A poem for my sweetheart !

This is the letter to Neena, first one after she becomes a friend of viv ….

6:49 AM 1/30/2008
dear neena,
Good Morning to u! “Ohaiyo Gosaimasu”(Gm in japanese).”O genki desuka?”(How are u?)………..

when i said “five minutes ” ,it was not a demand . just a wish , so that i cud finish putting together the whole happenings in yr life on that day and correlate it properly.
i know that was a bit rude of me to have asked u, be rest assured , i will not do that again.i think i need to be more compassionate and understanding. hope u can understand that ,u can forgive me . u know i learnt so many things from you.
u are a good friend of mine , i will feel bad if for some reason this friendship is lost. Some friends dont need long years of friendship to be friends. They just need the right kind of people of to meet. Good friendship is a rare commodity , u never get it so easily. its still difficult to maintain it and pursue it. U know neena, if i maintain and respect the dignity of our relationship, its because i want to preserve the richness and variety (the variety of learning and sharing  experiences our friendship can provide us with .we can be open and frank friends who can express anything to each other and still feel comfortable, without regrets ,because  sometimes we regret having told many things to some people, then feel we shouldnt have).In the process , i might have learnt to abide by friendship rules. But the good thing is that  you are cool .
Your experience was unexpected when u told me ystde but i forgot that my  rule # 1 regarding life “Nothing is expected and nor unexpected” because for me what matters is your experience.The reason for my stupidity is ” I knew that u r working and living in mumbai for long, being in a modern and sophisticated society i thought you might be a girl who believes lesser in the spiritual aspects .”
But then suddenly felt what u saying is real , that it should have had  a great impact in your life. neena when did u realise the importance of this self realisation. Was it after reading the book. and thats how the book turns out to be a eye opener.                               We will definitely share more from yr self realisation in the days to come, if u have realised yrselves then surely living in the present. And it will be a great learning experience for me
Hope u are going to have a great day.
till the  next time…
take care

There was a reply to it

A letter from Viv to neena, after he called her pearl,

dearest pearl,
i am happy that you love me for what i am ! u know that  is the truest feeling u had for me..!!! i should be lucky …………
Never knew the meaning love and value in  life, always had been a Zero in life , u know debris of life (pest ) …….. thats all my fault … but no cry over spilt milk
thats why i never express my feelings to anybody, always fear ki y become a pest somebody’s life ….. i dont like being put down … u know
#1 You  will be hurt , if ever i put your feelings down  ….  which i will never do at any cost … frankly i never even wanna meet ..  if  i am  to hurt you after the                                                          meet
#2 i will be hurt , if ever u put my feelings down and disrespect
pure love is soo innocent that it doesnt think about the practical problems that can come up …. but its so good that we are thinking about it too..
thats necessary for the relation to be intact …….  its like we love so much that i dont want this to
after getting close .. due to some reason . … i know i am a stupid .. living in a totally different world from the practical world………..
i am giving time to myself to become practically able to handle responsilities , dont know how much i am able and strong …. but i know that i am positive  in one area … i am learning to be cool calm and still … hope i stabilize  in the very near future and become stronger and confident…………….



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I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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