Final Post ….

May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy

May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!

#1 At every crossway on the road that leads to the future, there is a gift called PAST, which is the treasure that we hold in our hearts.

#2 “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them… always.” There is no fun like re uniting with those few whose friendship we cherished….

#3 For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever….

#4 Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such. All our memories will become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind.

#5 Memories are rare and precious things; their place is not in the silence of the loneliness, but amid the light of the life, where they will win the hearts of the dear ones.


Heavy Snorer …

“His snoring was so loud.   It was as if a generator was turned on at night, just too loud to  wake me up,” she said, “But then I became concerned. He would just (he gasps for breath). It would take his breath away. I felt frightened”

His friend said, “He roars at night!”

She took her self out of the room at night. “Baby i cant sleep. Its too loud.”
She was half asleep and took a stroll in the terrace, it was a moon lit cool night. She could hear voices from the other room.
Struggling out of an unconscious state, noises resound an hour later. Not again!  Oh, no! They’re coming from the opposite wall. A man’s voice…. “Oh, baby” repeats like a broken record; What the hell is she performing on him?

She gets closer to the wall.  A vibrator works to sleep her. It subdues her.

She restrains  from throwing a shoe against the wall. Silence falls an hour later. The inner turmoil of her single status leads her back to the snorer and to a troubled sleep.

The next morning she met her friend at the break fast table for a refreshing meal.  “I could feel a electric shock go through my chest when he touched me for the first time.”
“Did you feel it with him yesterday….”


Snoring is caused by a blockage in the back of the throat. What you hear is the tongue forced to the back of the throat when a person is lying on their back.

When people snore they don’t always stop breathing, but there are chemicals in the brain that should trigger breathing that are not stimulated when a person snores. Without the stimulation the person will often stop breathing.

When a person obstructs at night and stops breathing, oxygen levels drop dramatically and hormones and adrenaline surge. Those hormones contribute to high blood pressure, irregularities of the heart and can trigger heart attacks

The other side …


A Father was reading a magazine and his little daughter every now and then distracted him.

To keep her busy, he tore one page on which was printed the map of the world.

He tore it into pieces and asked her to go to her room and put them together to make the map again.

He was sure she would take the whole day to get it done. But the little one came back within minutes with perfect map.

When he asked how she could do it so quickly, she said, “Oh…Dad, there is a man’s face on the other side of the paper. I made the face perfect to get the map right.” She ran outside to play leaving the father surprised.

Friends, There is always the other side to whatever you experience in this world.

This story indirectly teaches a lesson.

That is, whenever we come across a challenge or a puzzling situation, look at the other side…You will be surprised to see an easy way to tackle the problem…

Views of an eye



Just for once, step out.
See the world before you.
Watch the people around you.
Each a contrast of emotions.

Just for once, try smiling.
Talk to people beside you.
Watch their faces brighten up.
Having finally found a friend.

Just for once, don’t hide.
Share your secrets with friends.
Watch all your burdens lighten.
The inner fears fading away.

Just for once, laugh on.
Conjure happiness out of nothing.
Watch your mind open free.
To an end less fiesta.

Just for once, let go.
Bleed all your faliures away.
Watch optimism creep into you.
Reasons to start over new.

For once in your life,
Try to be your self.
Watch your dreams come alive.
Just for once, try it.

Poem by Eenu. Adapted with permission.

The revenge of a character…

The revenge of a character


Characters : Andy

Still editing

A chat message was there in my inbox when I opened email after  a long vacation. It was sent by naoko.
It said, “ I am coming to cochin next month. I want to see you. I will be there for one full week. So please have free time to talk to me.”

I was excited and could wait no longer to reply her, I did reply positively. After all this was making me happy.

I was happy for some other reason too. I was happy for andy too.. I wished andy and naoko would meet and spend time together.

Next morning when I met andy I conveyed to him what was there in the chat message. To my surprise he was least interested in meeting her.

“It’s a past thing. I don’t want to go back to my past any more. I think I am out of that life and feel comfortable without any of my past elements. You are interested then you can go ahead and meet her. I have no issues.”
The answer was very sharp and indicated no mercy.
I was shocked and down with my ego weight, I never wanted to get a No from him.

I tried but failed.

In life we need to fail sometimes to win situations, isn’t it ironic. So I finally agreed to him.
Life is a bit crazy,

We hide because we want to be missed…

We go alone to see who follows…

We get angry to see who apologises…

We get confused to see who clears our mind…

We go in a dilemma to find who finds us out of it …

We let our hearts be broken just to see who comes and fixes it for us….

We walk away to see who calls us back …

We do things because we wanted them to happen just for us …

We do a lot of things knowingly  and expect a lot of  sure results from life…But Life is full of surprises ….

A year ago, andy was mad after naoko. I still remember the day when we talked about her for the first time. It was night time, retiring time as the weekend turned up.

This is how he started by breaking the silence in our room,”I met a girl having small eyes…”

“My relation with her was not without progress. Little by little , gradually I came to know her.  As before , we walked the streets.We stopped somewhere for coffee, walked some more untill the day fell into late night …..

We had dinner in the evening, whenever we were together and finally bid good bye. Those nights were never ending.

And the talks fill romance in the air ….

And after a year, this was a thing of the past. As if no love ever existed there.
I was making my morning tea. It was 6 30 am. I was back after  a jogging session. While i go running, the room mates go for  a walk in the morning and bring milk from a near by shop. Most of the time they purchase a brand called ‘Milma’ milk. We started making tea in the room after the recent hike in the tea prices at the Tea shops and the tea were getting diluted with time. There was a time when tea used to be tastier and lot to drink. Hmmm we miss a lot of those goodies …

There was a huge fray in the neighbourhood. One of the ladies was shouting bad words at her neighbours.  I still remember the first day when i came for a stay, i was greeted with such an incidence. Common people always live this way.

Exactly a year ago, she came to India on a student visa, for a one year contract. She joined our company in the month of April as the new Japanese teacher, who would teach Japanese language and their culture to our staff. It was meant to be a preliminary cultural exchange program .As our company had overseas tie up with Japan we thought of a brighter future with such an interaction. Our company used to place most of our staff in Tokyo and Nagoya.
And during these Japanese study classes that we could come to know the Japanese more closer. I could understand them much more closely. This probably was going to be the beginning  of a new relation in my life….At first we were more like strangers, a cluster of seven students who will be learning a new language with total awe .. But my interest in learning a new language and a culture grew up because of the opportunities it had for my future.

The dreams of a job abroad with a promise for a brighter life, were inviting my eyes to dream.

A point that came up during our meetings was regarding her respect for money. She kept telling me “I like money more than anything; I think it’s more valuable than humans”.

“Hmm, you know why?” .And I will be wondering, why she has to think so much…Then she would continue,”because, we can trust money more than a human. If we have money, we can do anything”. This are the times when I could not stand her , I thought her remarks could be a  punch on my heart.I knew she was a rich girl, a girl born in affluence. At that time, by hearing this, I hate this lady most. Every day, we had discussion about this. She like travel, and meet lot of persons. She met life here and took a lot of photographs. She took one photograph from fort Cochin and that photograph came to news papers also.

She used to call him daily at night. That was a call he would eagerly wait for , normally she called after 10 pm when most other inmates have retired to their respective rooms. He would take the cell phone and go out in the verandah. It was so clear that if she didn’t call………

In the morning they would meet in the Company’s Lawn area for practicing yoga. He was impressed with her body strength and stamina .He used to say that with a few days of practice she was doing hard exercises like her male counter parts.

These practice sessions continue  until the sun came out and lit the whole surroundings,.

“ I feel so sad while writing this piece of letter , I felt bad at the reaction she made to me

In the evening.”

Sometimes even a small pep abuse can hurt you , especially people whom you never expect it from.

They hurt you the most .

If she get time, she simply sit beside to me and say. “I have no benefit to make company with you. But I want to sit beside you”. She always felt she is alone. She simply speak about any subject.

Her definition about a female is

“it’s a creature that, they forget everything very fast”

About men

“it’s a creature that always keep memory and always fight for ladies”

Fight between two men starts with a lady. If a lady is there between two men, then the fight starts.

Now I started understanding her better………

I knew she would become a successful person one day. She seems to be a satisfied lady.

Today I miss her a lot, perhaps now I needed her company the most ……..

I met a girl having small eyes and who had the mind to do any thing, who could handle any situations, who could tackle any kind of people. I was about to find the girl whom I loved the most. I don’t know where it all started. But one day it was there in my heart, the feeling

The dreams of a job abroad with a promise for a brighter life, was a  mirage i was running after.
I am a common man. I have a small job and my wishes also small. I don’t know why he did this to me. He changed my company and gave me a very good salary. I thought, that was a very good change. I thought the life becoming smoother. He introduces a new girl in our company. This man gave her all the good characters. She was good. She knows how to handle people. She was a foreigner. And her job was, teach us her language.

But, this man makes me to love her. I told him several times. No, I am not the right person to love her. I said, please don’t select me, I am just a common man. He told me, love her. At last, I started to love her and her too. We spend a lot of time together, share our dreams, and share the ideas. We went a lot of places. She liked the nature. So, our love very much related with the nature. He gave a green background to our love. To us, that was not a problem. We thought, “What a beautiful thing is this life!”. We would wish……… Days became months, months became years. And still the love remains.

One day, she told me that, I have to return. He told her that, you have to return to your home. Then, she asked why. His reply was this. Now, the story is becoming boring. People need some thrilling and some sadness. So, if you return, your lover becomes sad and that will the turning point of my story. And very next week, she returns.

What should I do?? I am only a character in his story. He wants to introduce another girl in his story. I don’t want any more affairs. I said to him. But he said, this is the story that people want. I will make you to act. Obey me.

Hey….. i cried and cried a lot.

I am saying… This is not my story. This writer is a liar. He is going to write a wrong story.

“Oh god… In my next birth, I want to become a writer. I want to kill this man”..

Sleepless Dreams

THE STORY IS COINCIDENTAL AND IS A CONTRIBUTED IMAGINATION FROM MY FRIEND AND SISTER , whose thoughts and words are highly valued and acknowledged. My gratitude.

She once told me about dreams.
           Dreams are something which can never be avoided in life. The day when you stop dreaming,you become dead! Some dreams help us to find out our aim and to work hard towards it. While some dreams are the only ways through which we can live the way we like. Some fools say that day dreaming is just useless, but believe me, they are very much wonderful. They make us motivated, cut out the right path to follow. I used to dream about seventy years of my life. It may seem very funny for you, but it is really motivating for me. Whenever I become depressed about anything at any point of my life, I used to dream about my grandchildren and myself in the role of a granny, then I become charged… Dreams at night are also great! They make us fairies, angels, lovers, celebrities etc. Can you disagree the fact that it is only in dreams we can be this fairies, celebrities and all?! Although I love dreams, I am scared of nightmares! They make me disturbed for a day or two because of its terror. Silly me, often tries to interpret it too! Anyway, dreams are really wonderful and great which play a major in our mental status…I love them very much!!!!!!! “

“Do you know how to interpret dreams, i often get confused by my dreams …”, asked eenu.
“Not really, you know  i am kinda dumbo”, replied jini.
“Ohh! ”
” but i can write very well on them”,
“Well, once i saw taddy met with an accident”
“It was a scary night to pass. I was held up in a haunted palace…”, eenu explains as if she is still in the dream.
     Jini was  a friend of taddy. Long years back, they stayed  in a dormitory together. Jini knew taddy then as a good friend who worked in a call center. His shifts were mostly during nights as he worked for an emergency service.
  They will hardly see each other on week days, they met on weekends for a beer party. Taddy used to be a shy and reserved person. Over the years he changed a lot.

Google docs

The rise of a blog writer. It’s the story of a nascent man who tried the blog and became a blog writer. 

He was opening the google docs accidently.
“Did you ever try the google docs”
“Sure I did, but  i tried it once long back ”
“…. forgot everything of it ….but almost have to learn it from scratch”

“Why do you ask me”
” Oh ! just could be wonderful If i can transfer some documents to write a new blog ….”
“Oh Yeah ! For sure, Its  a very good tool for sharing information…”
“Is it ”
“I am doing it now, its fun already ….”

“..I have one small document about that project…if you wanna i will share with you ….”

“Hey thats great …please tell me how to use it”
“sure it is …”
                Suddenly he created a document and mailed to the new blogger. Seconds later a crude form of write up was born in the screen.
                Was a huge satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment……
But the initial psychological hurdle made him ask questions to his friend….

At the room, it was a different scene.
The self cooking methods were very mediocre and invited a lot of pests indifferently.  Ants infested the entire floor. But problems were spotted when rocky came out of the wash room to wear his underwear, it was filled with biting ants.
            Too tiny to be noticed they go unnoticed untill he slips them on and covers his nakedness with a formal trouser.

           Ants start biting him crawling all around.
“… hmmm .. shit… its all crap ”
“Its all those bastards biting me … ”

“Where did you dump your private clothes to get them infested?”

“Hey kuckoo! get me  the Baygon spray ..”, rocky was bitten all over and he could not stand the pain.
“hahaha they are smart ants!  they knew where to bite and whom …. “, Ritchu was preparing the kitchen plates and pouring tea in 3 cups. It was breakfast time.
“I cant find the spray. Its all over”

Vanity affair…

Let the elements be the rulers and time is just one amongst them
Time is the most elastic element of our world…. because
It lengthens the minutes when ever we are waiting for our dear ones…

rushes the hours when we are enjoying with our loved ones …. It flies …


Rock walls of a Glass House

Jessy was a recently made friend. But she became close to serena.
“Hey serena, whassup… why you feeling so down…”, jessy had a very hectic day at the office and she just retired into the room. She saw serena sitting by the balcony and staring blankly at the dipping yellow sun.
“I wanted to slap him on his left face”, an angry serena shouted out angrily. She was virtually out of her senses, when she came to know that rocky was already having an affair, when he used to talk sweetly over the phone to her.

He will call her every now and then. She remembers how sweetly he will talk to her.
“He used to say that he misses me, and would like to do anything to make his wife happy over the phone.”
“He drank and puked, and vomited blood ….”.
“he mixed rum and brandy together… puked the whole night”

“I have no girl friends, i was unlucky.”, rocky called her and complained that he is feeling alone.
“I tried to console him ….”
“what did you tell him?”
“He said he wanted to die ”
“Then…” there was a silence till the next utterance.
“Please shut up, dear.”, serena continued
“Never say anything about death ….

You know good people die earlier because GOD loves them …. But you are gonna live longer … still living right! It means someone somewhere loves you more than GOD … hmm ”

“hmmm… “