********* TALK ABOUT THE SALARY ***************

The boss was planning for a honeymoon trip to a hill station , that means the staff expected him to be away for a couple of weeks.They all said ,”GOD Bless the couple”.

A sample letter that the receptionist had to type for enquiry to check hotel rooms is given here, poor girl she had the toughest time writing one letter.


“I would like to know about the status of availability of hotel rooms in the first week of January 2008. If there are rooms available in your hotel, please send me a tariff plan about the rates of rooms per day so that I can chose a room according to my budget.We are looking forward to accommodation for two people for 2 days and 2 nights.”


After the letter was reviewed by the boss and got accepted , she had a sleepfull night at last.


Normally when he is around , nobody sits after the office time. But its just opposite when he is away….

Here’s another conversation on the day prior to his arrival from the vacation.

Employee asking his colleague,”Until when do you want to use this office?

we only have two days of freedom including today… Bad luck …i hope he had more days to his trip…

i’m go out to buy things to put into the box and will ask for packing tomorow at the tailor…”

He gets the reply,”When is he coming back on saturday ? Is it evening or in the morning itself”

“better ask receptionist, since i have no idea…she books his ticket..”

“Oh ok ! I wil ask her then”


On the first of december , everybody was surprised to get their salaries.


“Have u got the check,but its only the first today” most of them argued.

“i got it anyway”

“Have you”

“i’ve mentioned 32 second before, but no i havent.”

“Even i need to get it”

“shall we go and get it now?”

“Alright we do it now”


Some of the lady members in the office are always obsessed with clothes and utensils..”can you help me to get a cloth for the “churidar”, you know i dont have a red one ….”

An international employee asking an indian colleague,”can you help me to get a cloth and possibly a box to send a paracel to home?”

look at the tailor…

The tailor of the shop after the japanese visits his shop with the cloth,”sir please lemme know the details of time So that i can help u in providing my valuable



An indian will never get that respect from an indian tailor.


here is another plan of drinking…


“I would like mention the time and the plan regarding your request.

My plan is to leave office at 6:45PM and head to the textile store near Orchid Bar , the place where Mr. Ajesh has mentioned earlier.”


“After we could successfully got the white cloth from the store, I then would like to go to the place where they offer me a box of which I can use it for packaging.  Since it looks like it doesn’t take much time, I am seeking for your cooperation after work.”

Theres the chance for the greedy colleague for a drinking offer..

“Wow whats the plan after that ?”

The japanese is cunning too.. Drinks demand a lot of money ..

Indians never share with him , so he avoids them ….

“I don’t know.  What’s your plan :D?”

But the indian had to be humble to grab the drinks offer before its lost or a mood change of the japanese’

“i am at yr service whatever yr plans are”, replied.

LOL .. good incidence to remember..

“Shall I help you for the cooking process as a sub-chef?”

“Alright then we make chappathis tode with some beautiful DAL and potato curry”

“Then I will help kneading the dough and cutting veggies part. Done?”

“hmm …..thats fun and we can eat together , theres nothing better than njoying a good meal .”

“How about going to the Reliance fresh”


“I will help for the grocery cost to thank your cooperation.”

“even thats sounding like a great treat today ..”

“Why dont we make something stuffy and heavy”

“We never get this chance again”

“let’s do that.”

“we’ll have a stuffy one.”


“How lovely of you to have agreed to make a good time ?”

“I am happy again……….”


Poor guy there was no drinks that day, but luckily he could save on the groceries..



Lesson of the story ..

“i mean honey.money is honey”


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

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