Sleepless Dreams

THE STORY IS COINCIDENTAL AND IS A CONTRIBUTED IMAGINATION FROM MY FRIEND AND SISTER , whose thoughts and words are highly valued and acknowledged. My gratitude.

She once told me about dreams.
           Dreams are something which can never be avoided in life. The day when you stop dreaming,you become dead! Some dreams help us to find out our aim and to work hard towards it. While some dreams are the only ways through which we can live the way we like. Some fools say that day dreaming is just useless, but believe me, they are very much wonderful. They make us motivated, cut out the right path to follow. I used to dream about seventy years of my life. It may seem very funny for you, but it is really motivating for me. Whenever I become depressed about anything at any point of my life, I used to dream about my grandchildren and myself in the role of a granny, then I become charged… Dreams at night are also great! They make us fairies, angels, lovers, celebrities etc. Can you disagree the fact that it is only in dreams we can be this fairies, celebrities and all?! Although I love dreams, I am scared of nightmares! They make me disturbed for a day or two because of its terror. Silly me, often tries to interpret it too! Anyway, dreams are really wonderful and great which play a major in our mental status…I love them very much!!!!!!! “

“Do you know how to interpret dreams, i often get confused by my dreams …”, asked eenu.
“Not really, you know  i am kinda dumbo”, replied jini.
“Ohh! ”
” but i can write very well on them”,
“Well, once i saw taddy met with an accident”
“It was a scary night to pass. I was held up in a haunted palace…”, eenu explains as if she is still in the dream.
     Jini was  a friend of taddy. Long years back, they stayed  in a dormitory together. Jini knew taddy then as a good friend who worked in a call center. His shifts were mostly during nights as he worked for an emergency service.
  They will hardly see each other on week days, they met on weekends for a beer party. Taddy used to be a shy and reserved person. Over the years he changed a lot.


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