I had a very heavy lunch today after a long time. I was happy to be with my brother at the lunch time.though there is nothing like the formal dining room in our home, we use a part of our kitchen as the dining area. Its very easy to reaarange the area and put a chair with a table , make shift and share the food.
I had eaten too much and talked too much.Too much food after a long time …
I was sick and felt like vomiting after an hour.I put out everything in a split second , and the gush of bile and undigested food came out like a tornado. He suddenly started rubbing an ointment on my back/to caress my back to relieve my pain.Mom was shouting from the verandah,”What happened? He is always weak, go get some pudina for him”.
“Yeah ! I will go”
Brother rushed to the medic store to bring Pudina water.
Meanwhile i was feeling relaxed but weak.
“Bring the red chillies and pepper, should be a bad omen” said my father.
Mom went and brought a earthen pot with a hot cinders smoking some incense to thurify the room.
She was chanting some mantras( Divine hymns) when she moved her closed fists around my head,continously for some time. Then she threw the pepper and red chillies into the fire in the pot.The mustards cracked ane she said looking at me,”some times evils eye on you ,your body portended to that”.
“Now you should be okay , my child!”
They had to clean the mess i created,while i was resting in an old broken chair where the smoke was still coming up below it.
She brought the pudina water and gave me a sip.I refuted ,”Momma the taste is disgusting ,have i to drink it complete”
And all three of them laughing at me, She recollected how i was made to drink the nasty syrup ,during my early childhood at a local hospital. The compounder was merciless and he clasped my chin and dumped the syrup into my mouth.
“still the same kiddie with the frowned face at the sight of the hospital or medicines, hmmm “


Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

2 thoughts on “hmm”

  1. hmm…….
    well grow up boy! now u got to take the medicine youself, if you can take all the pains that this life is giving you, then the drug for an external wound is jus a zilch!!!

  2. mom`s luv is always lik dis….

    dey think der children r precious nd al others envy upon dem….nd dats y der babies get fever nd vomiting….nd v children too,even if v study al medical sciences wil stand quiet 2 dis red chillies,salt nd pepper treatment….bcoz after all,v all silly humans need CARE….

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