I see u in my….. dreams

Loneliness hurts …
And neena was all alone for the last 3 months.
She said, ” i wanna sleep for ever. i need potassium cyanide tablets for a sound sleep.” When she called up viv. She woke up from a dream and was gasping for air. It was rocky who was making love to her.
I have been dreaming about him for the past 3 months, spending restless and sleepless nights. He will always be there.  I was in a restaurant eating with my friend and him. Opposite  to me was this guy I met through my boy friend . So we talked and we started making out. He was staring into my eyes for minutes with his fingers crossed under his chin.
But ever since the meeting I can’t seem to stop having explicit sexual dreams about him/ with him… the other guy (her boyfriend) doesn’t even turn me on like my dreams do.
“I am not sure why this is happening and I am not sure how to stop it.”, she was helpless. Every time i fantasise , his face comes to me.

Each dream is very special and carries its own unique message. When interpreting this dream with people in it we are trying to relive the fantasy.
In our limited worlds , we explore and search for people and places that make us happier.

 Her soul loved to feel that he will come and give her a sweet kiss. Then her loneliness would end.  A day when her love will answer her call to say ,I love you. But she waited for him to call.

After feeling lonely for a couple of days, trying to restraint her feelings, she calls him, and wants to be with him. She said she wants to be see happiness. She once said that she was out of it.
She felt emotionally guilty for what had happened.
But she has a surrendered feeling for him, every now and then she will recollect moments they spent together, and get more into him. Its been her effort ever she found that he is strong enough to accept her. Her mind and soul are surrendered to him, she felt as if he had to do nothing to take her away. He swept her away, in her dreams, in her sleep, even when she was awake.

His thoughts had given her a smooch , deep hug to her feelings. She lived with it for months.  Love sustains yearning, that she learnt in despair. A meet that ends  her wait…..


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