programs.
Kanu said, “I wondered that I was walking with my kiddu, whose footprints will be so small like the ones on the footpath, and imagining  clasping his fingers”
“Hahaha …. but these are not your kid’s foot marks, they are made by the ugly stray dogs…. “,  laughing out loud
“Hey manu , how is your Kiddu”…… kiddu is what he called his kid affectionately.
“He is no more, he left us a year back”, but his voice didnt shiver.  He just silently felt the vaccum and bid me good bye.
“Why were a few tear balls rolled in my eyes when he left”
I looked at the marks every time i travel past them. They are no more marks, that were engraved in cement. They were making me think.  I looked at them and wondered,
” This is what my master taught me  this is what he had to say,  Life is a Goddess and she keeps teaching you lessons. One needs to grasp the signs…”
I was looking for a tea shop.   There was no traffic in the city as the city had been resting the whole night after a whole day of heat and dust amongst the pace of work that moved it faster to development.
I was walking down the roads in bangalore. It was 6 00 in the morning, 7th may, walking the main road to Sony world signal.
Sony world signal and the auto rickshaw drivers
We went to the oasis center to purchase a gift for my friend who invited us for a dinner at his home.  It was a nice place to do a lot of window shopping and feel happy seeing a variety of products made across the world.  Time permitted only one hour there as the dinner time neared and we had to walk another 45 minutes to his home. So leaving the mall was the option at the earliest.  Once we are out on the streets, then movement is restricted to only a few means. You have the city bus services, own bikes or cars and the (in)famous ricks.  Most often a rick becomes a necessity especially at nights, and then this necessity becomes the mother of exploitation. Sweet said that she is charged heavily whenever she faces such a situation.
My option number 4 is always a brisk walk. It always is good and saves a lot of resources.
There was a tea shop near the signal.  I was enjoying my cup of tea, when a sudden break sound was heard, put a racing car to skid.  A dog was killed at the spot. Moments before, i saw the same dog tripping the road opposite the Oasis center.  Then the dog looked happy and enjoying the mischief. It was actually following a lady who was fetching water from  a public tap opposite to her house on the main road. I watched her reaction when the dog was hit by a speeding car, and was rolled over.  The cries of a helpless creature sounded sad to the meek morning crowd, some turned their attention back to their routine after a look and a laugh. The lady cried, shouted and stopped for a moment,  standing close to the half way demarcation of the road, with a full pitcher in her hand rested on her hips.  She then walked quickly on to the other side and disappeared with her water.
I wondered whether it was a stray dog or her own pet.  I watched people walk with their hybrid dogs in the evening,  sweeti told me about  a breed called “labrador’, when we went past a huge but cute looking dog the other even ing when i went to see her after the office hours. There was a park near by and pairs of Dog and Human were in plenty in number.
At first i had to fight the flies from falling into my tea cup in the morning, the streets are infested with flies.  Then i started to reason out why there could be so many colonies of dense flies around shops and small hotels.  I remember having to constantly keep moving my palms like a  fan to wave off the flies.
One of the restaurants in Mathikere, Kusum was a good one.  I loved the vegetable thali meals served there.
It is too hot in the day, and travelling in the day to various client sites in bangalore was a tedious job. Dipayan who is my associate in bangalore was taking care of all the marketing activities here. But he recently quit the company and gave a notice period  of 30 days. In lieu of that i had to be here.
Visiting the clients meant visiting the Managing directors of Nursing colleges and Medical Schools.
“He has no idea about what he says, he will change what he says in every 2 days”…….
“last week he told me to recruit 2 new people and expand the HR, I agreed and made arrangements for the consultancy and put the Ad. Now today in the morning, he is like when did i say that. You recruit only one person. Is he nuts”, asked my colleague.
A poster on a school notice board declares:   “What we habitually say in our heads, we usually end up saying with our lips, which ultimately direct our feet.”                 Words are powerful.   From others they often influence or direct our decisions and behaviour, while our own words act to elicit responses from those who receive them.
In the Bible, the Book of Proverbs has much to say about the value of well-chosen words: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” It goes on to prompt us to choose our friends carefully, partly on the basis of the kind of words and speech they habitually use. “Speak that which is kindlier”, the Quran instructs us, “a kind word with forgiveness is better than almsgiving followed by injury…” A commentary on the meaning of these verses says that the tongue affects the ear. The ear affects the soul. The soul affects the entire body. Every word makes an impression on the listener. But the deepest impression made on the listener is either a kind word or a harsh word.
Whichever way we look at it, there is no doubt that what we say or write could have impact and so the prudent would use the power of speech very carefully indeed.
In Buddhism, one aspect of the Eightfold Path, Sama Vaca, is most often translated into English as Right Speech, but a more accurate rendering is Wise Speech or even Skilful Speech. The concept of Intentional Speech is being mindful of one’s purpose in speaking.
An old Buddhist master spoke to his students: “Tonight i would like to speak to you about wise speech. According to the Buddha, wise speech is that which is truthful, gentle, helpful, spoken from a kind heart and is timely.” Then he spoke at great length about the harm that results from rude, mean spirited, harsh or careless words. A young disciple said, “Venerable sir, i do not understand how this can be. A stone can bruise. Theft can deprive. But words are just sounds, having no substance. I must disagree with you when you suggest they are so powerful.”
The master replied, “If you weren’t such an ignorant idiot, you’d understand. So sit down, shut up and stop interrupting.”
The startled young man fell silent, but about 10 minutes later jumped to his feet, face red, eyes bulging, fists clenched, his whole body shaking. The old man turned to him, “You seem perturbed. Your gentle disposition is shattered. What happened to you?”
“You hurtled harsh insults i did not deserve. You cannot possibly be the great teacher you pretend to be. You are a fraud!” The old man responded, “Ah, i see. It was my words that had such a transforming effect upon you. It seems you and i agree that speech can be quite powerful.”
Words, especially from those we consider leaders, can guide us or deceive us, make us knowledgeable or ignorant, violent or peaceful, sad or joyful, wise or foolish. Words give birth to ideas, which in turn create powerful emotions, which rule the hearts of men and women, who then can act constructively or destructively, for justice or injustice.

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