Letters from a friend………..


 I hurt you so much …. Sorry my dear friend. I have no words to express it. I hate this busy life viv  … I really hate …. I have completed a big project today. A bad news  for you—I am going to stop painting pictures. Bitterness of this profession I cant  manage it. There  are some people who are trying to exploit me. They need my ideas . Really they

Are haunting me.

 I got your cards. Its so lovely! Viv, why do  your mind an ugly thing? According to sowparnika you don’t have any phobias. Its all your false interpretations. Theres no need

Of  any psychiatrist.  You need ‘Love’. Love is the most important thing in the world.

These sorrows are the expression of the various forces of life, it will change.


Everything that exists in this world  is good I think.


Look Viv, I had a very rough childhood .After the separation of my parents I had started to live in my uncle’s house. Even now I am continuing a bitter life. Life is miserable you know that. There is an inherent kind of instability throughout  my life.


I read that “wisdom is not communicable” That’s why I cannot express it through words. You can conquer that ‘wisdom’ only through experience. The real form of life is not the all beautiful … . its horrible, pathetic…. Sometimes. You cannot ignore the reality of life.


I think you have a pessimistic vision of life. Now come to the world of realism . We are living in a higher level of reality. So be practical and optimistic.


We are looking for a meaningful life. And I request you to make your life meaningful. I believe ….. YOU CAN …….


I will be with you  in your sorrows …. Giving you ‘my world’.


Strive On! With tireless enthusiasm .

Strive  on to reach your goal , without a goal , the best in you can never come out expression. As we stride one to accomplish  a chosen goal. No doubt God tests us by heaping many apparently impossible hurdles on our direct path to goal.

But with enthusiasm , fearless of the obstacles ,smiling in full self confidence when we dash towards the goal , all the  seemingly terrible obstacles move away as shadows!



I am inviting you to my college. I want to see you… please inform me before that..

I will meet you again…

                          Till then

Good bye


Your good friend



“Tell my regards to your friends.”

Write your phone number

I cant avoid you bcoz you ‘re a nice friend.


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