My Master’s Advice

It was all messed up and looking very sad,  for few days my mind was all wandering and i could not concentrate on anything. I wanted to see a ray of hope for the three of us involved.

You want things to resolve faster?
Drop the hatredness/anger/frustration etc towards them. Love them.
Just drop all those negative things towards them. Love yourself and thank yourself for all the good that’s happening with you now.
      Feel the gratitude… Feel good things they shared with you. FORGIVE  them..
 Do this sicerely… Tides will change. Things will start working 🙂


All these aspects/things are in the ‘mind’
And its this ‘negative mind’ thats causing all the worry/misery…..
Just drop it… Then feel the peace..


You need not explain all these to them … Just work in your mind


There are many many more beautiful things you havent seen nor experienced.. You may not understand even if I try to explain… They are so beautiful…
Decide what you want…: Peace or all these silly bull shits


Once you see & experience those, all these silly fight/stupidity, etc etc will loook so miniscule in life… Life has so much more and more to offer you.!

Am telling all this out of my experience

Am able to look at the world little differently.. Am able to create my reality (step by step)
Am feeling more and more free…

Other day when I visited Kochi or when u visited Bangalore, did I tranfer an audio by Louise Hay?

Listen to it..

These are some rare & costly collections dear… One of my main purpose was to transfer it to u…
Listen.. Read.. Explore…
There are many many good things around

You will enjoy life better… You will be able to solve isssues in life so easily


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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