Vanity affair…

Let the elements be the rulers and time is just one amongst them
Time is the most elastic element of our world…. because
It lengthens the minutes when ever we are waiting for our dear ones…

rushes the hours when we are enjoying with our loved ones …. It flies …


Rock walls of a Glass House

Jessy was a recently made friend. But she became close to serena.
“Hey serena, whassup… why you feeling so down…”, jessy had a very hectic day at the office and she just retired into the room. She saw serena sitting by the balcony and staring blankly at the dipping yellow sun.
“I wanted to slap him on his left face”, an angry serena shouted out angrily. She was virtually out of her senses, when she came to know that rocky was already having an affair, when he used to talk sweetly over the phone to her.

He will call her every now and then. She remembers how sweetly he will talk to her.
“He used to say that he misses me, and would like to do anything to make his wife happy over the phone.”
“He drank and puked, and vomited blood ….”.
“he mixed rum and brandy together… puked the whole night”

“I have no girl friends, i was unlucky.”, rocky called her and complained that he is feeling alone.
“I tried to console him ….”
“what did you tell him?”
“He said he wanted to die ”
“Then…” there was a silence till the next utterance.
“Please shut up, dear.”, serena continued
“Never say anything about death ….

You know good people die earlier because GOD loves them …. But you are gonna live longer … still living right! It means someone somewhere loves you more than GOD … hmm ”

“hmmm… “


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

One thought on “Vanity affair…”

  1. Hmmmm… Rocky seems to be quite some A**h**e……

    To be a bit compassionate towards poor Rocky, could anyone answer these questions…..which seems to be never answered by anyone…

    1. Did Rocky ever initiate a call to Neena, or he merely responded to the continuous messaging and calling by Neena???

    2. What was the main topic in all the calls??? Rocky’s imaginary love towards Neena OR how to get Neena out of Viv’s life without hurting Viv’s

    feelings, who Rocky knows is very sensitive???

    3. When was Rocky informed that along with breaking of Viv-Neena relation, a new relation was taking shape, that of Rocky-Neena???? Was it in the very

    beginning when Neena first told Viv about her crush on Rocky (probably a reason to get away from Viv), or when Neena finally told Viv that she is had

    it with him and wants to move on????

    4. What was Rocky’s reaction after this love triangle was made known to him? Was he very happy that he got a gal friend, or he just cut off any sort of

    contact with Neena, contacting only when he felt that Neena really needs his support bcos he knows what hurt she is going through for no fault of hers

    and also when contacting telling her to get out of this madness??

    5. Did Rocky call Neena to tell her that he puked blood? Or he actually called Viv and then Viv narrated the whole story to Neena, for which there was

    NO need.

    6. Did Rocky tell that bcos he doenst have anyone he had a queer combination of alcohol, or that he had it in a party, and now feeling lonely cos no

    one is there to take care of him??? Mind you, both have different meaning….

    7. Rocky denied having an affair bcos of the promise he had given to his love. If he had told, then it would be like cheating his love. But he never

    thought that just saying that he doesnt have an affair will attract his best friend’s gal friend to him!!!!

    8. Did Rocky ever tell Neena directly that he loved her (except that this was drilled into her brain by Viv)???

    9. When he used to explain how well he will look after his wife, did he EVER give any sort of hint to Neena that by any remote chance she can take that

    place in his life???? OR was it the imagination of a very talented writer which was playing havoc in all the three lives (reminds me of Aishwarya Rai –

    Sanjay Dutt starrer film “Shabd ” in which Sanjay is a writer makes Ash enact his fantasy of his wife having an affair with another man, and actually

    writes about it as and when it happens!!!!)???

    10. When Rocky joked about one of his newly wed friend’s first night gone sour bcos of his wife getting chicken pox, does it actually mean that Rocky

    was trying to talk dirty with Neena??? Any normal brain (if not very poetic or scholarly or doubting) will tell that Rocky had taken Neena, who is his

    best friend’s choice to be his close friend as well…. and can talk anything under the sun….and if Neena had thought that Rocky doenst know how to

    talk to women should have stopped talking then and there.

    I think again these questions are going to be unanswered!! because, once we have decided to crucify a person, whether it is Jesus Christ or Rocky….we

    dont give a damn….. right???

    But great going buddy!!! Nice story!!

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