Is Love a circle?

Why did she say True love is like a circle? What was there in her mind ?
The extremities of love can be so stretched that involves mind and soul longing to meet them. Often we would want to live this life in our way. How beautiful it would be to live this life with someone you love and have everything submitted .
She felt him in every moment of life. Her life saw a beautiful turn with this relation. Everything seems so positive now and happiness returned after a long break. Some of the bad memories of a lost relation started to diminish and vanish.
Now she rarely speaks of her past.

Once they were discussing about relations a few months back. Then she used to talk about her fling,one whom she loved so much. They had a close relation. She would talk about how he impressed her. Often Jo ,as she called him with love, would come in between their talk.

People come to our life for a season or for a reason or for a lifetime. Some relations revolve a whole lifetime.

Why do we fear losing someone whom we love?
We feel suffocated and strangled at the mere thought of losing somebody we love. Its the worst feeling that can happen to us when we are in a true love.
………….. Time stood still there in front of Viv , like a huge monster.He used to go through the lovely moments of love they spent together when he was alone. He knew the monster knew nothing but devour the prey. He wondered whom can he talk it out
too. He was filling with emotions.
In his solitude , he would talk to her. She would reply nothing but listen to him. He would talk like a mad man to the walls. He murmured louder when he became engrossed with her. And suddenly stop whenever someone passes by, and prove that he is normal.
When he was preparing the bed yesterday night a small stroke of breeze moved the curtains and swayed them. It was as if she had come there….
Memories of a day they spent together last year came to him fresh… it was the most beautiful gift that she could have given him.



Author: apboss

I love to share and experiment with words, words for me are like olfactory senses, they wake me up in a garden of experiences, SOUL meets me

One thought on “Is Love a circle?”

  1. Hahaha ……We don’t define the shape of Love……..
    some time love is circle,square,rectangle,monogon,digon,triangle,quadrilateral
    pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon ……(Sorry Dear Just for Kidding)……….

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