Google docs

The rise of a blog writer. It’s the story of a nascent man who tried the blog and became a blog writer. 

He was opening the google docs accidently.
“Did you ever try the google docs”
“Sure I did, but  i tried it once long back ”
“…. forgot everything of it ….but almost have to learn it from scratch”

“Why do you ask me”
” Oh ! just could be wonderful If i can transfer some documents to write a new blog ….”
“Oh Yeah ! For sure, Its  a very good tool for sharing information…”
“Is it ”
“I am doing it now, its fun already ….”

“..I have one small document about that project…if you wanna i will share with you ….”

“Hey thats great …please tell me how to use it”
“sure it is …”
                Suddenly he created a document and mailed to the new blogger. Seconds later a crude form of write up was born in the screen.
                Was a huge satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment……
But the initial psychological hurdle made him ask questions to his friend….

At the room, it was a different scene.
The self cooking methods were very mediocre and invited a lot of pests indifferently.  Ants infested the entire floor. But problems were spotted when rocky came out of the wash room to wear his underwear, it was filled with biting ants.
            Too tiny to be noticed they go unnoticed untill he slips them on and covers his nakedness with a formal trouser.

           Ants start biting him crawling all around.
“… hmmm .. shit… its all crap ”
“Its all those bastards biting me … ”

“Where did you dump your private clothes to get them infested?”

“Hey kuckoo! get me  the Baygon spray ..”, rocky was bitten all over and he could not stand the pain.
“hahaha they are smart ants!  they knew where to bite and whom …. “, Ritchu was preparing the kitchen plates and pouring tea in 3 cups. It was breakfast time.
“I cant find the spray. Its all over”


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

5 thoughts on “Google docs”

  1. there is a yogasana for this, these r the steps
    1. idukkam
    2. kodayam (IMP)
    3. eka padaye kettasya
    4. dwi padaye ketasya
    5. kettam
    6. titam.
    thats all

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