Everytime we face the problem , we develop the solution for a situation

But the solution may not be the perfect one , but we should belive that s the BEST one

Only then we develop the confidence that we too can deliver it..

we keep waiting for others to come and solve steps for us,, this depletes our abilities 

to think

We become dependent on others…. LIFE doesnt teach us to be dependent

It makes us independent or makes us a parasite 

Completely dependent on others (Exploiting others for our existence)

WE are then becoming the usual lazy humans who care only for the results 

losing ourselves ////////


hmm dude 

Everything that is necessary , we learn here 

Whatever is unnecessary is left out, 

but others wanna tesch you everything,

Life teaches you only the necessary things..

Difference between Life and Others..



Hows that????????


Thats not sad actuallly

to differentiate between good and bad u shud know abut bad too


Lets learn the Five Steps To Self-Belief

1. Fill the gap. 


I cannot stress how important this is.  Plan ahead and be pro-active. If you find yourself at a juncture in your life where all you can see is a void ask yourself this all-important question:  “What small step could I take right now to fill that gap and boost my self-belief”?  Do it now.  


A few years ago I found myself yet again in this unenviable position.  I decided I’d had enough of staring at the prospect of nothing and made the decision to take up Flamenco dancing.  


The reward was phenomenal.  My self-belief soared as I realised the progress I was making each week not to mention the fun I was having and I was able to use that new found belief in myself to approach my work situation with a much more relaxed and positive mindset.  


Approaching new goals or challenges with a healthy mindset is crucial to achieving the results you strive for.


2. Keep your focus.


Keep focused on what it is you truly want out of life, even if it seems like a million miles away.  Don’t be tempted to wallow in self-pity at what you haven’t got or what you’ve just left behind. 


Focusing on what you want and working out ways to make it happen will catapult your self-belief in times of doubt.  Even when I am ‘in between jobs,’ it is crucial for me to invest my time and energy into keeping focused on the way forward.


I’ve tried it the other way focusing on what I haven’t got and I can guarantee from my own experience if you continue to focus on the lack of you will reap more lack of…


3.  Appreciate yourself.  


If you don’t stop to appreciate your accomplishments to date, what in the long run is the point to any of them? 


I have worked with clients who have accomplished huge challenges but have never stopped to take any of it in before plunging into their next goal, feeling empty. 


Would you visit the country of your dreams without stopping to take in the breathtaking views?  Of course you wouldn’t. 


Stop right now and admire your own marvellous view. Make a list of what you are most proud of.  You must congratulate yourself on your successes, particularly in times of doubt.


4. Watch your tongue.


Watch what you say especially in times of doubt.  Be brave and refuse to indulge in negative talk even if you don’t think there’s anything to be positive about.  


Ban certain words from your vocabulary.  If you were watching a TV programme you found depressing or negative my guess is you’d switch channels. 


Switch your vocabulary now. Using negative vocabulary will immobilise you and, apart from anything else, it’s really not that pleasant to be around someone who can’t find anything good to say.  Do you want to be that person?

5.  Do something spontaneous! 


Variety, or if you like, spontaneity is the spice of life!  There’s nothing like doing something spontaneous and playful in times of anxiety to really raise the roof on your spirits. 


Being in a light-hearted frame of mind will do wonders to ease the burden of worry and is more likely to shift you into a better frame of mind to do something pro-active towards your goals. 


I put on my dance shoes and have some serious fun and I always find my self-belief creeping back in with a vengeance.



And remember – if you don’t believe in yourself what chance has anyone else got?

i am quoting from a website


Life only teaches you , how to be  mean. animal instincts… 

That is what we learn from others , how to hide our real nature 

Life is so pure It will never teach u that 

But we learn that from others , Hide and deceit, cheat 

sometimes for our good … mostly

but otherwise too


One thought on “Life

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