Wish it were a dream …

There is a cliche : “If the loser keeps his smile then the winner will lose the thrill of his victory”
So, Keep on smiling ….

“Who is the loser in a triangular love”, davis asked me after reading a thriller.

I told him,”There is nothing more painful than this …, When a person you love.. , is lying on your shoulder …, and is crying for the person whom that person loves.. , ”

Davis was surprised as he never understood a single word of what i said.  Instead he closed his drawer after putting the check book back into it.
“I knew it was only a fiction for you davis, but in reality all are losers in a triangular love”

“Ohh ! ”


Readers might have similar experiences in their life.  And we might closely feel whats wrong with our thinking and we might keep confused.  We keep saying,” I wish i had a good friend whom i can share.”.  When we try to keep everything suppressed in our hearts, lot of good things go unnoticed in life. Sometimes we stand in a market place and not even bother to look at a beggar, who lies down handicapped with leprosy. He was yelling for help. Shouting and making noises with his steel bowl having a few coins. We were making more noises and shouting inside.
So many things to shout out that poor beggar left unnoticed by.  When i was standing in the Bangalore Majestic Bus Junction, a shop with a Blue T Shirt struck my attention. The Hotels there banged open my memory doors. The booking offices took me to a distant past.

I was standing in a corner of the commercial street. I could see  a lady sitting with a doll in her lap.  She was crying looking at the bright red colored ball that kept floating in air hung to the ceiling of the entrance of a shop.


The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.

Ralph Nichols

This passage is about a piece of advice that Diva gives to seena. Both seena and diva were meeting after a 4 months,  and lot has changed in seena’s life by then. They were watching the television and talking to each other.
A message from her friend Soi flashed  in her mobile, she opened it and started reading loud enough for diva to hear too. Diva went  in to  the kitchen trying to heat up a bit coffee for both. It was cold out there and a cup of hot coffee would be a soothing comfort.

The message read,
The most humbling statement we can say is : I am nothing  without GOD” And Our most powerful statement is  WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE …..

“How true”, exclaimed diva. She was stretching  to  reach the top of a cupboard where the powders were stored neatly in plastic containers.
“So true”
“Now i know it very clearly, there is a power behind our all actions. Surely its GOD”

Seena told how she wanted to get John out of her life and wanted to get close to Roger  so that finally she can marry him.
“I love him very much, He is settled and perfect for me,.  mmm …
….. ”

After a silence she continued,” Compared to john he is so nice”.

She only had 3 friends to talk about this. Beena , Diva and Dayji. Dayji returned from USA to meet his family in south india.
Its a long episode to talk about Dayji and seena, because dayji had a liking for seena, but it remained untold untill a few days back. Sad part is when seena felt good about dayji, that is now he was alreay married. We talk about it later ….
Diva was patiently hearing her for a couple of days,”I heard what you wanted to say,  now you please listen to what i have in my mind after hearing you, I want to tell you a lot.”
She settles down with a cup of coffee in her hand squating on the mat spread.
“Yeah …” ,answered  seena sipping the coffee.
“May be i am in a better position to see things and i know you very well thats why i know what can be good for you”
“I understand it too…”

The TV was playing some movie and it was a distraction.
“May i switch off the TV”
Once the TV is switched off, there is silence and they sit in rapt
attention.  Diva speaks after a moment.
“Oh dear! ..its just a suggestion ok . Dont be personal again”…..

“I have gone through whatever you are going through and now when i am completely out of if i can see it clearly.”
“See seena i tell you, i had all that which all other girls ever wanted but frankly speaking i never wanted all that, for me it was a pain …. ”
“mmm ”
“when  i was 12 years old  i had the first guy behind me and since then i had so many of them running behind me.. ”
“….  for me that was a pain i never fell for anybody…”
“But you talked about Moby! ”
“Yeah you are right, but somehow i had a little infactuation for Moby and he had the power to convince me to say yes …”

“But you had feelings for him, I know you were crazy for him.”

“Oh noo ! He was never my taste i would have never liked him but after all i am a girl i fell for him i was not mature enough  to understand what was good and what was bad for me …”

“did u never realise it then…. you were in the college ….”
“Nope then i never did ! but after a few months how badly i realised that i dont want him anymore,  i wanted to change everythng in him…”

“You were always together, he loved you, he did so much for you, …. ”
“No i never did ”

“i never loved him with my heart but just because i had those moral values i held on to him ,compromising with everything,  compromising with life , my heart always said no for him .. ”

“You know that we had a breakoff and  it was difficult to stay alone not because  i loved him but only because  i was used to that lifestyle , because  i wasnt strong enough to that accept i was lonely now, it was difficult to live a single life now..i was addicted …so we came together again..”
“hmm .. that means you never loved him, you were fooling around with him. Poor guy once he mailed saying that diva loves me like hell. He was always crazy for you, did you ever think what can come out of him when he realises that you are cheating upon him”

“i never loved him with my heart ,  just as i said  i wasnt strong enough to accept i was lonely then, it was difficult to live a single life  … i was addicted … ”


“this is what happend to you as well … your age is like that,  GOD has created us like that we desire a companion..its not your or my fault…you fell for john because it was all that rosy world that he created and  he convinced you to fall in love…somethng attracted you towards him…you were set in a lifestyle with him you were happy for the fact that you have someone  in your life and you hold a special  place in somebody’s life..and every woman on earth craves for that..but when reality struck you.. you realised this is not what you wanted….. ”

The day was getting darker and sun dipped down in the west, making it more colder.
The talks were getting colder as well.  Seena was motionless and obedient as if she were hearing a spiritual discourse.

“Everything is so different, …you should understand that everyone has different tastes and choices.” , diva continued without any break.
” you realised that john  is not whom you wanted.”
“Hmm … ,may be you are right !”, seena was speaking eating her words.  And with  every passing moment, diva was overpowering her.

“if not why would we have different patterns and designs for our shoes, bags dresses, clothes … why do we also select our friends… john was just not your liking n there is nothing like good or bad.”

“you didnt like him, it is as plain as that ….  I dint like Moby as well … ”
“I left moby because i never wanted him, i wanted to be true to myself…. here you have to decide ”
“But you never wanted to do it straight away, you wanted a convincing reason to reject john. And roger was the best excuse.”

“Am i right?”, asked diva.

“i could read you when you met john … you  never wanted to be with him.. and thats how you  noticed roger, It was  just to avoid john…”
“I swear  just for that.. and  when you compared him with john… you found him more of your type and therefore more attractive…if you would have met roger when you really loved john you will never notice roger …”

Diva was very emotional and absorbed in presenting her vision.
“Plainly saying sweetheart, you had no love at all for John, you just wanna get out of it. You were in a dilemma.”

“yeah, i was in a dilemma then, i wanted to opt him out but he was like shameless hanging on to me, even after my dejections…”

“then i started feeling guilty … dear i was very down and depressed …  I was pissed off with him… ”

“sure dear, i know it …”, as if diva is a GOD who knew seena in and out.

“you wanted to come out of it , come out of john and leaving him will make you more gulity so you found reasons and roger is one of those reasons.. your mind said you like roger you  compared him with john you always found faults in john … and you know you dont want john , roger seems the only better option so that you feel less guilty…you might not realise this now..but later you will, i am sure you do it …”
Diva cleared the coffee mugs and dusted the floor n between, bending and making movements with her hands to scrub off the floor. She was 26, well built and agile. She was meticulous about cleanliness, her belongings and herself should be cleanest.  Sometimes earlier seena had a liking for the beautiful shape of diva’s curves. But she also felt she was seductive.

But seena was too absorbed to help diva, instead she was dreaming about a fantasy with roger, as roger’s face brightlit her emotions and desires.
“Why is she talking bad about roger, he is so romantic…. i feel like hugging and passing a kiss to him!”

“Wish he was here, with his bike…. huh …. sit behind him and hold him tight… ”

Dreams and seena is dreaming. A sudden burst of noise wakes her back to room and diva. A glass fell down and broke, diva was clearing the debris. Now she had to talk about roger too. She didnt like roger at all.
“Lemme tell you regarding what happpened with roger,”, she started …
“Roger on the other hand is undergoing something else…john was his best friend .. and  i m sure he doesnt think of john  as somebody who is smart or cool..so when somebody worst than roger can have a grlfriend, then roger thought  why cant he have?that is called jealousy..”
“… roger is charming , i fell  for him dear ….. i cant believe he is jealous…”
Diva was talking about jealousy.
“You cant blame him but its human nature and when he was getting signals from your side as well he unknowingly desired you more …”

Diva explained roger’s sensual desire for seena.
“he must have felt an attraction for you… and that attraction grew with time and  he started to attract you in all the possible ways…he is not a college boy he should have been more matured by this age.. ”

A knock on the door sent shocks to the girls and for once both their hearts pounded harder. Seena was shocked. It was Remu, there roomy who had come after the day shift. Night 10 30 pm.

Advice in a nutshell ………………
It was late night and they had forgotten the dinner. Diva had to hurry and finish her much awaited advice. She was like the priest waiting to deliver the magical sermon to the awaiting crowd, who feel suffocated with lectures and canons, who wanted to escape the torturing lecture.

“You  are 26 now…you should be mature enough now.. john’s chapter is over please dont open another chapter …. ”

“….think practically…. roger will not give you a secure life… and a person who behaves all this at this age is not at all practical and mature… you think it for yourself…love needs to be more practical at your age.. infact at our age.You better concentrate on your career and find out a nice guy who is settled ..a good guy with a good family background…
you need to be emotionally more strong.. …you feel attraction for many people… i feel so strong atraction for James Bond but can i get him? We think he is out of my reach so will just live with attraction for him….. roger is like that only…… ”

And the HOMILY continued and …..      on and on

“you have an atraction for him… he may have few traits which your looking in your guy but he certainly is not suitable for you…  ”
It was getting into seena’s head and she was nodding her head like a goat.

“I said it all … now you need to think it for yourself  … seena..please think..
if you go ahead with this relation you will spoil your life…you dont contact john or roger anymore and after a few days you will come out and you yourself will realise it was not that difficult..cut out all contact with them(only if you dont want to continue this relation ) ……….. ”

“hmm .. sure … dear … ”

“life comes only once …please dont take anymore chances ..dont you also wanna settle down and be happy in life .. ? I hope you understand…”

She was so true …………….    LIFE COMES ONLY ONCE AND TRUE LOVE HAPPENS ONLY ONCE…. We have it or regret not having it … but we continue to live …..

It was early morning 02 00 am, the whole world was sleeping tight in the cool morning coziness…. they too bid good night to each other …

A message flashed again in her mobile, and seena opened it but didnt read it…

It said …….

As day turns to night …. pack your worries out of sight … No matter how hard the world may seem…. You still deserve the sweetest dream !

Goodnight!… 🙂 🙂 🙂


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

5 thoughts on “Wish it were a dream …”

  1. Hey buddy, we can actually include a very interesting twist to this story

    Rocky, though not visually appealing, is very out going and helpful and actually has many gals falling over each other trying to grab his attention both in and out of office. He used to treat every gal in his life with all respect and friendliness….but there was one who was very special to him… and when neena meets Rocky and Viv in bangalore, actually Rocky was already in love with one of the gals near his house, a neighbour….

    The way he behaved with Neena was just as he would do with other gals… bit naughty, bit sweet…. and cos she is his best friend’s gal friend, behaves bit more friendlier and open in his talks while all three were in B’lore and later in his talks over the phone(which were monitored by Viv in later days with conference facility)

    But Neena, in her desperate attempt to get out of Viv’s life finds Rocky to be the best reason which she can tell to Viv… and also, since Rocky was very friendly with her….it was easier for Neena to convince Viv that they both are in love from the moment all three met in B’lore…

  2. Also we can add that Rocky didnt talk about his love with his neighbour because that would have caused unnecessary enquiries by both Neena and Viv about that gal. Since Viv was staying with Rocky when Viv went to B’lore, this could have caused tension between Rocky and his love cos his lady had requested not to disclose thier affair to anyone till the time is ripe…..

  3. This is like a good story, I remember my friend evin telling his love story. He cried for his love. I understand it, A friend of him.

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