Welcome to the Hotel Ariyas

Whenever we play the Eagle’s “Hotel California” in my room ,samosi starts talking about the Hotel Ariyas in Cochin.
We even made a small parody and sing that during once in a blue moon.
And we start ……..”Welcome to the Hotel ARIYAs,
Any time of the year
You can pay for water here
What a sad surprise !!!!!!!”
Hahahahaha ………… the atmosphere gets charged up within seconds. And samosi seems to be the most happy man in our band.
But that day at the Hotel Ariyas , samosi felt really bad and screwed up.
“Why do i need to pay for the water ?” asked samosi. Mira also said the same, but he was afraid to shout. But Samosi made some noise.
“Dosa ,Chaai and water” Samosi read out the Bill. Samosi is a japanese.
At the cash counter the cashier was arguing with him,”kerala people like water,then
Samosi actually contiinued arguing … he was right , they had charged him for the water too.
but the cashier simply kept on smiling .
Thats the last time he appeared for the dinner argument . We were going to eat at the same hotel.
When my friend asked me ,”hey boss! Whats up ? You look so down ! “
I knew that what my inner mind had ,came out on my face and it manifested. I could never prevent the outflow of thoughts on to my face.
“You seem to have lost a lot of weight too”
“Hmm… he is blogging always ! Might be thats why? Dont we need a lot of enegry to blog…Hahahahahaha…” joined another friend of mine. We met after a dinner in a local restaurant near our stay. Hotel Ariyas . It provides cheaper food and we usually make it out there whenever we don’t cook.
“He keeps thinking for the blog … so might be he doesnt get the time to eat properly …”
“and think a lot these days.. i think”
“look at me ” he was trying to cheer me up ” show happiness on your face at least now”
“its been long since we met , and what happened in all these days…”
“and you were not gloomy at all , and now you look so dull”
I smiled as if i was learning how to smile,”Hey ! nothing happened”


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